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  1. There are far more articles out there, and I could cite PBS and NPR. Death rates have increased since the ACA was passed. The intention of the ACA was to decrease the death rate. As I stated in another thread if the Covid death rate goes up next year under Biden especially with all of the scientific studies and vaccines on the Wuhan then it would have been even worse had he been in charge last year in February.
  2. I was watching it happen on TV, and wondered how out of nowhere Biden received the votes needed to win. It was like the Cowboys win over Atlanta.
  3. Exactly, anything Conservative that is put out there is censored by YouTube, facebook, Twitter, etc.. They'll allow fake news to be reported by their favorites that are pushing socialism.
  4. It will be interesting to see how much Biden will accumulate as a silent partner in his son's business dealings. I see Barry pooped on what I posted, but he doesn't like the truth. https://www.cms.gov/blog/thank-obamacare-rise-uninsured .
  5. Just as how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, the world will never know. As I've stated, Biden will be number #46.
  6. The Cowboys lost a day of practice today, and then the watermelon incident that some are calling racist. Maybe McCarthy was a fan of Gallagher back in the day. For those too young to remember : . Or maybe David Letterman. I actually preferred seeing the lasagna thrown off the building that hit plexi glass, and he compared it to a crow hitting a windshield. .
  7. I read in the Houston Chronicle that the U.S.P.S. could not deliver 7% of all ballots in the United States before their deadlines. It doesn't matter now, but I wonder how many of those ballots were cast for President Trump.
  8. I wouldn't count on that. It should be interesting to see how great a job that Biden will do in regards to it differently than President Trump. If there are more deaths in the next year than in the past year that they blame on the Wuhan, then I will say he is a complete failure. Of course he will try to blame it on Trump for the resources he will have, but it's all on him. With the vaccines that have been developed there should be less. I would guess that he handles it like Cuomo and will receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. I already know he'll start sending money to the worth
  9. When's the last time you called the police, and what was the response time. I've had to call them once there were two guys stealing the innards out of an AC unit. The police didn't show up for two hours. What's really messed up is had they shown up in 28 minutes they would have busted them. Plus it seems like they are always down at the convenience store that is only a half mile away. Good luck in Winona with a response time.
  10. Geeze. Your information is way off. He was paid by the car lot owner to protect his property. The car lot owner loan him the AR. If you received your information from a news site, I would definitely quit. This is why many of us have been calling them fake news. Needless to say this discussion is in another thread, and should be addressed there.
  11. And when you weren't chasing tail, as I used to call it, we were either hunting or fishing. Even she didn't understand that I liked to hunt and fish when I was a young boy. She thought I should only be with her. It doesn't matter now.
  12. Please read the news, and don't just spout off on things that you think you heard about from second hand knowledge. You're simply reacting, and not understanding what happened.
  13. What were you doing when you were 17 ? I know what I was doing.
  14. I should edit this, a gun and not a bb gun. I was shooting a shotgun when I was 7.
  15. So you're saying you never shot a gun until you were of "legal age" ? I was shooting shotguns when I was 4, it was just a .22, but still a gun.
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