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  1. Oh I totally agree that is everyone's goal and I hope for you and the kids it happens but what I am saying is if yall go from 2-8 to district champs in a year..... yall better give this new coach a pay raise!!!
  2. Compete for a district championship???? Is yall's district down or something?
  3. I don't see anyone beating Timpson in the regular season. Only thing that will stop Timpson between now and playoffs is themselves or covid.
  4. Winona gets it figured out and takes out their frustrations. Give me Winona by at least 14
  5. So Kirt what are you going to do when or IF them hawks soar past them "Dawgs" cause ive seen the dawgs play and not impressed.
  6. If you go read that forum Hawkins is the underdog! Everyone expects Garrison to win by 14 plus so with that said. i got MV upsetting gladewater and Hawkins upsetting Garrison. Winnsboro over Tatum
  7. I have seen both play. Garrison will need to put it all together idc about their strength in schedule bobbled handoffs and snaps don't matter the opponent. They are athletic and big but people are assuming because of Hawkins district they aren't ready. I am a completely unbiased person being from neither town but Hawkins has a good group of kids that are up for the challenge. Everyone thought Carlisle was going hand it to them to. The team that makes the least amount of mistakes wins this game and from seeing both Id have to say it would be Hawkins! Goodluck to both teams this is what its all
  8. There has been over 300 games cancelled due to one case this year so that is a false statement. Maybe you need to find out the facts of what really happened and check the cases. From my understanding Winona drove all the way there so why would they cancel or be scared on their behalf? If it was THEIR fault they wouldn't of drove an hour and some change both ways and back and had to feed kids im assuming if it was THEIR fault. From both teams records I highly doubt winona was scared to play an 0-3 team that has a combined 6-88 point differential.
  9. Maybe you didn’t watch the shiner game! Shiner has no problem handling Refugio! Shiner lost that game Refugio didn’t win it! Refugio May be here and playing but that was because of SHINER! self inflicted let down! All credit to Refugio for not laying down but dang quit acting like Refugio is unbeatable! SA has just as much potential to win this game they ain’t here by luck that would be Refugio! Refugio May win this game May win it badly but SA May win this game to! Quit actin like this is a no brainer
  10. Your acting like Refugio won that game! Shiner lost that game. Kid fumbled when no one even touched him. They got stuffed on two point conversion. Shiner blew 2 coverages leaving a wide open target. You are betting on the fact that the wolves make the same mistakes! Refugio didnt ROLL shiner. Shiner then allows them to recover the onside kick and then say what you want but a missed delay of game call allowed Refugio to walk away with a win. Yes hats off to Refugio for never giving up but your sitting here acting like they whipped shiner. Shiner made mistakes for refugio to win that game. What
  11. I want to bring up a point no one else has yet. SA hasn't had a close game yet in the playoffs. Everyone is acting like Refugio is invincible and that SA is lucky to be here. Truth be told Refugio is a great team but they are the ones lucky to be here. Bad break on the Shiner kids fumble or Refugio is sitting at home two weeks ago. Fumble, missed two point conversion, lucky onside kick bounce and then a very very very controversial delay of game field goal for the win. Quit acting like Refugio has walked through God and everyone. They are a powerhouse and to answer whoever asked why people don
  12. Wrong. Troup going in as the third seed will pull newton second round if they win their first round playoff game.
  13. Grand Saline by a land slide. Quitman got ride of several staff members after going 13-1 in 2005. They had a down year in 2006 where they went 4-6 the next two years after they they played for the district championship both years losing to winnsboro. Had another 4-6 year the year after that then they ran the whole staff off even the ones left from the 2005 playoff run. That staff started in 2000 and most of them were still together through 2008 season and they went 58-30 overall in those 8 years. Since then 2009-2018 they are 17-83.
  14. I wasn't wrong about Mt. Vernon when I said they could beat winny by as bad as they wanted and that statement stands true for this one. Jetts wildcats by as many as they want.
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