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  1. Thus the toilet lickers and door knob lickers that we saw early on with the Wuhan.
  2. Maybe he's talking about his beloved Biden who I have rarely seen wear a mask while speaking when he has on rare occasions. I'm not worried about either of them wearing the muzzle while speaking, but I hope they sanitize the microphone afterwards. The reason neither do can go back to President Wilson who contracted the Spanish Influenza and didn't want to appear to be weak. JFK did wear a mask in his debate with Nixon by wearing makeup for television, and Nixon sweated also showing that he was weak.
  3. Lol, I've seen masks and gloves left all over parking lots like dirty diapers in every store parking lot I go to. They're a biohazard in my opinion. Today, I went to get checked out again. They have you not wear your mask properly while taking your temperature and checking your blood pressure and pulse. The reason being for your blood pressure and pulse is masks will cause your heart to beat faster and your blood pressure to rise which gives a false indication of what they actually are at while at rest. I should have mentioned that earlier on why I only wear a mask properly when I'm around people or food.
  4. Or the next "Glee" actor/actress that dies.
  5. It would have been better with George Carlin presenting it, but I hear those words all the time, but nobody today is offended by them it seems.
  6. That was Bob Lemon, and if I remember right he's the reason Crankshaft didn't get called up to play for the Indians which of course is fictional.
  7. I stated that a few weeks ago. I'm hearing that Texas may shut down again, but the death totals don't call for it. I realize they are saying the lack of hospital beds, but why did they tear down or if they did take down the temporary hospital at NRG why isn't it back up ? I would almost bet that it's in a landfill or has been recycled and why it hasn't been done.
  8. He couldn't do it with the riots and offered help, but then Generals rebuked him for it. I was all for it to maintain peace and order. I can't say that all BLM was innocent, but I will say many of them are. The real agitators were Antifa, and they are not gaining any support for what they've been doing. I know the mainstream media has tried to exonerate them for the violence, but a lot of this violence has been done by whites. That's from hundreds of videos that I have seen in almost every major city.
  9. I may not like him as a person, but I like him as our President at the current time. I can't blame him for any of 2020 that has happened. That's not his fault, and I think his reaction to the pandemic has been fine. The only thing that does concern me is the unemployment rate, but that's because of local leaders who are killing the economy with the quarantine and scare tactics. It's already closed my closest favorite Mexican food restaurants down with Pancho's and Casa Ole. I've seen numerous others businesses shutter as well. Many could be replaced, but it's going to take a long time for them to be replaced.
  10. That's the way it used to be done. When a candidate was misleading the other candidate usually stated otherwise with either facts or half truths reported by the media.
  11. I haven't heard of any of my friends changing from either party. I have not heard one Trump supporter say I can't stand this anymore I'm voting for Biden or any Democrat say they would ever vote for Trump. I realize that is only out of 500+ people on facebook and probably another 100 more that aren't on or who are acquaintances. There are some people that I don't know that I don't even know in the Houston area, and I know both have supporters in the Houston area. What's strange about this election year is I'm not seeing many bumper stickers or yard signs for either candidate that are current. I still see Trump 2016 bumper stickers and Bernie/Hillary stickers for 2016 none for Biden.
  12. Those are false numbers for those who have the virus, because it doesn't take into account those who have recovered from it. I don't think they should be included in that number as a total now, but as a running total of how many have been effected. The thing is none of us know how long it could last. The Bubonic Plague is still around, and was recently infected a village in ?? Yes, you have that right China. The first pandemic of The Plague lasted for only 2 years. The second lasted for 17 years. The third wave from what I could see from dates lasted for 5 years. We simply don't know, because the "experts" keep changing what they know about the virus. Much of that is because of it has evolved so frequently. That could do one of two things, it could become weaker and obsolete which is what I'm hoping or it could become even stronger due to the overuse of sanitizers and become resistant to them.
  13. This explains more than just Don Lemon, but 90% of the media today. They tell their perceived truth, and don't dig for the truth in the stories they present.
  14. So the GOP is the death cult, but all of the shootings happen in Democrat cities and states with the strictest gun laws. It seems to me they are the death cult wanting anyone to die that can't defend themselves. As for the Wuhan the chances of dying from it are minimal unless you are in a high health risk group.
  15. They test my blood for antibodies, but not the Q tip. They test for almost every infectious disease so it's not spread. On top of that they check all my vital levels for excessive levels of the components of my blood. If I test positive for anything then I'm rejected.
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