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  1. GW won JV B 6-0 Tied JV 12-12 Tatum 8th won.
  2. John Tyler is getting it took to them from what I’ve watched. Stanford has them cats playing.
  3. Home team can’t stream? Or chooses not to. There’s a difference.
  4. Yea. We like sharing things with them. District titles and all.
  5. Depends on if the wagon is full or not.
  6. GW folks spin more than a tilt a whirl. It’s entertaining though.
  7. Sit on the GW side. It’s their turn
  8. The facts were the stats listed. Everything else was opinion. Unless....... In GW logic Fact=Opinion
  9. Y’all? You’ve never seen me say my stance on anything and never will. I was just asking a question I already knew answer to.
  10. Mask isn’t a law. That wasn’t what I was saying.
  11. Does the same hold true when a cop kills someone? Don’t break the law and you wouldn’t of died?
  12. Biggest key to game: How well Tatum adjust to game speed after being idle for a while.
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