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  1. I can sort of understand how Edwin Edwards won the 1991 election. Louisiana has a strange way of conducting it's gubernatorial elections that the primaries are basically a come one come all. It doesn't matter what party you claim to belong to if you're running it's an open primary meaning that there are not separate primaries for any party to run. It's just the top two that compete in the final election regardless of party. It's Louisiana for you. Duke was even ostracized by the Louisiana Republicans, because of his past, yet he was still able to run with an R beside his name after he came in second to Edwin Edwards in the primaries. Roemer finished in third, and then endorsed Edwin Edwards, because of Duke's past. Louisiana politics are some of the strangest you could ever keep up with. If you think Florida has problems with it's weird crimes, look no further than Louisiana for even stranger political stories that nearly match it. Louisiana is a strange state, but I love visiting there for many reasons. I still call it the back yard of Texas, because it's like a weird cousin sort of like Cousin Eddie or Doomer. Once you come back you can tell some funny stories, and even some great one's. I just know I would never want to live there.
  2. Your stupid article doesn't even mention what white nationalist websites that he allegedly shared or even read. That is a smear in itself. It is simply a rumor that he did, where is the evidence, and what articles were shared ? We do not know, because it is not reported. Even the article I read the other day when your counterpart AOC called for his resignation it did not mention what articles were sent or what sites that he sent. In the world today anything written that is anti-illegal immigration is considered to be a white nationalist and xenophobic. That is not the case in the least. You are simply assuming that he is racist, because of his stance on illegal immigration with no proof other than polices that were set during the Obama administration.
  3. NC State Stanford Ohio State Oklahoma State Georgia Baylor SMU Nebraska Kansas State Cincinnati *Tiebreaker: 24
  4. This is nothing, because it's Louisiana. Rarely does a Republican win the Governors seat in Louisiana. Only 9 1/2 Governors have been Republican since 1842 vs. 38 1/2 Democrats. 7 of those were elected from 1864 -1877. Who is the 1/2 ? Buddy Roemer who lost to David Duke in the primaries. This is nothing to crow about in the least.
  5. No, I read them, and I can comprehend far beyond your third grade reading material of your counterpart. You see, I look far past opinions, but search for facts. That's something that you fail to do. A slant of opinion does not make someones statement or article a fact. I read many articles that aren't up for consumption of the masses. I desire true journalistic integrity. That's something that you fail to see , with your blinders on. While I do not like President Trump as a person, you have to come to the realization that he is not a racist, nor is he a white nationalist. He simply desires to uphold our immigration laws, that you despise due to your views. You simply think that all people can come and go freely to America. I am an American that accepts all immigrants regardless of their race to America if they are vetted properly. I love America, but to accept every asylum seeker based on many fabricated stories of harm and abuse in their native lands isn't the right way, especially when they claim they are only seeking employment. That in itself should make you think, why aren't these people building up their own countries that they are blatantly proud of. Evidently they have the hunger and desire to live a better life, yet they can't move away from their spouses that they say have abused them ? They tag along their children to flee from their homes, and subject them to cruel conditions in their travels, yet they can't move 100 miles or further away ? Think for a moment, what would you do ? Move to a foreign land that have immigration laws that have to be upheld, or would you start your life over again in a country that you loved so dearly that you would wave it's flag on a foreign countries soil. I assure you that if I ever decided to leave America, that I would embrace my new countries laws, and their way of life. Sure, I would have a fondness for America, but she would be like an ex-wife or girlfriend. I don't have that proclivitiy. I love America, and I love our country. I simply don't see how "open borders" makes America better as you do. You see it as white pride or patriotism, well I'm proud of my country. I love this land, and I know that it is inclusive to those that desire to be truly Americans regardless of color. As I've always said, become a part of the melting pot, and not a melding pot. If your ideas are simply to be destructive, and not conductive then they shouldn't be allowed to immigrate to the United States. Do you see the difference ? Or do you simply buy into the lines and thinking of those that say immigration laws are racists towards people of color.
  6. He's not a white nationalists he is upholding our immigration laws. You're simply parroting the nitwit from New York since she said the exact same thing the other day.
  7. Actually it's an Obama era policy that's still in place. Take it up with Obama. They're not cages in the least, they're cells to keep them from escaping, and harming themselves or others.
  8. Then do it on the field, and not in someone's head. That is what would make a difference. Simply because you think that a team is better doesn't make them so proving it on the gridiron does. Let the last victor stand, the way it is now, allows for just a select few to be invited to the show. Could they show it through thick and thin ? I know, injuries, that's a part of life. They happen. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
  9. You sound like Barry. His teachings are poisoning, and killing people. I refuse to join him. Would you like to drink of the water in Flint, MI along with him ? That's what Socialists do.
  10. It should be that way, if a kid is an atheist they can stand on the sidelines or sit in the dugout. I'm sure he does things that some may find weird, and if he thinks praying is weird he's missing out on some blessings.
  11. The point I was trying to make between the 2017 World Series and the 2019 World Series is if the Astros were cheating they would have been able to figure out the changes in the signs from game to game. I played for a guy that didn't use signs, but numbers on a board back in the day, and he would change the signs for each game as well. Over the course of a 9 inning game, the opposing team could have easily figured out what those numbers meant. Now I'm thinking about Wiley the coach of the baseball team that was always flashing various signs with the B.C. comic strip, he even did it in his sleep. Yet, neither team could win a game at home where there is a supposed home field advantage. I think Domingo Ayala explains it best :
  12. It's not even close to what it used to be. They don't have breadlines like we used to see pre 1990 : Sure prices are higher for some goods, just as they are in Alaska for fruits and vegetables. What I think is amazing is they don't have their eggs in refrigerators. That all changed because of a visit to Houston by Yeltsin to a Randall's Supermarket. https://www.chron.com/neighborhood/bayarea/news/article/When-Boris-Yeltsin-went-grocery-shopping-in-Clear-5759129.php
  13. I've always liked the 32 team playoff. They try to fill up the spare bowls sometimes with teams that are "ineligible", but become so just to keep the bowl game. Then those sorry bowls put maybe 14,000 people in the seats, and only a few even watch the game. Make them meaningful, and it would bring in more money, viewers, and ticket buyers regardless if they are the loyal fan base or just the average joe that lives in those cities that love college football.
  14. They are, and I'll say Razorback fan's aren't as rabid as Roll Tide fans. I know Tennessee fans are loyal, but they just seem to take it as it comes. Even in Georgia it's not as bad as Alabama. I know Georgia Tech has more National Championships than the Bulldogs, but they're not venomous. I do think it's more prevalent in states that don't have NFL teams.
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