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  1. GW don’t have enough kids for two sub-varsity games on Thursday??
  2. Should score against us every time y’all run it.
  3. Might as well just go get in line after GWs practice Thursday.
  4. Tell them to go back to Kilgore or GW
  5. You mean they won’t roll out the carpet for the freshman group?
  6. We gonna win state in every sport the rest of my life. I’m gonna win the lottery. Trump will be back in office in the morning. WO will no longer schedule 1As and they will get turf and Sabine will get turf and gW will turn their stadium around
  7. I’m more worried about the other room saying they’ll put up 50 and shut us out
  8. A few years ago y’all was all tired of running the ball all the time and now y’all wanna run the ball all the time. Lol
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