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  1. More Dem Senators with TDS won't admit the election was a scam.
  2. Remember when Democrats weren't a bunch of Pinko Communists American Hating Left Wing Flag Burning Rioting Looting Taxing Lying POS's?
  3. Barry post and his cosigner responds diligently.
  4. The only Wuhan Virus thing the Biden camp is going to do is have a massive lockdown and then ride the coattails of what the Trump administration has already put in place.
  5. What's so funny Jett? Do you disregard everything she said? I think everyone needs to take this very seriously and like Lou Dobbs said, look at this as an american and not as a democrat.
  6. The CMA can eat the peanuts out of my
  7. After you and all the other loonies apologize for the last 4 years then I will think about it.
  8. John Prine was not given a tribute during Wednesday’s CMA Awards, and some country musicians are fed up. Prine, a Grammy award-winning folk singer and songwriter, died in April from COVID-19 complications, McClatchy News reported. He was 73. Tribute performances were held during the CMA Awards for other musicians who died this year, including Charlie Daniels and Kenny Rogers — but not Prine, Stereogum reported. There was not an “In Memoriam” during the award show, according to SavingCountryMusic.com. “Two seconds. That’s all it would have took,” country musician Sturgill Si
  9. That wasn't my point Sherlock. Don't just say the big money donors blah blah blah because unlike the Republicans the Democrats are by far the big money donors. The 72,000,000 I referred to are the small donors in the Republican party that want the President to stick it to them where the sun don't shine. Oh yeah, but your 5 million are dead so they don't count.
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