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  1. Reagan was far superior as a President, especially leading us out of the Carter mess. Unfortunately Bush Sr. attempted to destroy his legacy, and should have not been selected as his V.P.. President Clinton simply rode on the coattails of what President Reagan accomplished for the U.S. economy, even with the slight damage that Bush Sr. did, because he didn't think "voodoo economics worked". Trump is about 10% as eloquent as Ronald Reagan was, and while his social media presence is an embarrassment, his economic policies are genius. Then again it doesn't take half a brain to undo the damage that BHO placed on the American people. One problem is that hindering President Trump even more have been Federal Judges who have upheld many of the executive orders and laws enacted under BHO's administration. What I find odd is that the 20-30's crowd thinks that President Trump is keeping them down, yet it was BHO's policies that have caused part of the problems of where they are at. Yet they desire to sink U.S. even further down the latrine by being progressive as it's labeled in their thinking, which is actually wrong it's regressive. President Trump will never be a great orator, and he never has been nor does he want to change. He should, because it would help his approval rating immensely. The first thing he should do is delete his twitter account, and cease and desist post haste. I think the Urban dictionary defines that forum best, because he does sound like the kind of person who makes a retarded monkey look smart. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=twit . I understand that he's not, but that's exactly how he comes across/
  2. DaveTV1

    UPDATE: Mount Vernon hires Art Briles

    I see this story has even made national news : https://www.aol.com/article/news/2019/05/25/in-hiring-coach-a-small-texas-town-sells-its-soul/23734840/ . I see it as a good hire for a small town that's mainly known for being the hometown of "Dandy" Don Meredith. If he can turn their program into a winner, which I think he can, and he shouldn't have any scandals at a High School even though we've seen a few in recent years I think he'll be fine.
  3. No it shows that he doesn't care about our immigration laws. These illegal aliens that are trying to invade our border are the one's that put there own lives at risk just as a criminal that breaks into a house are doing. Do it the right way, and I'm all for legal immigration. They are not following the proper channels and procedures.
  4. That's blatantly false. While they can't track his personal efforts he has won awards for his charitable work. I have even shown a video of Jesse Jackson praising him twice for his contributions. Then he stabbed him in the back when he was in Selma, AL. He has donated every check he's received since becoming President, yet Snopes lies about it, and claims it is false. What they failed to point out was the amounts he gave were after taxes, but they wanted him to donate the entire amount pre-tax for it to be rated true. https://www.insidephilanthropy.com/home/2015/9/29/a-quick-look-at-donald-trumps-philanthropy.html .
  5. That is odd, because the only deaths that we hear about are in football. Playing football, basketball, and baseball growing up basketball was the least strenuous to me, except when we had to do froggies. The only other time was if a flagrant foul was made, but that wasn't any different to me than playing tackle the man with the football or king of the hill. This study is surprising to me. Football also isn't the #1 sport for concussions either, but we're led to believe it is. I think there's a war on football for some stupid reason.
  6. If they become more of a philanthropist then it would show me they had good intentions from the start, but simply didn't have the money to help others.
  7. DaveTV1

    🏉 XFL

    I agree there is nothing appealing with the Texans, Packers, Browns, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Carolina, and Baltimore's uniforms. I also think Tampa Bay and New England should go back to their original uniforms. I hate when the Cowboys use their original uniforms, because I think those are ugly. I wouldn't mind if the Cowboys used their current colors with the Cowboy on the horse riding with a football, but their star looks dull in the original version, and the rest was terrible. I really hate when they wear blue jerseys especially Thanksgiving games.
  8. NFL Football, but I would want it to be all year long. I keep up with MLB, but it's really only fun to watch on TV during the post season. If I had the money to be a season ticket holder and go to the games I'd be at every one of them that was in town. I love watching a live baseball game. It's the best by far to watch live. Seating at football stadiums doesn't give you a great view unless you can walk the sidelines. I hated having end zone seats, especially when much of the game was spent at the other end of the field.
  9. DaveTV1

    Wow. Baylor???

    Baylor has turned into a secular University and shouldn't even be associated with the Baptist Church anymore, unless they are preaching this same doctrine from the pulpit now.
  10. DaveTV1

    Texas and high stakes test

    One would think that the Commissioner of the Texas Education Agency should be able to get this done, what are we paying him for if he's outsourcing at a higher cost. I agree it should be done in house.
  11. DaveTV1

    🕵️ Deep State vs. Trump (Russia Investigation)

    Good, and hopefully this will shut the House Democrats traps about a cover up, when the only cover ups that have been done were by their leaders in the previous administration.
  12. I never take pictures as evidence you never know who could come across them accidentally. Plus back then you would have had to get them developed. I was just thinking about how desolate that beach was back in the day vs. today.
  13. Crystal Beach back in the day. No one went to that beach hardly at all. Me and my ex wife did of course we kept our swimsuits close by in case anyone pulled up. Another beach we liked to go to was Jamaica Beach, because no one would go there. I don't really care about dealing with crowds. I'm no exhibitionist at all, and I've never seen a shark in the Galveston area.
  14. I can remember when there would hardly be anyone at that beach, and many times no one was there. I used to go there, because I could grill on the beach, drink, and go skinny dipping if I wanted to and did a couple of times. That was over 20+ years ago, and now that looks as crowded as Stewart Beach almost.
  15. It also helps the California and Illinois regions that many of them are moving out of the State to Texas, which opens up jobs in both of those areas. Check the loss of population in California and Illinois, and you'll understand. Houston and Dallas continue to grow in population, and Florida does as well since the taxes are far lower there.