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  1. I usually just change the channel if I don’t care to watch/listen to something. May just be me though.
  2. Focus should be on starting next school year on time. I don’t think it will. I’m thinking a delay in start by like a month or so. It’s a bummer too. Our baseball team was more competitive than normal and our track teams were primed to make noise at state.
  3. I was “just sayin”!!”, too.
  4. Schools closed another month. Feel bad for seniors.
  5. Pretty much. But if things come to it I’ll gladly go dem (for a Lil bit) and take my stimulus check and do nothing but watch talk shows.
  6. Didn’t say OISD gave him a raw deal.....
  7. Hasn’t stopped others this week for naming new guys. Caught me by surprise with a good bit being named.
  8. Congrats. Saw this on twitter other day. Y’all about to give them a big boost.
  9. He got a raw deal at Overton. Few bad apples (players and parents)..... but he can coach. Did good at Lee with what he had. Haven’t heard a bad thing about him.
  10. He used to have a different name on here.
  11. Those numbers have gone up just in the past hour. And they’ll continue to rise as more test are made available.
  12. Surely the Chinese Virus will be gone by then.
  13. Will finish school stuff online. Been homeschooling mine on my week off. Golf for math, tv on mute with closed captioning for readying.... built a fire for science.. history channel for history.
  14. Am I the only one that thinks everything will be a wash?
  15. Tatum just added another week to their closure.
  16. No one said you’re supposed to be in shock. Lol. People are just implying that that’s some slow moving water.
  17. No. Unless Hallsville’s boys coordinator is also the baseball coach.
  18. Hard to be successful at a baseball school.
  19. https://tabchoops.org/2020/01/uil-all-region-boys/
  20. Do you read what you post?
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