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  1. Paris played with a lot more heart in this game. Just couldn’t get a stop, so argyle only needed one or two stops to give themselves a cushion. Argyle has an outstanding offensive line and offensive philosophy. I was impressed with the QB, but 5 and 87 are absolute beasts. Definitely Saturday kids. Believe Lott the TE is only a Jr. kid looks like a potential Sunday player. Sticks out like a man amongst boys
  2. I mean, after the snowballing happened, yea, Celina dominates up front. But Q1 was all about Paris missing tackle after tackle.
  3. I wouldn’t say Celina’s OL is dominating Paris so much as Paris is scared to tackle 4. Several times they’ve been in position and just whiffed.
  4. I guess no one else in this district has VIPs
  5. Accommodation for visiting coaches is very, very poor for a $25 million dollar stadium (no, I am not a coach), but coaches had to clean the windows of the visitor press box themselves, they were so dirty. Radio also in the same room with coaches.
  6. From what I understand this is the third time the DEC has voted. All same people. Aaaaaand suddenly now that we are a little ways into district play some votes switched? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm
  7. Doesn’t Celina have a brand new stadium?
  8. Believe Jackson is a junior. But with the way he’s ran, it’s reasonable to think he’ll be an all state candidate. Hats off to MP. Score doesn’t reflect how improved they are, especially on defense. Look out for the Tigers next season. This years team is young
  9. Jefferson. North Lamar has been down for the better part of the decade and this season may be their worst.
  10. I didn’t see an answer choice for “the two party system is an illegitimate form of governing people which both Washington and John Adams warned us against. It’s the beginning stage of divide and conquer.” So I didn’t vote.
  11. I’m not sure what Terrell brings to the table but I remember they generally were very athletic yet undisciplined at times. I’ll take Paris in this game by a decent margin. 31-14
  12. When Paris needed a drive to tie the game back up (or take the lead) Jackson just didn’t allow it he had a big tackle in the backfield and a couple of sacks down the stretch. I overheard a coach in the box say “if he’s not 6’6” with his reach he probably doesn’t make that sack.” from what i was told Landon is deciding between Texas and Texas A&M, though he has several other offers.
  13. Easttexasradio.com and 101.9 KBUS will carry the Paris Wildcats
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