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  1. Ditto. And Blue - you weren't talking about the 9-11 Truther Debra Medina, were you! If so - ditto again!


    Why yes I was. Medina supporters are worse than Paulians... something I previously thought was impossible. BTW, I've debated quite a few of them on Facebook and without exception, they've been troop haters and anarchist cranks.

  2. I have heard this argument over and over again from gays...which is a bunch of bull malarky and you know it!


    As far as being detrimental to our society... well, it is. And it's a fact. It takes a "family unit" made up of a male and female, and their parents, aunts, cousins, etc. to make a great kid. Boys need their moms when they're young. Girls, on the other hand, need their protective dads when they're young, and their moms when they reach puberty age. When you take away a father, the boys, depending upon their mom, can't learn how to be man; i.e., a good husband, father, protector, etc. When you take away the mother, they lose the nurturing, etc., etc. And I don't care what any gay man says... you cannot replace "the mom" with a male. Nor, can you replace the father with two gay women.


    I suggest to you, when a teenager commits suicide, it's not just about whether they're gay or not, or allowed to be, etc... it's because of the BREAKDOWN of the family. Somebody somewhere didn't do something right. Before you suggest the outcome, you need to know the background.


    As far as making decisions for your partner... that's a bunch of bahooey, and you darned well know it. All types of legal documents can take care of that.


    As far as telling someone right or wrong based on religious preferences... fine, let's take the religion out of it. Let's just take nature... do you see two male lions getting after it and producing cubs and caring for same? No. Even fruit trees, have to have a male and female... there is a right and there is a wrong... if you want to apply that argument, you apply it to murder. Is murder right or wrong? If we take one of the ten commandments, "thou shalt not kill"... then take religion out of it...that's why the right and wrong argument is preposterous.


    As far as US not telling someone (meaning anyone here) how to live their lives... well, I'll tell you what, I am absolutely SICK TO DEATH of having to DONATE my hard-earned money to a bunch of lazy, snot-nosed punks that sit and whine on their fat arses all day and expect me to give them something for nothing or because they took the risks of getting HIV, and didn't protect themselves, or got on drugs, and now want "us" to help them for their stupidity, or got fired because they couldn't show up to work on time, or refuse to get 2 jobs to support their family, or can't pay the mortgage they signed the dotted line on, or can't run a business even with that "Ivy League(stupid)" education, or pay for an abortion, and the list goes on and on....


    As far as hate crimes... oh, criminey... give me a blasted break! There are thousands upon thousands of hate crimes based on not sexual preference, but based on religion and the color of one's skin. Last time I looked they didn't call it a "hate crime"... they called it a flat crime! And that's all it is.


    I'm sick of whiners...if you make a choice in your life, then you live with it... don't expect the rest of us to "give you a group hug" about it, nor "feel sorry" for you...or changes laws just to suit you....you made it, you take care of it...people have the same rights...life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness... after that, you're on your own....


    Spot on.

  3. Linsey Graham is a self-serving traitor......the voters of Florida will send him packing when his time is up......mealy mouthed compromisers like him and kay BAILOUT hutchison are why I have left the GOP and struck out on my own.........


    The voters of South Carolina might send Graham packing but Florida voters certainly won't.

  4. Guys I'm sorry to say it but yall just don't get it. Their is no "win". To win would be nothing less than genocide.



    You cannot win a war on terror. Think about it.


    You think we cannot win so you want to leave. That's exactly what the terrorists are banking on, no resolve.


    I'm a bad loser. All Americans used to be.

  5. I got it too....and I was angered that he has joined in with the rhetoric that we need to do something to "fix" the healthcare system....SENATOR....IT AIN'T BROKE....LEAVE IT ALONE!!!! I won't be supporting him in his next bid for the senate.......he's a compromiser....he's been in Washington so long that he's become just like the rest of them.....


    Colmes...Cornyn was blasting the Baucus bill/compromise as being bad for Texans.



  6. Never said that - you have...but I'm getting there.


    Try to focus now....it's the place "where" they have them at, not whether they have the right.


    Focusing now... stay with me...


    Scenario: You're attending a Tea Party with friends and family in Arizona protesting the healthcare bill. On one side of the street are conservatives, the other side of the street, liberals. Still with me? Things get super heated.


    A liberal comes to the middle of the street, takes out his gun, and starts shooting.


    Now, after 30 plus people are murdered, do you believe it is still his right to bear arms AT A PROTEST?


    If I need to break that down more for you, make it simpler, I'd be happy to do so or if you need more scenarios.


    The Constitution tells me I have the right to keep and bear arms. Your post tells me you're being quite smug.


    Again you show a desire to trample the rights of others when it suits you.


    Conservatives base their debate on facts while liberals try to debate on how they feel about something. You are doing the latter.


    Answer this... How many liberals do you know that own guns?

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