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  1. Zeke Elliott- $13.7m (‘21 salary) 244carries 979yards 6tds 5 fumbles/ 52catches 338yards 2tds The worst statistical year of Zeke’s young career. Injuries on the offense and a bad defense played a part in the downturn of those numbers. Stoney’s take- $13.7m reasons why you don’t pay RBs in today’s NFL. The NFL is a passing league. RB is a position of diminishing returns. 10 players rushed for more yards in ‘20. 1QB, 2 rookies, 3 2nd year players. Derrick Henry, Dalvin Cook, Aaron Jones, Melvin Gordon all made less than $7m. It’s a bad contract that Dallas can get out of after ‘22 fo
  2. Dak Prescott- UFA 151/222 68% 1,856 yards 9td/4int 99.6QBR Playing on the Franchise Tag last year, Dak was putting up potential MVP numbers. The fractured ankle ended his season and the Cowboys playoff hopes. Stoney’s take- Dallas needs to sign Dak to a contract extension. If it’s the 4yr deal that Dak wants, do it. If the numbers work for Dallas to get there 5yr deal, do it. A healthy Dak with a bad to average Dallas defense can be a playoff team. Andy Dalton- UFA 216/333 64.9% 2,169 yards 14td/8int 87.3QBR Dallas added the veteran backup in Free Agency to a 1yr/$7m deal.
  3. And a actual theatre movie to end it.
  4. Seen that rumor. Did not understand that rumor at all.
  5. Mahomes has been cleared to play. I’m taking the Chiefs by 6.
  6. Its a done deal. They got their best recruiter on the job. Who can compete with that?
  7. Tom Herman ain’t jumped a plane to Tuscaloosa yet?
  8. UT’s new ace recruiter, The Stripper Monkey, has upped her game. How the heck is anybody going to be able to compete with this?
  9. Looking back now, knowing what I know now, I wish I had been older during that 90s run to have enjoyed it more.
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