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  1. Girls standings as of 3/4/15 Longview 10-0-1 32pts Texas High 9-1-1 28pts Pine Tree 7-3-1 22pts Hallsville 5-3-3 20pts Sulphur Springs 6-4-1 20pts Mt Pleasant 1-8-2 6pts Greenville 1-10-0 3pts Marshall 0-10-1 1pt
  2. District 15 5A girls scores and standings can be found on Longview's Lady Lobo website.
  3. Thursday 1/23 Grass field 12:00 Longview JV 1vs Spring Hill 1 2:00 Pine Tree JV 1 vs Henderson 1 4:00 Pine Tree 2 vs Lufkin 4 6:00 Longview 0 vs Tyler Lee 3 Stadium 12:00 Chapel Hill 3 vs Center 0 2:00 North Lamar 1 vs Tyler Lee JV 5 4:00 Spring Hill 2 vs Chapel Hill 0 6:00 Henderson 1 vs North Lamar 2 Friday 1/24 Grass Field 12:00 Tyler Lee JV 0 vs Henderson 2 2:00 North Lamar 2 vs Pine Tree JV 0 4:00 Spring Hill 3 vs Center 0 6:00 Longview JV 7 vs Chapel Hill 0 Stadium 12:00 Center 0 vs Longview JV 3 2:00 Tyler Lee 1 vs Lufkin 1 4:00 Longview 0 vs Pine Tree 0 6:00 Pine Tree JV 0 vs Tyler Lee JV 0 Saturday 1/25 Grass Field 10:00 Spring Hill 1 vs Henderson 0 12:00 LVJV 5 vs North Lamar 1 (Green division championship game) 2:00 Chapel Hill 0 vs TLJV 2 Stadium 10:00 Center 0 vs PTJV 4 12:00 Pine Tree 0 vs Tyler Lee 1 2:00 Lufkin 0 vs Longview 0
  4. Thursday 1/24 Games Grass Field 10 am Henderson vs Carthage 12 Longview jv vs Center 2 pm Chapel hill vs Pinetree jv 4 pm Pinetree vs Plano 6 pm Lufkin vs Longview Lobo Stadium 10 am Pinetree jv vs Spring Hill 12 Longview vs Whitehouse 2 pm Tyler Lee vs Lufkin 4 pm Carthage vs Center 6 pm Terrell vs Chapel Hill Friday 1/25 Games Grass Field 10 am Tyler Lee vs Pinetree 12 Spring Hill vs Chapel Hill 2 pm Pinetree jv vs Terrell 4 pm Whitehouse vs Tyler Lee 6 pm Longview jv vs Henderson Lobo Stadium 10 am Plano vs Whitehouse 12 Center vs Henderson 2 pm Carthage vs Longview jv 4 pm Lufkin vs Pinetree 6 pm Terrell vs Spring Hill 8 pm Longview vs Plano Saturday 1/26 games Grass field 10 am TBD 12 TBD 2 pm Whitehouse vs Lufkin Lobo Stadium 10 am TBD 12 TBD 2 pm Plano vs Tyler Lee 4 pm Pinetree vs Longview
  5. Any thoughts on this situation. I certainly do not want to see a bunch of PK's being awarded to any team, mine included. But I am so sick of refs letting defensive players and keepers get away with murder in the box only to have offesive players blown for fouls just by touching a defender. I say be consistant to all players in the box. If its dang near impossible to give up a PK then it should be dang near impossible to make an offesive foul in the box.
  6. I hate ties but I hate shootouts even more. I want the game settled on the field. Play until there is a winner. Sooner or later the better conditioned team or the team with more depth should win. As for saying it helps break ties in the end is just bogus. Having tie games or not having tie games does not insure there will be no ties in the final standings. As mentioned earlier, district meetings should address how ties in the standings are to be handled. My vote is no shootouts ,,,,ever. In season play either end in a tie or play two 10 minute overtimes and if its still tied then so be it. In playoffs I would play two 10 minute overtimes. If still tied, start playing 10 minute golden goal until one team finally breaks through and scores. Just my opinion.
  7. Scores from Thursday: Pine Tree-4 Longview B-0 Longview A-5 Whitehouse-0 Tyler Lee-2 College Park (Conroe)-1 Plano-4 Oak Ridge(Conroe)-0 Carrolton Creekview-2 Pine Tree-1 Whitehouse-4 Henderson-0 Mt. Pleasant-2 Copperas Cove-2 Port Neches Groves-3 Longview B-0 Red Oak-0 Longview A-5 Tyler Lee-1 Mt Pleasant-0 Scores from Friday: Oak Ridge-1 Red Oak-1 Creekview-6 PNG- 0 Plano-0 Longview A-1 Longview B-0 Creekview-8 Copperas Cove-1 Tyler Lee-7 Mt Pleasant-0 College Park-0 College Park-5 Copperas Cove-1 Red Oak-2 Henderson-0 Whitehouse-0 Oak Ridge-2 PNG-1 Pine Tree-1 Henderson-0 Plano-7 Saturday scores: Creekview-2 Longview A-0 Tyler Lee-1 Plano-2 Pine Tree-1 Oak Ridge-0 Pine Tree-3 Red Oak-0 (PineTree wins consolation) Longview A-0 Tyler Lee-0 (Tyler Lee wins SO 3-2) 3rd/4th place game Plano-1 Creekview-0 (Plano wins tournament) Thanks to all who made this a very successful tournament including God for some glorious weather!!!!!!
