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  1. DaveTV1

    Apollo 11 Fiftieth Anniversary of Landing

    I don't know about some of these playlists I've been seeing : https://www.indystar.com/story/entertainment/music/concerts/2019/07/17/apollo-11-anniversary-heres-your-39-song-playlist/1726685001/ . I don't see how they missed this gem :
  2. They had them, he probably forgot how to get one or the military still has it. I've seen birth certificates from the 1800's. I did some research on it, and he can't get his birth certificate from a county. They were kept by the U.S. Census bureau until 1946. He was born in 1929 so that's where he would have to apply for one. It's still a pain in the rear for him. He should be grandfathered in. Hopefully something will get done for him, because I do know after a certain age they have to basically jump through hoops to get one. It sort of reminds me of Ma from "Any Which Way but Loose" that went to at least 5 or 6 DMV's to try and get her drivers license.
  3. DaveTV1


    We're supposed to be discussing illegal immigration. Meese simply gave his thoughts on what Reagan would think today with all that has transpired since his Presidency. This thread is about illegal immigration not what was written in a completely different thread. Omar coming to America was legal, yet she does not desire uphold the Constitution but to change it to fit her agenda. That is where I disagree with even legal immigration. Just with our military, she took an oath of citizenship to uphold our Constitution. She desires to change our Constitution. She also desires to change our immigration laws to favor open borders, which will flood our nation. We have policies in place so that our infrastructure will not be overloaded by immigrants, but she fails to understand that. It's like an open invitation to invade the country. That's how it applies to legal immigration, that your brain failed to grasp. That does apply to both illegal and legal immigration which is what this topic is about. It's not about Iran Contra. It's not my fault that you are not informed on the topic that you are discussing.
  4. DaveTV1

    AOC Border Agents

    I haven't seen those videos, nor do I care to. Maybe you did, but my mind isn't that warped. I realize there are many humans that do have a warped brain.
  5. DaveTV1

    Apollo 11 Fiftieth Anniversary of Landing

    I wasn't even a year old when it happened. I know it's a day early, but : . I wish this song was the backing music for it. They go hand and hand in my ears :
  6. DaveTV1

    The Snowden Effect, Six Years On

    Today they are doing the same thing with our drivers licenses. I don't think that is right either. That is a violation of the 4th Amendment in my opinion, because our licenses and ID's are our papers and effects. https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/nation/2019/07/07/fbi-ice-use-driver-license-photos-without-owners-knowledge-consent/WmDbiCrNNWaWQrVrp7q3CL/story.html .
  7. It just simply shows the sad part of most Americans. It seems to me that today, many do want to take a side when it comes to politics, but do they really understand it ? I would say many of them are ignorant of many laws and policies of politicians both past and present. Yet, many don't keep up with current events other than celebrities or what's on netflix or hulu or popular meme's. They don't have a clue. It's the same with our economic situation. They say things are good, when they don't check out the history of what those programs have led to. They think they are enlightened because they follow the crowd, when in most cases the crowd is wrong.
  8. DaveTV1

    They're questioning the wrong people...

    The supposed votes for Hillary came from a Democrat. I'm not buying it. She was the front runner from the start, until the beginning of election day, and then it fell a part for her. Of course she was going to win the popular vote since most of the larger cities are drawn to the left for some unknown reason. I would guess it's because they are not truly self sufficient so they are dependent on the Government. I didn't vote for Trump because 1) I didn't like him as a human being, and still don't. 2) I felt he was a Democrat running as a Republican 3. He spoke like a third grader. 4. He lied and attacked Sen. Ted Cruz. I saw no Russian collusion. The person that also made this claim is basing it on an improbable as well, saying it's based on percentages of people that would, but not actually who did vote for Hillary because of it. That would be similar to me saying that 5 million of Trumps votes were from Democrats or Independents that don't believe that a woman should be President. Can we truly know that number ? No. I couldn't even come up with a number for those that wouldn't vote for a woman today, except one guy and he's 78 years old. I realize that is his generations mindset. Am I going to condemn him for it ? No, because he's a good person in almost all aspects of his life.
  9. This is a stupid law. It seems though that he would have a birth certificate where he was born. I didn't know about this law until now. I suppose the next time I go I'll take my birth certificate to make sure I can renew it. If you had a prior license it shouldn't matter in my opinion.
  10. I give them the right to speak their minds, and I have the right to tell them if they don't like it here to leave. I don't see anyone of them being deported. That's free speech.
  11. As with most politicians, it is do as they say not as they do.
  12. DaveTV1

    AOC Border Agents

    Wasn't there a woman that thinks she's a comedian that held a severed head of President Donald Trump ? There was no outrage from the left. I don't belong to this group so what they do is between them and Homeland Security IF they still work for them. If not, there's not much that can be done.
  13. DaveTV1

    The sin that is divorce

    Resurrection reunites the spirit and the body as made manifest by the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. His example is how it will be, while His wounds from his torture, torment, and crucifixion were still seen as shown to the Apostle Thomas His wounds no longer exist since He is in His perfect state as we are made by His blood. However, the power of the Holy Priesthood can seal on earth and in heaven. With many church wedding ceremonies those sealings do not occur. Yet, I believe they were once understood since marriage to one person under the dogma of the Catholic Church feels that remarrying even after a divorce is a sin. Even they do not seal their weddings, but only bless them. The same with any civil marriage that is performed.
  14. I agree as well, but when it runs contrary to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution then I would tell them to leave our country too. If you don't like the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence then don't become a citizen. I have no problem with amending the Constitution to become twain with the Declaration of Independence, but if they don't mesh, don't amend it for progressive sake. Make fun of any politician you wish, it's been done since the days of George Washington that many forget when they thought the American people were more civil in discourse. They even had duels see Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr. That practice has since been outlawed, but was legal at the time. Believe it or not.