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  1. It has always been in my opinion. If you're going to immigrate anywhere on the face of the earth, you have to make sure that you have food , shelter, water and air. They have all of those available. When people migrated during the ice ages they didn't have Governments involved to help them move. They moved for many reasons. They didn't know if they'd find what they were looking for, and they did. Some died along the way. Now, they want to be given those necessities in their passage ? It's a brave new world.
  2. I've heard Griddy is great when power is being produced at levels that exceed normal usage rates, because the power is purchased at the wholesale price. Those that are having these high electric bills didn't have their power cut off, and the wholesale rate shot up due to lack of power for much of the rest of Texas. I think this will turn many away from Griddy, and they should eat the cost to keep their customer base. Other electric companies already planned for this, but offering contracts at a certain price regardless. I do know that some offer a fixed monthly electric bill by averaging t
  3. What happens when the night falls and that's when we have our coldest temperatures. Much like my starter that went out those motors will freeze up. True, the power generated from the solar panels could be used, but the cold does many things to even gears and metal. That might take more power than what they would generate from homes. I say stick with what worked in the past for those of us that don't really know how to live in these conditions. I made it through easily, but I had already learned how to make it through sub freezing temperatures. I'd prefer the heat, and being above 70 degr
  4. Already bowing to Xi and now this. What a worthless President.
  5. AOC has been the only one : https://www.aol.com/news/not-okay-aoc-slams-biden-150144844.html . They're far better off their than sleeping outside, pilfering water and other items from houses that they come across on their trek to their destinations. She wants them to be treated better than many of our citizens that are homeless, and could be evicted from their homes or apartments in the next year due to the pandemic.
  6. Why not just pull a Democrat gambit, and send in mail in votes ? Conservatives follow the law so it won't happen.
  7. Indoctrinated idiots taught by educated idiots.
  8. My workplace was up and running at half capacity on Thursday. We were only closed Monday, but had carry out service Tuesday and Wednesday. I live near the Willowbrook Mall at 249 and 1960. I know that east of Beltway 8 to about a quarter of a mile to the west of Veterans Memorial Dr. there wasn't any power. All other surrounding areas had power except certain parts of Houston. Cruz could have went to other parts of the state, by helicopter to view the damage done, but to use an automobile in many regions of Texas would have been even worse since others couldn't use those roads. Many of m
  9. I only read that he said his daughters wanted to go there, and not when they asked him. I realize many people aren't taking flights right now so these trips are easy to book. He left last Wednesday, by Thursday most in the Houston area had their power and water restored. Some never experienced outages. Streets were clear from ice and snow. I was out and about all week long except from Thursday until Friday afternoon when my starter went out. I'm guessing from the cold. My mechanic was open on Thursday. Had he left Monday during the major part of it then I would have more of a problem w
  10. The only reason I can understand why the cops would stop him was if there had been a report of some crime, and he fit the description. If not they should have just let him go. The cop car was the only traffic I saw in the video. If I was him dressed the way he was in the weather we had I would have gladly let the police give me a ride home with the heater blasting. He could have avoided all of this if he had done that too. Why he was being evasive with only telling them he was going home was stupid. It's a law in some cities of Texas that if there is a sidewalk that you can't walk
  11. Wind energy is another waste of time. In addition to it's recycling cost and the use of fossil fuels to keep them going they will kill millions of birds a year including endangered species by 2030. I know some of you like the taste of quail and duck. I wonder how much game would be in that count. https://abcbirds.org/article/wind-power-could-kill-millions-of-birds-per-year-by-2030/
  12. Those solar panels aren't going to be generating much power when they're covered in ice and snow, and the clouds are overhead. I saw more sun last week than I did the week before, but the sun didn't warm up anything. Plus in the winter they have less time to generate power. Then you have the toxic ash from dead solar panels that will pollute the environment. https://grist.org/energy/solar-panels-are-starting-to-die-what-will-we-do-with-the-megatons-of-toxic-trash/
  13. That's what I'm thinking as well. I forgot what public figure in Houston it was, but they said Texas was going to borrow power, and then when we had excess repay the states we borrowed it from. It sounds like they're being paid a lot of interest if this is true. I'm just glad I'm under contract with what they can charge me.
  14. I'm with Centerpoint Energy, and I can check how much I use everyday on my computer. It's been a while since I checked it so I don't know how much I'll be charged. A co-worker I work with checked hers, and she said she used $34 last weeks. I'm thinking mine will be the same since it's the same company.
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