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  1. 626


    Don't count out Pal. They returned quite a few something they're not used to. They could take it all. That's my upset pick.
  2. 626

    Chelsea Back on Top!

    Yeah united is on top! Berbatov finally pulled through up top and combined well with nani. You might as well label that Chelsea game the title game. Winner probably takes the leage. Good luck to both.
  3. 626


    a few months out.. but what is your prediction?
  4. 626

    Feb 9 Game Results

    I've been out of east texas for a while.. looks like I've missed a lot. Good luck to both programs.
  5. 626

    Feb 9 Game Results

    How is center this year? they've always slowly progressed into more of a sleeper every year.
  6. Very true. They have it bad like the pats. These wins are crucial so they won't get into a must win situation against a hard team.
  7. Everyone hates them [Pats] because they're cocky. I'm a fan and it does get to me when they take the cocky approach to things and fail. They took the cocky approach to the 4th down and it was their downfall. And Belichek is not stupid by any means, he just makes bad decisions like anyone else. This one just happen to cost him the game.
  8. 626

    2010 Season!

    Is UIL reclassification next season? 1. Nac 2. Pal 3. Jac 4. Center I think the seniors at Palestine beg to differ about NAC being the "obvious candidate" for the district.
  9. I don't see you making a good post either. :bangin:
  10. X2. Why get on a thread about a school just to post that? I smell envy.
  11. Nac Pal Jac Center Look out for center though. Pal is solid but have a couple freshman players in the lineup I believe. They're great players but with the lack of age can come the rookie-syndrome. Other than that I haven't seen any of the teams play but Nac is nac, Palestine is solid, Jac can be solid if the team stays in tact, Center is holding up the rear but can easily steal the show. We'll just have to see how it plays out.
  12. 626

    The Next Level

    What seniors are going to play in college?
  13. Now that I think about it I heard that they broke up on NFL.com
  14. nac by 1 or a win in the shootout.
  15. Well, it was good making the playoffs. Now it's over. Jessica is going to be at EVERY game. I say after a couple o games he'll be used to it and he'll finally start playing. But i can lay money he wont be as great at first.
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