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  1. That may be true, but when was the last Super Bowl the won...in fact, how long has it been since they have won a playoff game? I'm not saying that the boys don't have a great history or program, but they've been pretty stale lately. Just let the Saints and their fans enjoy this victory just like they have always done for everyone else.
  2. Well actually the NCAA didnt take any action against Spikes, it was all Meyer. At least he did something, but a half isnt really punishment enough. If they are going to suspend a player for a year for something he said, they need to be just as harsh on people who are trying to inflict possibly permanent damage.
  3. i wouldn't say he was murdered, but i also wouldn't say he wasn't...i would imagine it would be awfully hard to shoot yourself with a 12 gauge. very sad situation.
  4. i don't think that the big 12 has no defense, i think its the fact that the offenses are so good that it makes the defenses look bad.
  5. Does 45-35 look familiar...I saw enough signs at the A&M-UT with that score...not to mention a plane pulling a banner with it during Bedlam...before you down a team for downing another team you should make sure your fans aren't doing the same.
  6. Counting your eggs a little early arent you? OU has always had issues in Stillwater, and the Cowboys have never been this good...im not saying that OSU will win, but i wouldn't be surprised if O-state wins...
  7. So just throwin this one out there, not likely, but what if all three teams lose? then there will be a 4 way tie with one of the two Oklahoma schools going to the big 12 championship, as well as getting the bcs bids. i mean its highly unlikely...but its still possible if UT and Tech dont take care of business.
  8. I might be mistaken, but didnt OU, Tech, and every other Big 12 south team play almost the same schedule?
  9. I don't know about OSU beating them in stillwater, im a cowboy fan, but i dont know if the friendly confines of Boone Pickens Stadium could have helped the Cowboys defense. Harrell tore apart that defense, and after seeing how well composed harrell is, i dont think that the sooners defense can stop the Tech passing game.
  10. As a neutral party, i have to say that Tech did get away with holding in that game, but i also saw some holding and illegal blocks on UTs side as well that went uncalled, so i think that the calling was fair, albeit very lenient.
  11. This is assuming that the three teams finish with one loss
  12. OK, so assume that Tech wins against UT tonight, but loses to OSU next week, how do they decide who plays in the ship? Is it by points scored?
  13. Well considering that they still have to play tech and OSU, if their defense keeps playing like they do they won't finish in the top ten, much less play for the championship.
  14. Yea and OSU might actually be able to win a bowl game :whome:
  15. i agree, i wouldnt be surprised if O-who dropped at least one of those two
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