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  1. Looks like some tinkering with the lineups. Demas gets the start. Rumors that Chapman may have had surgery? Layden Robinson is out. Kenyon Green moves down to RG, Blake Trainor starts at RT.
  2. Depleted o-lines for both teams. Depleted defenses for both teams. Two of the best young QBs in the young game. Chargers 45, Cowboys 42
  3. This post just reeks of axe body spray and stripper glitter.
  4. You can’t learn too much from Cheech and Ching movies but you can learn to puff, puff, pass.
  5. Do you think Orgeron survives the season? Who’s on your want list to replace him?
  6. Tank Lawrence broke his foot today in practice. He’s out 6-8 weeks.
  7. The Athletic asked 100 people around the college game (ADs, coaches, recruiting coordinators, analysts, staffers) to list their top 5 jobs. This was the results. 1. Alabama 406 points 2. Ohio State 308 points 3. Georgia 224 points 4. Texas 164 points 5. LSU 159 points 6. USC 151 points 7. Clemson 129 points 8. Oklahoma 64 points 9. Notre Dame 48 points 10. Florida 32 points 11. Michigan 20 points 12. Texas A&M 12 points
  8. Is James Franklin a great, good or average head coach? What he did at Vandy made me think he had the makings of a great coach. Penn State has knocked him down to good.
  9. USC has already tried the Joe Brady hire. It was Clay Helton. USC has to hire a true Head Coach this time around.
  10. Dallas held their own against the defending Super Bowl champs. Can Dak get his team back in the win column?
  11. Chiefs OC Eric Bienemy reportedly interested in job. Has been passed over by NFL teams looking for a HC.
  12. Any Hurricanes named Tate couldn’t hit water if it it fell off a boat. Just smell like Axe body spray, desperation and “butt” bro.
  13. The more you watch Weigman play the more impressed you get with him. Kid has the arm and touch. Athletic too boot. I’m with you. ‘22 could be a camp battle for the job. Especially with Weigman early enrolling.
  14. If we can get Saban back from the Covid in like two days, we can get King back by October 9th. Maybe. Possibly.
  15. I’ll donate him one or get my cousin in the vet school to whip up an even better one for him.
  16. Texas might have a good Big 12 line but they need to invest more effort there in the future. O-line, d-line play is huge.
  17. What times kickoff? I need to make sure to time it where we’ve already hit the fair before the halftime departure starts.
  18. 1. Arkansas 2-0 2. Oklahoma 2-0 3. Texas A&M 2-0 4. Sam Houston State 2-0 5. TCU 2-0 6. SMU 2-0 7. UTSA 2-0 8. Baylor 2-0 9. Texas Tech 2-0 10. Okie State 2-0 11. UTEP 2-1 12. Texas 1-1 13. Houston 1-1 14. LSU 1-1 15. North Texas 1-1 16. SFA 1-1 17. Texas State 1-1 18. Rice 0-2
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