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  1. Terry Glen said, "I don't think we're trying to win; no, not on offense. I'm not alone. the whole offense is frustrated. They are looking aroud saying...'Why can't we do anything when we have all these weapons?'" Newman said, "I think we have more talkers than players, to be blount about it." Add to that a seething Jones said, "A game like that indicts us at the top just straight through. It's disappointing. I'm disgusted. I really am. After (Monday) you have to look at the entire organization, and I do. I'm about as frustrated as I've been inmy 17 years as owner." As reported by ESPN.
  2. With usually quite players speaking out, I am reminded of how fast it went south for the Giants.
  3. Sometimes the easy catches are made difficult because of inattantion. He may just need better defenders covering him, lol. I think he is killing Romo's stats right now, which could cost the guy come contract time this off-season.
  4. Like I said, drops frustrate the play calling. He will get more balls when he catches some more. Kind of how Crayton does!
  5. Maybe not. But if he catches that one down the sideline and scores, I'm betting the crowd goes nuts. And maybe that gets this sorry defense going.
  6. I generally classify myself as a TO apologist. That being said, dropped passes are one thing, dropped passes that would otherwise be touchdowns are quite another. Dropped passes frustrate the offense and the play calling. And that is destructive.
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