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  1. When you look up brain damage in the dictionary(kids ask your grandparents about them) he’s the picture for it.
  2. I wanna see one of them big linemen do a cannonball or belly flop after getting picked.
  3. Get rid of a old player and replace him with a player who last played in the NFL in 2017? Don’t get me wrong, I like Dez. Dez wasn’t as bad as some folks made him out to be. Right now, I just can’t see Dez coming onto this team and helping. Blake Jarwin wasted a year behind a done Witten when we coulda seen what he brought to the team in a full time role. Give me the 25 year old kid with future over the guy who may or may not be done.
  4. Ohio State will have two guys probably go top 5. Chase Young is your prototypical pass rusher. Jeffrey Okudah is your CB1. Isaiah Simmons is a freak who can play anywhere on defense. 1. Bengals- if it’s not Burrow I’ll be shocked 2. Redskins- they want Haskins to be the QB of the future. Chase Young is probably the safest pick of anybody but Redskins still have a lot of holes. If they don’t take Young watch for somebody to trade up to make sure they get their QB (Tua, Herbert, Love, Fromm, Eason) 3. Lions- Lions aren’t QB shopping due to Stafford’s huge contract. Detroit could luck into Chase Young by staying put. Detroit could trade down and pick up picks. 4. Giants- Giants have Daniel Jones and Saqoun Barkley. Not a shabby foundation. Bad o-line and lack of defensive talent have them spinning their wheels. Andrew Thomas of Georgia or Jedrick Wills of Alabama would be a OT upgrade. Isaiah Simmons of Clemson or Jeffrey Okudah would be huge additions to the defense. Day 1 starters. Could stay pat and pick, unless the Redskins and Lions didn’t trade out ahead of them. 5. Dolphins- How much does Miami want a new QB? Have the draft picks to move up from 5 all the way to 1 if they want to. Tua’s health issues could have him slide to Miami. Miami could miss out on their guy. They are in the toughest spot of the top 5 picks. The Raiders have two first round picks (12th and 19th) if they want to move up for a new QB to go with their new Vegas stadium. The Dolphins have three first round picks ( 5th, 18th,26th) if they want to jump from 5th to make sure they get their guy.
  5. A young Andy Reid in my one of my favorite football pictures of all time.
  6. Wow!!! That’s a name I ain’t heard of in years. Good running back but if I remember correctly, a little bit of a knucklehead.
  7. That o-line and the Shanahan running game gene is strong in San Fran. They could probably stick Roger Craig back there and get 4 yards a carry.
  8. If Pittman can come in and keep them competitive in games that’ll be a huge start. Been awhile since they were able to say that.
  9. Dare I say it? I think Arky has had a solid offseason. Good transfer QB. Coaching hire was lackluster but he’s gone on to hire two decent coordinators, so that’s bumped the HC up in my book. Question is now, can they recruit? Will they be here long enough to recruit their guys?
  10. Looking they got word that Crownover will blueshirt. Won’t be here the spring semester but should be in CS in the fall. So I’m wondering why the push for Hubbard now? Spiller, Achane, Jackson, Crownover, Smith. You can play with that for a year. Guess we’ll see how it turns out.
  11. Looks like things went good with the Hubbard kid. Looking like he’ll be #24 in the ‘20 class.
  12. Former Florida Gators QB Felipe Franks has transferred to Arkansas.
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