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  1. ........said the kid who just graduated from college.
  2. .... said the German people in the early '30s. Don't ever think Obama's not ready and willing.
  3. Go ahead and sit at home while I fight for you. I'll call you when it's over.
  4. Trust me, I'll do all I can with my one vote.
  5. Back to the heart of the topic - Lest anyone think that an American president would never take up arms against his own citizens, I've got two words for you. Kent State. Rebuttal, Mr. Colston?
  6. Thank you. You have made my point. In each and every American conflict since the Revolution there have been those unwilling to protect themselves and totally willing to abuse those who would protect them.
  7. Attacking the post(s) now.... Each and every thing that this particular person has posted reflects an unearned smug sense of superiority and self satisfaction. When and if an actual civil revolt breaks out, those of us with an actual spine and the courage of our convictions will step up and save the lily livered pacifists along with the women, children and the physically and mentally infirm. And the pacifists will STILL tell us what a bunch of savages we are and spit on us like they always do. And we will pick up our tools and set about rebuilding, like WE always do, until we hav
  8. Argument's over because Chase says it is. NEXT!!! And bring me the head of a pig and something strong to drink!!
  9. What does he get the 2 for? I've got him at a solid zero.
  10. If the non-sheep keep coming in and we can flush out the Katrina scum we'll be in great shape when the time comes to............................................SECEDE.
  11. Yeah, 41 of 55 for 392 yards, 3 touchdowns, 0 interceptions and a 112.1 quarterback rating. He was awful. This loss is entirely his fault. I say cut him right now.
  12. After viewing the pitiful display that a weeping Tim Tebow put on after he lost last night, I set about compiling a list of occasions when it is acceptable for a man to cry. It didn't take long. Here it is. 1. A member of your immediate family dies. 2. You suffer an injury, at minimum a compound fracture of the Joe Theismann variety. 3. Brian's Song. That's it. If you cry at any other time, you might as well run down to the store for some feminine protection. You're going to need it.
  13. Big Bar Hair. It's my actual band. Since 1996.
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