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  1. They left is crazy. It will create more career criminals if it isn't repealed. It's only going to make the streets of New York as dangerous as they were in the 70's and 80's.
  2. What's strange is if you watch the full length video it's even more evidence. I think he felt pushed to run. What is amazing to me is how popular he was in the 80's and 90's. I can't prove this, but I heard it mentioned on the radio that he was one of the most mentioned people in rap and hip hop in a positive way before he became President. Now they hate him because he is, and he's done what he said he would do. I didn't vote for him, because I thought he would be a RINO. He's proven me wrong.
  3. They are so easily triggered. Why do you think there are so many assaults on Trump supporters, even if they're wearing a hat that says Make 50 Great Again on your 50th birthday.
  4. I agree, and I'm not sure but it could lead to being banned. It would be bad for baseball in Houston, but it could happen. After the 1919 White Sox scandal they didn't return to the World Series for 39 years and it took 86 years to win one again against the Astros. I'm not saying sign stealing is worse than throwing a World Series, but who knows what other penalties that Manfred could levy.
  5. Stone must have had some terrible representation to allow her to be on the jury. She should have never been selected. They should research potential jurors far better.
  6. Every Major League Team should be hit with sanctions. They've all tried, but they weren't successful. The Astros weren't successful either. They shouldn't have been given sanctions after the last World Series anomaly with the victor winning every away game. It will happen in every sport. The Flex Defense as developed by Coach Tom Landry was a perfect science, but talent on the field overrides deficiencies. You can know exactly what play is coming by reads, but if you can't make the play you're beat. His teams were in the Super Bowl 5 times, but he only won .400 percent of those games. He had a .605 winning percentage in his career as a head coach. His concept was set before he became the Head Coach and in his first four years he had a winning percentage of .406. in his last four years he had a winning percentage of .440. The cause and effect were lack of talent, even with a perfect plan. What I'm saying is even if you know what's coming at you, sometime you won't know what hit you until after it's all over.
  7. I wonder how they feel about climate change with snow on the ground. There will always be those that support the Socialist/Communist/Democrat party, it's ingrained in their psyche for whatever reason.
  8. I can understand why, because when I've done some research I have seen some of our threads as links in the search engine I use. Of course they're not on page 1, but I look for reliable sources unlike some of our fellow debaters here.
  9. He wasn't really fired, because he was only dismissed. He has not been discharged from the Army. We'll see if he's brought before a court- martial for what he did. I doubt it. If we remember right Obama made a purge of the military in regards to officers. I think President Trump should do the same, but we'd hear the left saying that he's destroying lives. Of course there was crickets when BHO did it.
  10. The charges should have never been dropped. If any of us reported a crime that we fabricated ourselves we would be held accountable for filing a false police report. He should be too. I don't care if he had friends in the D.A.'s office. The problem I see now is a "double jeopardy" defense. It's unfortunate, but I think he won't have any further penalties imposed. He paid his $10,000 bail money, made his public service announcement, and served his 16 hours of community service. On top of that his public court file was sealed. Unless the police found further evidence that could convict him of more, I don't see him being convicted.
  11. It's because of the weather that they've experience. I'll say this has been a mild winter, except for back in November when we had 32 degree weather. However, it's the norm for the Texas Gulf Coast region. I'm just glad that we have less than a month of potential chilly weather. This weekend looks like another fantastic weekend for how I like my temps.
  12. I had to agree with him too, and why I posted what he stated the other day. He's probably the only smart Democrat in Louisiana. I actually see him as the old school Democrats who were closer to the Republican Party in the 60's, except for their racism. He didn't become a prominent man outside of Louisiana until he worked to help elect Bill Clinton in 1992. He is seeing how his party has left him, and I actually expect him to become a Republican before he dies, but he does have orange man hate. He's smart enough to see the error of his ways though.
  13. I can guarantee they were all of your ilk. He did nothing to harm anyone. They wanted the max penalty. What I think would be appropriate is for President Trump to pardon all those indicted should he win the election or at the end of the his Presidency should he lose in November. Right now my odds for him winning in November is at 85%. I base that on the candidates in the lead for the DNC Presidential nomination. I don't fear any of the Democrats running at the present time, because the silent majority can see right through them, and their desires to destroy the American way of life.
  14. Who would want to hang out with a bunch of brain dead whining Socialist/Communist/Democrats ?
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