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  1. NFL has banned postgame jersey swaps. You can play 60 minutes of knocking the crud out somebody. That’s safe. You just can’t swap clothes afterward? All this because the Longhorns cooked up a disease to keep cancel the season because my Aggies were gonna win the Natty and Mond the Heis.... I’m sorry. There’s no way I could complete that sentence.
  2. Fellas tell your woman this one tonight and see what she says. What are the best 10 years of a woman’s life? The ones between her turning 39 and 40.
  3. 4*, 247’s CB19...Harmon, Chappell, Norwood, add a JUCO and Corner could be set.
  4. I was thinking SEC, SEC, SEC, SEC playoffs. Lol Seriously, at this point I’m almost ready to say give me a full season in the spring versus a partial season in the fall.
  5. Man was smart. Anybody know who the old Cowboy is that owns a big ranch around Canton, Wills Point? His barn has the Cowboys star on it and the Super Bowls he played in on it. Came across it one time running the back roads many moons ago. Didn’t think to get a picture of it.
  6. What if the road goes on for a mile and the party ends at two?
  7. What if we knew who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp? What if we knew who put the ram in the Rams lama ding dong? Would we really want to shake his hand?
  8. What if she has legs and doesn’t know how to use them?
  9. What if I wasn’t stranded and not caught in the crossfire?
  10. What if I don’t like big butts and I can lie?
  11. What if daddy was the Cadillac kind?
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