  8. Liberty Eylau vs Whitehouse Tuesday 7pm Marshall
  9. District 29 Boys 1 Mt Pleasant 2 Texas High (possible switch with Pitt but I don't think so) 3 Pittsburg 4 Pleasant Grove Girls 1 Mt Pleasant 2 Texas High 3 Pleasant Grove 4 Liberty Eylau
  10. Here are most of the scores from Saturday. Boys Varsity Championship game Henderson-2 Marshall-0 3rd/4th Texas High 2 North Lamar 1 Other games PG-5 LE-2 Longview-1 Whitehouse-0 Hallsville vs Paris (don't know) Sulphur Springs vs Kennedale (don't know) Girls Results Championship Kennedale-5 Texas High-0 3rd/4th Hallsville-2 PG-1 (SO) Other games MtPleasant JV 1 Marshall 0 (forfeit) LE-2 Texas High JV -1 (SO) Boys JV Championship Hallsville-1 Marshall-0 3rd/4th Paris-3 PG-2 Other games Sulphur Springs-2 Texas High-1 LE-1 North Lamar-2 Thanks to all who made this tournament a big success!
  11. Hard to figure all the scores from Friday from all the posts. I will putbthem all here. Girls LE-1 Marshall-11 TX High JV lost to Mt Pleasant JV (not sure the score) Hallsville-0 Texas High-3 PG-0 Kennedale-4 Varsity Boys Division Henderson-5 North Lamar-1 Texas High-0 Marshall-3 Sulphur Springs-1 Hallsville-2 Paris-3 Kennedale-2 (SO) LE-1 Whitehouse-5 Longview-2 Pg-0 JV Boys Division SS-1 Marshall-2 LE-0 Paris-5 PG beat North Lamar Hallsville-2 Texas High-1 SS-4 LE-0 TH-4 North Lamar-3 (SO) Marshall-7 Paris-1 Hallsville-1 PG-0 Saturday's Games Boys JV 1st/2nd Marshall vs Hallsville (Noon @LE) 3rd/4th Paris vs PG (10am @PG) 5th/6th SS vs Texas High (10am @TH) 7th/8th LE vs North Lamar (10am @LE) Girls Varsity 1st/2nd Texas High vs Kennedale (noon @TH) 3rd/4th Hallsville vs PG (noon @ PG) 5th/6th Mt Pleasant JV wins 1-0 over Marshall (forfeit) 7th/8th LE vs Texas High JV ([email protected] PG) Boys Varsity 1st/2nd Henderson vs Marshall ([email protected] PG) 3rd/4th North Lamar vs Texas High ([email protected]) 5th/6th Hallsville vs Paris (4pm @ TH) 7th/8th Sulphur vs Kennedale (2pm @ TH) 9th/10th Longview vs Whitehouse (scheduled for 4pm @ PG)-(being played in Longview I think) 11th/12th LE vs PG (2pm @LE)
  12. Varsity Boys Pool 1 LE-2 Sulphur Springs-4 Sulphur -0 Henderson-7 Henderson-7 LE-0 Pool 2 P.G. -1 Marshall-5 Marshall-5 Kennedale-4 Kennedale -2 P.G.-0 Pool 3 Texas High-1 Paris-0 Paris-5 Longview-3 Longview-2 Texas High-1 Pool 4 Hallsville-0 North Lamar-2 North Lamar-2 Whitehouse-1 Whitehouse vs Hallsville (late) Girls Play LE-0 Hallsville-14 Texas High beat Marshall (not sure the score) PG- 6 Texas High JV-0 Kennedale-11 Mount Pleasant JV-0 Friday's games Winners Bracket Henderson vs North Lamar @ PG 6pm Texas High vs Marshall @Texas High 6pm Runner up Bracket Sulphur vs (Hallsville or Whitehouse) @ Texas High 4pm Paris vs Kennedale @PG 8pm 3rd in Brackets LE vs (Hallsville or Whitehouse) @LE 6pm Longview vs PG @LE 8pm Girls Games LE vs Marshall @LE 4pm Paris JV vs Mt Pleasant JV @PG noon Hallsville vs Texas High @ LE noon PG vs Kennedale @Texas High 8pm And a bunch of JV boys (8) games!!!
  13. Texas High and Sulfur are looking at Monday. Paris and North Lamar tonight at 5pm Mt Pleasant -4 LE - 0
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