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  1. #TeamTank....bring it on. Dallas needs some of that elite defensive talent. A top cover cornerback. An edge rusher. An athletic fat daddy defensive tackle. A linebacker upgrade. Dallas could have their pick in that range.
  2. As of today, Dallas has the 8th pick in the ‘21 draft.
  3. 6th round pick that could become a 5th rounder.
  4. One of the best quotes I seen today was about that very “soft” thing. Too many “right kind of guys”, not enough guys with “questionable parentage.” There is no fight in this time. It’s 53 individuals and not one team.
  5. If that’s not a suspension then nothing should be. Defenseless player. Intentionally drops the helmet and shoulder into his head.
  6. It could be a fun close to Early Signing day. The 4* Thomas kid from Louisiana is starting to trend our way. If you trust the boards.
  7. There’s no rational thinking in that organization. None. It’s emotion and not logic.
  8. I’ll let my nieces and nephews pick my next lineup.
  9. Some nice rumors floating around the boards about A&M’s standings with some big recruits.
  10. PETA is upset that A&M’s vet school is using sick dogs in their research....while trying to treat the sick dogs.
  11. I optimize my lineups and check back if anybody’s hurt. These computers stink.
  12. You don’t spend money on running backs. You don’t spend top 10 picks on RBs. That’s not how you win in today’s NFL.
  13. One top 10 pick won’t save this team. The only thing that would help this team is what Bruce Jenner lost when he became a woman. You invest in offense and go cheap on defense. It’s going to come back in bite you in the butt. The Jones boys have no clue on how to build a team. You have a good coach in McCarthy. Let him build his team.
  14. Dalton will get us a top 10 pick faster than Hurts will.
  15. Offensively? I think the time has come to have a discussion about Tyron Smith. Guy has played 10 years. First 5 years never missed a game. Last 5 years, he’s missed 26 games. I just don’t know if could spend a top 10 pick on a LT unless Tyron Smith is gone but Dallas needs to address the position instead of UDFAs. Defensively? There’s not a position on there that doesn’t need a upgrade. There’s nothing up the middle stopping the run. No pass rush. The secondary is awful. CB, DE, LB, DT would work. This organization doesn’t believe in Safety being worthy of a day 1, day 2 pick.
  16. That’s gotta be a suspension. That’s one of the hardest, intentional hits I’ve ever seen.
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