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  1. Tatum was down 51-41 start of 4th. I’m at work so I’m not sure now
  2. Anyone else remember when PG used to be everyone’s homecoming?
  3. Should have a good battle with White Oak.
  4. First time in 10 seasons Tatum girls didn’t make it to second round. Can’t remember the last time they had a record like this seasons 16-12 mark.
  5. Second seed knocked ATL out last season.
  6. Last district games of the year tonight. Jeffy and Tatum both win I’d assume they’d have a seed in game. One seed in the district avoids seriously good teams for a bit.
  7. D9 - WR D10 - PP D11 - HS D12 - Newton There Will be a darkhorse come out of no where just don’t know who yet. Newton still top dog in region.
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