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  1. Eagleborn

    Pre season 4A baseball rankings

    Y’all? i was just watching.
  2. Eagleborn

    Most overrated programs

    Accepting? What can fans do about 1-9 or 0-10? And I never once said anything about Longview not having a program. So I don’t know where you get that from. But ya see only what you want to see. Fact is a title in 6A is no greater than a title in six-man. A title is a title. You chose not to see that other programs in ET have more of a storied history than Longview and that’s fine. You do you.
  3. Eagleborn

    UPDATE: Mount Vernon hires Art Briles

    He does bounce around often.
  4. Eagleborn

    UPDATE: Mount Vernon hires Art Briles

    47-8 all time in the playoffs at three different high schools. 4 titles. Been 20 years since Stephenville.
  5. Eagleborn

    Most overrated programs

    Because that 1-9 is Thanos. It made all those titles disappear. Same with our 0-10. No titles, no lone star cup. Notta nothing.
  6. Eagleborn

    UPDATE: Mount Vernon hires Art Briles

    Love it.
  7. Eagleborn

    Most overrated programs

    Is that just a one-way street or what?
  8. Eagleborn

    Most overrated programs

    Show me where folks said that. You know what they say about those that assume.
  9. Eagleborn

    Pre season 4A baseball rankings

    Kilgore is up 4-3 now in 7th.
  10. Eagleborn

    Prayers for Alto please

    Went through today. Still in rough shape. Couldn’t imagine going through that.
  11. Eagleborn

    Pre season 4A baseball rankings

    3-3 now in Kilgore/Melissa game.
  12. Eagleborn

    Most overrated programs

    Agree with everything you said.
  13. Eagleborn

    Most overrated programs

    There’s more than just 6A? You mean to tell me others school compete with schools their size?