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  1. She would have helped, but like any sport, basketball is about how you match up with the other team. The paper said the other big didn't score much, my point being you can't put all your eggs in one basket. Gilmer had a fine season.
  2. Gilmer girls runs a motion offence most of the time, running cutters for their two bigs . Argyle play a tight zone and shut done Gilmer inside game. You have to make adjustments. Tatum relied on run and gun offense, mam defense, Sanger made adjustments.
  3. Your comment is based on your opinion, no need to curse. I recalled a player from Tyler area few years back Warren who was a pretty good player, did not go D1. Only 3% of graduated girls will go D1. Trying to berate people who think different than you is immature in my opinion. BTW you do realize a vast majority of small D1, D2, NAIA hardly play all 4 years and most stay a semester or even a year then come home or transfer to a lower level school. Just saying.
  4. Baller you really should loose negative attitude, keep proving that you know what you're doing.. No need to act defensive bout the Tatum girl. No one is doubting Mitchell girl ability. You need to be more harmonious, life would be happier.
  5. So much anger coming from a defensive self centered coach who figured out he is wrote g so now he is over defending a comment so he will look good, speculation or fact ? Or an opinion ? I never said I was an expert at anything, merely making a comment which does not mean expert. Your comment of identifying my stature is quite astonishing. Please remember this is read by College coach's, if you're going to keep berating me and others, as Joe Kinder would say....... my my my ! My comments and opinions only.
  6. Baller21, is that for basketball or crying ? It's obvious you don't comprehend very well. I never JUDGED OR SAID THAT THE TATUM GIRL was a bad player, I said in my opinion that I didn't believe she was big D1. The last big D1 player who started as a frosh and played & started 4 years was the Spears girl from Bullard. I have seen both girls play, Mitchell and Brooks for 3years. I heard Brooks is go to a Christian School. I gave basketball my life for over 30 plus years, I know a little about the game. BRI has a bright future beyond a shadow of doubt. Can she play small D1, D2, NAIA, not ride the pine, some think so.
  7. My point is most small school kids don't like to go to college and sit. The post player from Tatum few years back. My asst said her name was Starling. She came home, said lack of floor time at SFA. Mavgrad your stats are some what accurate, the one you omitted is ONLY 3 OUT OF EVERY HIGH SCHOOL PLAYER GOES D1. And another thing NOT EVERY SCHOOL has 12 Seniors. And not every Senior wants to play b/ball in college. Three out of every seven that goes to any D level more than 300 miles from home comes back after 1 year. Ask the old Panola JC coach. If Mitchell is as good as some on here thinks, HAS GINO at U CONN, TARA at STANFORD, N DAME, TENN, CALED ? I doubt it. Just saying !
  8. Pottsboro likes to play aggressive, WB #13 will like that. Pottsboro has good ball movement and shoots well. Should be a good game.
  9. I would like to make an opinionated comment. No offence intended but there are NO D1 (big school) girl players in East Texas. Maybe small D2. Tatum had a tall girl few years back went to SFA, stayed few months and came home. D1, D2 & NAIA require extreme work ethic, drive, passion, determination and MOST of all SKILL's ! Left/Right hand, able to create a shot, slip screen, multiple offence and defense, drive to hole, shooter and good attitude. I don't see these qualities in Mitchell or Brooks. They can play ball the next level but not Big 12, SEC, PAC 12, ACC etc. Now Argyll, they have 3 D1 players. Most small girls want to start in college not sit for a few years. You can be big fish in little pond and play or little fish in big pond and sit !
  10. My point is why do Tatum fans get to call people names and nothing is said ? This is a chat board, we all may have different opinions, but we all should be civil about it . Why don't a moderator step in support Smoaky rules ? Do the rules not apply to Tatum fans ?
  11. Tatum had help ? Come on Carol They got beat because all they do is run an gun offense and man defense. To predictable.
  12. I am ecstatic that I have English Lit major to correct my vocabulary. Bottom line is I simply expressed my opinion. On paper AlbaGolden by beating Sunnyvale, should beat Winnsborro. The fact of Sunnyvale beating Winnsborro soundly before. Pittsboro is a more balanced team. I could be wrong. My opinion only.
  13. In the last 12 years Tatum girls had enough good players to field 5 college roster's. That plus Tatum was 2A & 3A for some years and still didn't go further. Like a certain person once said, " change is good. "
  14. Didn't Mt Vernon beat the WLR's ? So AG vs Winnsborro and Pottsborro vs My Vernon. I predict AG vs Pittsboro final !
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