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  1. Hmmm... I had you figured as a Kings of Leon type of guy, Cheapy.
  2. That, parent, is offensive defense. Or, as I say... maintaining command of the sea.
  3. Are you really suggesting that our Navy lacks offense? Our subs patrol the oceans unabated. Why would our subs make their 'presence' known and give away their position? BTW, the reason you know the subs were there is because the Navy released the information.
  4. Why isn't the same said about Rick Perry?
  5. I actually laughed out loud, Doc. :clap:
  6. You're concerned about the "safty" of your house when people walk by in the street? People walk by my house all day; sometimes they even walk through my yard. Apples and oranges.
  7. Surely you don't believe the subs were alone. They were most certainly 'accompanied' by assets from the 2nd Fleet.
  8. Please tell me you don't teach history... especially maritime history.
  9. We didn't even do that under Reagan's watch.
  10. If Cornyn continues to stand up against this failed administration's Chicago-style politics, I'll continue voting for him.
  11. Colmes must be the smartest guy around. :rolleyes:
  12. Unbelievable. When did we ever? That's why it's international waters and not US waters.
  13. We don't control the movement of other country's ships in international waters.
  14. That's a very weak attempt at the truth, Sideliner. Let's review the actual TRUTH about crazies "intimidating others by sheer volume" and "violence."
  15. Still doesn't scare me. Russian subs are pathetic machines.
  16. I'm skeptic. TRS doesn't own any stock from bailed out banks?
  17. Who's scared by a Russian sub? Those pieces of trash are easlily found and tracked by our Navy.
  18. Get my story straight? Sheesh... I said you were some type of manager, which you were. Who said you didn't work hard?
  19. No. Here is his real birth certificate...
  20. I'm betting those reports would be typical liberal lies.
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