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  1. What if the hokey pokey is really what it’s all about?
  2. Basically a 10 year deal with 10 one year options every year.
  3. Saw Key Largo this past week. Once you got into the rhythm of it, wasn’t a bad movie. Waiting- if you’ve ever worked in a restaurant you’ll get it. A little vulgar but what isn’t nowadays. Almost Famous- one of the best growing up, I’m with band, movies around Instant Family- a modern comedy (cussing) with a pretty good message
  4. What if Hank didn’t do it this way?
  5. What if I got the gold mine and she got the shaft?
  6. Wonder if the % of the cap will be the new go to move for QB deals?
  7. @KirtFalcon think $35m will be cheap for Dak now? Lol
  8. What numbers do you think Mahomes’ gets? $40m average? Where’s the opt out? How much guaranteed? $150m plus?
  9. Stephen Jones shoulda paid Dak last year.
  10. Dave, they would come to school every year and put on a assembly for us. Possum Queen Daisy Potter, Dr. Richard Potter and Professor “Spot” Baird. I remember the old store that Mr. Frank Ford had before my grandpa tore it down so he could build the new one. The museum was still there. Mr. Frank retired, sold the store and I’m afraid the museum got trashed. The Possum Festival was big time to us.
  11. Group of us are talking about bringing back the world famous Possum Festival to downtown Rhonesboro. Some good news for the FFA/4H kids is there will be a show and sale for their animals.
  12. Todd’s a good guy. If he’s behind it then he has to feel it’s in the best interest of the county. I just don’t know how to take it when I walk into Walmart and there’s a 70 year old man with no mask all up in somebody’s personal space to buy the last pack of hot dog buns. If he’s not worried why should I? I am a world class hypochondriac. Come from a family of them. My aunt , bless her heart, had a coffee table full of pills and if you had testicular cancer, she had it too back in ‘82. I’ve not freaked out about it. Y’all I stub my toe I got cancer. A cramp I got cancer. Wash my hands a little extra and that’s it.
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