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  1. Auburn already had 3 losses when they played UCF, it's not like they were unbeatable! Auburns last lost that came a few weeks before UCF was to Georgia by 21 points. Auburn lost to UCF by 7 points in a game that was tied at the end of the 3rd quarter and in. Game Auburn held the edge of time of procession, total yards, first downs, and return yards. The game came down to turnovers that helped to allow UCF two touchdown drives of less than 25 yards! Hey, but that is the way it is. UCF outplayed them and deserved to win. Auburn was fairly banged us kind of like Alamama was when Auburn beat them but not as bad! Until the Auburn game, UCF's biggest wins came against South Florida and Memphis with OOC games against Austin Peavy and FiU. Not hardly a resume deserving a playoff invite! If teams for the Group of 5 want to get in they need to schedule better. It's too bad their games against Maine and Ga. Tech was canceled . At least GA. Tech was from. Power 5 but they were a little down this year.
  2. I believe at least a couple of recognized rating organization need to vote UCF #1 before they should be able to make any sort of claim. However, they can do what they want, I don't care. If UCF wanted to claim #1, then the SEC should claim 1o more championships, click and see! https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/alabama-football/10-titles-sec-should-claim/
  3. Oklahoma did have a fantastic offense no doubt they did scare me a little! Both coaches didn't know each other well and that may have had a little something to do with it. They both wanted to play ball control office in opportunity defense which was going to leave till rather low-scoring game! there will be a quarterback battle next year for the starting job in Alabama I think Sabin will have to give this guy a fair shot! Hurts is 26 in and 2, and did leave the team that to the national championship games but you just can't throw very well! It's going to be a mess for Saban, he may should have redshirted Tua but since he did not and if Tua was gonna have to sit at the bench all next year he may have transferred before next season. Hurts will not turn pro after his junior year, the Pro's aren't going to take him, not as a quarterback.
  4. No he was not hidden. He was right there on the bench all year for all to see! He was indeed wasted. Hurts can't throw and that's no secret! If the best thing about your QB is his ability to run, more him to RB or put him in if you run the Wildcat or the wild Pachyderm! Tua has thrown the ball better all year when he has had the chance to play. He did so in the spring, in the fall and during the early part of the season. I said all along, put him at QB and put Hurts at RB! I texted a friend at half time and told them they needed to pull Hurts and that their best QB is riding the Pine!
  5. I would agree on both counts! But especially that halftime performance that was hideous talk about a cultural assassination what garbage!! How in the world could you call that music what is it called Music I don't know I hope not
  6. I believe the Georgia team scored 54 points against Oklahoma! So I don't think their office is too shabby!
  7. Probably not too much. I would say they would have done a little lest the Georgia did. Georgia could only score 2 TD's on them.
  8. Same idiot and hater as always like a large part of the country. Danny is not interested in getting the best 4 teams in as much as he is eliminating the SEC. So let the best two eliminate one or the other and then let the final be against the third and best place teams? Makes sense to he haters? Really though, it was set 1 against 4 and 2 against 3. If the SEC would have been in any other spots that they were, then they would have played each other and that would have been fair because it was already established process. Now I'm surprised the Danny boy did not say the ranking were manipulated to ensure the Georgia and Alabama would not play each other. This is the case in College Baseball were they do their best to pair the SEC teams up against each other when they get to the final 16 and 8 teams were at all possible.
  9. Yes, I did you see you that you pointed that out, that just shows your keen knowledge of the sport!!! I don't know if they would have won by 30 but I think they would have fared better!
  10. Kirby Smart is a new to Head Coaching too and is finishing just his second year. Riley just completed his first year. I know people are questing Oklahoma's play calling the 2nd half, well, I can assure you, just as many is questing Georgia's play calling the 1st half and some in the 2nd half as well. Georgia has the best RB tandem in the country that at one time was averaging 19 years per carry and ended up around 10 yards per carry but they kept throwing the ball a lot more than they should have. .
  11. I think PG went into a kind of a prevent Defense and that hurt them. Before that point, the game was not close. However, I do not care if the game would have ended with a 1 point victory or a 40 point victory, a win's a win baby!!!!
  12. The game is the SEC World Championship or the World Championship of the SEC??? Not sure which one!
  13. How did that work out for you!
  14. How did that work out for you?
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