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  1. I was wrong about Fuente. Before Fisher came to A&M, I was high on Fuente being the replacement for Sumlin. Some guys are Power 5 coaches, some are Group of 5 coaches. Fuente is a Group Of 5 guy.
  2. I’m with you. I think that’s the move that lost the game for Nicole and Cliff. You had a decent shot of a final three withTommy versus a 2 on 1 of Mickie/Holly versus one of them.
  3. You know it’s bad when they are sending Cam’s grandma out there to talk to the media. Cam’s game has made him a old 30 years old. If the arm is going before the legs he’ll be done sooner rather than later.
  4. Them heifers start young , they on that buckle bunny degree
  5. Ain’t nothing changed except it’s the granddaughters of those heifers running around there now.
  6. Kirt and Hardin need to contact somebody about some back pay or a doctorate the way it sounds.
  7. $30,000 a semester to poop a random sports forums posts. What a world we live in.
  8. 30 day suspension!!! Enjoy your time off and think about your actions!!
  9. Have you seen the “alleged” text messages that he sent her? If you have the chance look up Clay Travis or Outkick The Coverage because I’m not sure I can post them on here. They are that graphic.
  10. Allen Robinson of Da’ Bears is on the trade block. Looking for a running back.
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