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  1. http://www.thebatt.com/sports/harmony-by-happenstance/article_595c33ee-5352-11ea-b425-c3c5833f5284.html Pretty neat little story by kinfolk about Harmony’s Rob Childress.
  2. So Dallas could go from Franchise Tagging Dak Prescott and Transition Tagging Amari Cooper to potentially only being able to tag one. Dallas goes from having both on the team in 2020 to possibly only one. Things could get crazier in Dallas.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/.amp-cowboys/nfl/cowboys/news/whitts-end-cowboys-updates-on-bryan-broaddus-drew-pearson-and-bill-bates
  4. 7 teams? Still not enough to get my Cowboys in the playoffs.
  5. Personally, I think Dak and Danny are too high. Romo is too low. Don Meredith not making is strange. 1 and 2 are definitely correct.
  6. I have it on good authority that you will be able to keep your amateur status unlike some professionals on here.
  7. Charlie Strong has committed to the 2020 Class of the Nick Saban Rehab School. No word yet on which HC program he will transfer to in 2021. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/charlie-strong-joining-alabama-coaching-staff-as-defensive-analyst-for-crimson-tide-per-report/amp/
  8. Never wanted to go to Jerryworld and see the Cowboys play but I’ve got seeing a NASCAR race on the bucket list.
  9. 16 laps to go when they had “the big one?” How many after that, especially when they went to the green/white finish? You can’t take all the risk out of racing but NASCAR could do something about that imho. Hamlin still woulda won a few laps sooner and more than likely a few less wrecks happen.
  10. That’s good news considering how bad it looked.
  11. That’s one of the worst ones I’ve seen. Upside down and hit on the drivers side. Hearing Newman’s in serious but non life threatening condition.
  12. http://archive.is/r0xHj @AKA thoughts on Herbert over Tua?
  13. The “Faux-lers” Draft 57. Clyde Edwards- Helaire Running back LSU Carlos Hyde was solid but at 29 how much is left in the tank. If a o-lineman is there I’d figure BoB would consider that or a corner back.
  14. The “Upgrade the Secondary” Draft 17. Grant Delpit Safety LSU 51. A.J. Terrell Cornerback Clemson 82. Bradlee Anae Defensive End Utah Dallas drafts arguably the best safety in the class and follows it up with a possible replacement for Bryon Jones. Anae gives Dallas a pash rusher opposite Tank Lawrence in case Robert Quinn leaves in free agency. The “Tag Amari Cooper, Draft his replacement draft” 17. Henry Ruggs Wide Reciever Alabama 51. Ashtyn Davis Safety California 82. Darnay Holmes Cornerback UCLA Dallas takes Ruggs to come in and add a weapon to the offense for 2020, while giving a replacement for Cooper in 2021. Davis is in that second tier of safety prospects. Holmes could fill the CB3/4 role if Byron Jones and Anthony Brown leave. The “Improve the Defense Line At All Costs” Draft 17. AJ Epenesa Defensive End Iowa 51. Justin Madubuike Defensive Tackle Texas A&M 82. Brandon Jones Safety Texas Cowboys get help on the edge (Epenesa) and interior (Madubuike.) Brandon Jones is a day 3 safety upgrade over Jeff Heath.
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