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  1. Yet you're doing the same for Biden who doesn't give one rat's tookus about you or your business.
  2. This spells it out in plain English. Biden had a brain fart, and let it slip, because he thought he would be even more protected by a Hillary victory. The world and the left hate President Trump, he's losing money and is probably only worth 3 billion now, even with his insider knowledge of how to manipulate things in his favor since he's President. Yet, people want to defend the fraud that is Biden who uses his connections to enrich his family, since he wasn't born as wealthy as President Trump was.
  3. Another false narrative that police and white people hunt down blacks to kill them. Cops are looking for any criminal regardless of color that meets the description. White people aren't looking for blacks to kill either.
  4. As I stated many of the people who have made these "claims" already had a beef with President Trump so of course they're going to try and make him look bad. That was the case with Omarosa. Why would she have even worked for him in the White House plus been on his stupid show. I never watched the show, but I heard she was toxic on it. She seemed to be that way with her actions in the White House and why she was fired in addition to abusing her privileges there.
  5. R.I.P. His career was cuts short too early. At least he lived a long life. Anyone that lives past three score and ten, and doesn't fly away has lived a long enough life.
  6. It should be capped, because you can only draw so much. I'm not sure what the most one can receive per month, but I believe it's somewhere in between $5000-$6000 now. I'm wrong, but I thought I read that it was $5000 back in the 90's. Now the most you can draw is $3790 a month, and that's only if you retire after age 70, and can draw the maximum amount. Social Security is a non factor in voting to me, because I don't think it will be around by the time I am able to retire and receive my benefits. I'm hearing people are getting disabilities now, because of their fear factor of contra
  7. Is this really news. We all know that the Trump's and McCain's have a feud. When he was referring to the suckers and losers it was about McCain and Biden's drug addicted son.
  8. It doesn't need to be extended. Many people are out of work or have cut back schedules. They have time to mail in their votes if they desire to vote early. I will not doubt that we will see many votes counted after the election in Democrat states.
  9. What happened ? He destroyed Hillary and won the Presidency. People have been making allegations about Trump even before he became President. There's no proof, only allegations. Herschel Walker sure doesn't think he's racist, but let's believe people that just come out of the woodwork or don't like him to say he is.
  10. I saw today someone lost $35,000 trying to win $1000 when Atlanta was up 39-24. I thought it was a sure lock at halftime. https://www.aol.com/article/news/2020/09/21/nfl-bad-beat-someone-bet-dollar35000-on-the-falcons-in-game-moneyline-to-win-dollar1050-and-lost/24625872/
  11. He hasn't told anyone to do anything, and that's what we like about him. Biden/Harris on the other hand want be so hands off into making America into whatever messed up world the Democrats see as a Utopia.
  12. He's changed mine too. I really thought he was a Democrat, but he changed my mind. Everyone else probably thought he was too, and now he's the most hated man by them.
  13. I have Seattle winning. The only way the Cowboys win is if Wilson comes off his hot streak that he's been on. Our secondary is too weak to handle them.
  14. It's definitely worth watching the highlights. The first quarter even with what you know now you will wonder what kind of team the Cowboys are fielding. 3 fumbles and two of them were by the "star" players.
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