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  1. @Barry Laverty it's getting worse over there. He is now known as Biden bin Laden. I was told I was being too kind by calling him a joke. Even they can see that he's not of sound mind, and neither is in their words "Hyena" Harris. These are Brits mind you, and they shouldn't care one bit about American politics, but they are laughing at and condemning him for his pure ineptitude. I should name whose wall it is on, because they are a highly respected man. He criticized Trump as vehemently as you and your other ilk did the past 4 years. Now, they are realizing that they were wrong.
  2. Many haven't ridden a horse in tough terrain, and they do not understand/comprehend the use of them. While in this scene a whip is used to get the horse to go down the mountain, the rest of the way down Jim is using long reigns to not only stay saddled, but control the movements of his steed. If I remember correctly this is one of @KirtFalcon's favorite movies. Man form Snowy river (1982) - Jim's ride - YouTube .
  3. Even the Brits are calling him a waffling oaf. I listen to my friends across the pond, and how they see U.S., and many of them disliked Trump, but even they now see Biden as the joke that he is.
  4. I'll play devils advocate. This is Joe Biden's fault and his racist actions against the immigrants of Haiti. He desires to remove these economically oppressed people that have endured the corruption of both Papa Doc and Baby Doc Duvalier until this day, and then they were devastated by the recent earthquake there. Yet he urged all oppressed people to surge the border during his campaign and his policies on immigration since. What I observed the Border Patrol Agent was using a long reign in hilly territory to control his horse, which is animal cruelty according to PETA. He was not wh
  5. I saw them play a ranked Iowa State team, and while they had flaws they appeared far better than Gig'em.
  6. A&M had trouble with Colorado, and why I didn't have them as high. The game in Fayetteville, Arkansas is going to be tough for them to win. I realize Fayetteville is like a valley in the Ozarks compared to Denver in the Rockies. That game will tell a lot about both programs this year.
  7. The reason that I couldn't place any 1 loss team in the Top 10 was because they have one loss. I realize it was a close loss to #1 Alabama, but they still have a chance to claw their way out of the swamp if another undefeated team falters. We're still in the first quarter of the season.
  8. I don't know why the schools would care if there was a prayer for the safety of the players during the contests of any sport or a benediction afterwards if no one was injured. If someone didn't want to be there when the prayer was being said they could leave. Heck, I was at the 1983 #2 Texas played #9 SMU at Texas Stadium and those heathens were yapping during the invocation before the game.
  9. I don't understand the $600 thing now for many that's just a trip to Wal Mart where they may have only went to spend $20. The only thing I can think of is Biden is still in the 70's with his concept of money. $600 was a lot back then. Heck the minimum veteran salary in the 70's was only $10,000 and the rookie minimum was $9,000. That's $192.31 a week, so they had to have a job in the offseason.
  10. Yep, he thought he was listing accomplishments, but they were a joke.
  11. Trump was immensely better than Biden. I was saving money under Trump, and now I'm borrowing from it to keep up because of inflation and slowing business. The stock market has been falling, we have utter chaos at the border, or enemies are again rattling their swords, the Wuhan has had a greater surge under Biden even with half the nation vaccinated, our allies are turning against U.S., our deficit is out of control (like it was ever in control since the 90's), gas prices continue to remain high, and many people are about to be evicted from their housing or have their houses foreclosed on.
  12. 1. Wake Forest 2. Notre Dame 3. LSU 4. Texas 5. Arkansas 6. Iowa State 7. Louisville 8. UCLA 9.Michigan State 10. Kansas State *Tiebreaker: 42
  13. If CRT was factual then I would gladly welcome it into schools. However it is not, and is absurdly laughable in it's myths.
  14. Biden is terrible with anything that he does. His poor foreign relations skills are showing. He should have spoken to France before signing the submarine deal with Britain and Australia, but he failed to do so. It is possible that he is souring our relations with Italy and Germany.
  15. I agree. I've heard of the side effects, and it's not worth it. I don't want a rash covering the side of my body, cardiac issues, possible paralysis, and even death. I have O- blood which also decreases my risks. Type O Blood Linked to Lower Rates of COVID-19 (verywellhealth.com)
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