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  1. Yea and game will end on a pass towards the endzone that was ruled incomplete because it was incomplete.
  2. You just said our AD declined to play yall? I was under the impression that you knew how realignment and scheduling works.
  3. I’d say with confidence that is not true. Also have to ask why EF would want to schedule a 3-7 team?
  4. That wasn’t a catch either. I guess you’re right about the hold. More like a tackle. I also wasn’t aware WRs could block before ball is thrown.
  5. What about that hold by RT? Or the WR in slot blocking before ball is thrown?
  6. High school officials for 3A football. NFL officials in playoffs...... Surely there’s not a difference.
  7. Nothing will change in DF unless they clean house.
  8. Nah man. We ran into a team that’s about to win their third title in a row that has the best QB/player 3A has ever seen..... Has EF got their first yet? Haven’t been keeping up.
  9. Touchdown game either way. Two young teams...... Turnovers and that old clichè coaching will be difference.
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