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  1. San Francisco reverses course, and now allows plastic bags again. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/apr/2/san-francisco-reverses-ban-plastic-bags-now-bars-r/?utm_source=ForAmerica&fbclid=IwAR2dXABR9gc5I3sgHjvohL5KCxJDXdNLrOd6EUI5RUBVy9HmmnbXeY-NlII .
  2. I'm fine physically, but mentally I feel like I'm living in a Twilight Zone. I only go out when I have to, but I will go get me a daily Dr. Pepper at the convenience store. What's strange is none of my friends on facebook have come down with this nor have any of their families or friends to my knowledge. I'd like to know if any of you know of someone who has contracted the virus. I know how to keep from being infected, and I don't wear a mask or gloves. I do stay away from people however, wash my hands, and practice good hygiene. I will cough every now and then, but that's clearing my lungs of all the pollen in the air. I worry that I won't ever do that around people, but it only happens about twice a day at that.
  3. I used to belong to their fansite on facebook, but it got old. All they wanted to talk about was grill marks. Maybe if they used more Canadian slang or were funny like Bob and Doug McKenzie I would have liked it, but it's dry humor at best. I watched several of the episodes, and a couple were funny, but over all I give it a D.
  4. I think they could on major highways, it's the backroads that it would be hard to enforce. I haven't been on a major highway in two weeks so I'm not sure how traffic is between many towns and cities. I saw yesterday that a truck bringing toilet paper had a wreck and caught on fire is traffic really that heavy on I-20 ? I'd sort of like to know, but I'm not wasting any gas regardless of how cheap it is to find out for myself. Let's say someone has Louisiana license plates, but they were here before the border was closed would they have to prove they were without being quarantined ? They couldn't prove they were innocent in a court of law, because many of them are closed. I also don't see how they can implement martial law they would need patrols in every city town etc.. We don't have enough troops to pull that off. Think about how large the Houston and DFW area are. They would need 50,000+ troops in each city with the aid of law enforcement, plus people still have to eat and purchase personal hygiene products. Shoot I used to take two showers a day, but now I'm done to 1 out of 3 days.
  5. I always heard the Breaux Bridge was the biggest in Louisiana or at least they claim it to be. I can see why it would be though it's in the heart of Cajun country just east of Lafayette with Avery Island to the south of it.
  6. Exactly no one cares about it, but that's all they have to talk about other than the Wuhan Virus. I've been tired of talking about that for a week now. I just wish we'd get this under control so life can get back to normal, but will it ever be again ?
  7. I don't see how anyone can listen to her she is the female version of Keith Olbermann. There's a reason he isn't on the air to my knowledge anymore.
  8. You don't know how much you actually liked your job and some of your co-workers until you aren't around them anymore. I used to say I wanted to quit my job, but now I would love to go back. One of my favorite lines from Ghostbusters that I used to use was :
  9. LOL, you weren't around back when DB2point0 was posting. I can understand why he's posting, what else is there to do when we're in self containment ?
  10. My parents used to use Epsom salt for soaking their feet, and baths. I don't know what the benefits are from it. I can attest for hydrogen peroxide with cuts and killing bacteria and viruses without the sting that alcohol does. Maybe you can enlighten me old gray Falcon.
  11. I have only been to two games at the Astrodome. I used to attend a lot of Rangers games back in the 90's though. I always went early for batting practice, because that was the best time to get home run balls. I have one from Pudge and Juan Gonzalez during batting practice. I also have a baseball that Bucky Dent tossed to me in a game when he was the first base coach for the Rangers that one is the most special to me since I grew up a Yankees fan, and played 2nd base on several of my little league teams. Of course none of them can be authenticated so they only have value to me. It's odd to think that we should be watching baseball right now. Opening Day was supposed to be last Thursday, and who knows now.
  12. If I had the money I would reject the stimulus check as I did in 2001. Even then, I was concerned with the deficit. Now I need it, so I'm going to gladly accept it, and be grateful. I run a tight budget, and I know how much I need to survive. I don't like this extension of being out of work until the end of April. I have enough food, but I don't to pay for everything else. What if they extend this shutdown as Toronto has done ? At least my body is donated to science to watch it decompose, so I don't have to worry about funeral costs. That is if they have the money to come and retrieve it. https://www.tribuneledgernews.com/local_news/state_and_national/the-latest-toronto-cancels-public-events-through-june-30/article_1763a9d2-a71c-5730-9cb2-a32277cf7917.html
  13. Good luck finding a job right now if your unemployed. I do about anything right now to bring in income. I went to sell plasma last week, and there were so many people there that I didn't want to risk being infected. I haven't done that since I was living on my own when I was out of high school. I hate needles, but I'm willing to do what I have to do to make money to an extent. I'd mow lawns if I could, but nobody is paying anyone to do their landscaping right now with the time on their hands to do it themselves. Plus, I live in Houston where if you go knock on a neighbors door if they don't know you they don't answer. it's not like neighbors know each other like we did when I was a kid. As The Doors once sang "Strange Days" have found us.
  14. I've always wondered what the cost is to provide internet and cell phone use is. I know they have to pay staff that usually can't solve your problem. I know it can't be much for the internet. i understand with cable, because they have to pay for programming. I know they've jacked up prices recently on the internet, but I've never looked into that aspect of the cost. It seems like it would be minimal. With sports being cancelled it seems to me that the networks could suspend their television contracts since they can't show anything. They could from prior seasons if they still have the footage, and I know that's what some of the networks are doing already. I would love to go back and watch every game of the 1970, 1975, 1977, 1992, 1993, and 1995 seasons again. I could the 1992 season if my VCR tapes are still in good enough condition, but they're out in the garage somewhere.
  15. I assure you, they're not making much money at this time. I've been up to my place of employment since I've been furloughed and I'd say they're barely making enough money to pay for the staff and utilities. I'm not even counting how much food they've thrown away. At least they gave me two salmon steaks when I went there, but I was hoping for some chicken or steak. Beggars can't be choosers and I accepted with a gracious heart.
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