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  1. Oh to be young again.... Sounds like the coaches are not the problem. As stated, there have been many coaches that have done their best to bring integrity and discipline to Winona. The problem is the community and school board members (or spouses of) don't want it. Making this a no-win situation for any inspiring coach, proven with the case of Coach Gann and others. TEA needs to get involved...obviously the people of Winona are incompetent.
  2. 1. Florida 2. Texas 3. Oklahoma 4. USC 5. Ohio State 6. Ole Miss 7. Alabama 8. Utah 9. TCU 10. Oregon
  3. yeah...theres going to be a lot of them Caddo Mills vs Grand Saline moved to Thursday
  4. That would be a great victory for all coaches...but how realistic is it ??? How often do we see individuals (idiot, non-educated, unprofessionals) with there own agenda trying to destroy teachers and coaches in front of the school board and the community and do it without reprimand. Winona should be embarrassed!!!!!! :thumbdown:
  5. I would go with a Dallas, Austin, San Antonio rotation. Why should Austin get all of the revenue. What would Obama do???hahaha
  6. Wow...is an understatement. Sounds like the people of Winona should take school board elections a little more seriously. Then go out and get a Superintendent with a moral back-bone!!!!!! I feel for the coach and know there is a good school out there waiting for him. A little sad for the kids...the lack of lesson taught. As for the community...sounds like they are deserving!!!!!
  7. The coach was re-assigned a few weeks ago....No one seems to know why or at least no one is saying. We played them early and obviously they are a struggling team but seemed to be on the right track....then BAM! Coaching change...kids out of control vs Sabine ????
  8. Can anyone explain the reasons...the logic...the facts regarding the coaching changes and direction of Wildcat basketball these days???? I have no ties to Winona...just curious
  9. I had heard that the coach was re-assigned but nothing about why...can anyone fill us in???? I thought that given the kids he had to work with....they played hard and were respectful. You have to agree they are not the most talented bunch to come through Winona. So...what happened???
  10. What needs to be understood is that immortal and jar-head are what we refer to is the angry-UT fans which is even worse than your ordinary annoying and obnoxious UT fans....their inferiority to OU fans puts them in a state of rage only comparable to that of a pit bull that tends to lash out and snip at small children and old ladies. lol!!!! There is no sense in trying to reason with them....just read their post and think God your a SOONER!!!!!!
  11. 1978 HEISMAN 2-time ALL-AMERICAN Walter Camp Trophy Helms & Citizens Savings Athletics Foundation Poy National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame 2-time ALL CONFERENCE 2nd Most Rushing Yards in a Season-1,896 (Behind Adrian Peterson) Most Career Rushing Yards-4,118 Most Rushing TD's in a Season-23 2nd Most Career Rushing TD's-53 (Behind Steve Owens) Most 200 Yard games in a Season and Career 1st pick of the 1st round in the NFL DRAFT to the Detroit Lions ok...I'm tired
  12. now that is funny...a horn telling someone else to quit whining :lol: What i'm excited about is OU beating Florida without Murry...What will everyone say then???? Absolutely nothing!!!!! Silence the masses and watch in awe of the Oklahoma Sooner...National Champions! :notworthy:
  13. Yes it was loud, yes it was exessive, could it have taken away form Bradfords moment...maybe for a second. If you know anything about Simms then it should have been expected. After all he was yelling "Boomer" when Jason White won it. What did White do...yelled "Sooner" right back at him. Simms is a nut but means well. He has done much for the University of Oklahoma and continues to be apart of the football scene. He enjoys the attention and people like listening to him and getting autographs. I think he is deserving of that even if he can be loud and annoying at time...its his nature.
  14. I hope that Winona can re-group and whip all of you
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