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  1. It's not nice to fool Mother Nature.
  2. Several attorneys general have signed a letter to Joe Biden calling for the reversal of the cancellation of Operation Talon, a Trump administration initiative aimed at removing convicted sex offenders living in the US illegally. So, why was Operation Talon cancelled, and how have people reacted? What was Operation Talon? Operation Talon targets convicted sex offenders who reside illegally in the United States, for deportation, according to ABC News. The Trump administration introduced the initiative, although it seems to have roots in a pilot program, also called Operation Talon,
  3. I'm all for green energy when it is done right, but don't shut down fossil fuel until you are 100% sure that your green energy can replace 100% of the fossil fuels and at the same price.
  4. mellon....always. In the beginning they use to have your member number by your avatar. Seems like I was # 92.
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