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  1. Apparently it’s the new ... in the right hand corner.
  2. We’ll see where we stand next week against Bama. Hopefully the rust got knocked off against Vandy. We’ll see.
  3. Got hold of Honey Badger’s old stash.
  4. What happened to Stingley? Tigah buddy of mine said he was out yesterday. Seizure? I think it’s going to be one of those years where madness reigns early. Just have to hope you can survive it and be hitting your stride towards the end of the season.
  5. Mav, seeing the depth chart is one thing. Watching that game yesterday and actually seeing that depth chart play? That was a eye opener to how much they actually lost. It might be a long season in “Tigah” land but at least Y’all got a natty out of it.
  6. Mond has had two great games in his career. 7OT versus LSU and the Clemson game at Kyle Field. Other than that, he’s been far more below average then average. The Clemson game last year where he pouted, he did absolutely nothing until the last half of the 4th quarter. Kid is athletic but has 0 QB awareness. I think about Bama’s QBs under Saban. McElroy, McCarron. Not physically gifted but smart QBs. Game managers, not game changers. Jimbo won’t do it but I hope Calzada goes in against Bama. Let’s see if he can do what Mond can’t.
  7. If a 4 year starting QB keeps playing like a turd sandwich then it’s possible. If we play like that against Bama next week we will get our butts kicked. If that happens, you have to root for enough chaos to happen with Mond that Jimbo finally decides to stick Calzada in to see what he can do.
  8. Can we put Calzada or King in? Where’s Jordan Jefferson when we need him?
  9. Used to have the biggest crush on her as a kid, when she was on Who’s The Boss. Then, I grew up and realized she was a left wing nut job without the common sense God have a goat.
  10. Its safe to say if you were a preteen or teen boy growing up in the 90s, one of these was your first crush.
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