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  1. Same people who say it’s ok for abortion are likely the same that think people are born gay.
  2. That’s already happened. Clinton and/or the muslim....
  3. Yea the I’m gonna quit until I get my way usually works. Also renaming field after Earl is a great idea. Good for UT.
  4. When’s Whitehouse gonna change their name? Or Whiteright ...... White Oak?
  5. I’m sure some would complain. But let’s be fair about it. Say............ give 50 or 60 years or so.....
  6. Got a poop from ol Anti. Must of struck a nerve. Funny how that works.
  7. Robert E Lee fought in war for our country... owned slaves. John Tyler owned slaves in our country.... Mexico has good food but in another country....... Apples to oranges. Another dumb thing is compare these times to Germany. Last I checked we are going around Holocaust’n and genocide’n........ Change the redskins name, ok. Might as well change every other one too. They all will fit someone’s agenda.
  8. I’m sure that’s known by a lot but just overlooked. Doesn’t fit agenda.
  9. Sports.......... which is also what this thread used to be until are the medical and political experts took over.
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