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  1. Wildcats

    31-4A Boys

    Good post Coach. It's also very hard to play a tough game and not get the result that you want and almost immediately have to answer questions from a reporter. Many times things just come out differently and are reported somewhat out of context. Good luck to all of you in the playoffs
  2. Matt Queen [email protected] Thanks lawdog, that helped!
  3. Will do. still no luck. lawdog put me on the trail though so we'll see if it works out
  4. I'm trying to contact the Hallsville Girls Coach. Anybody know who it is or have the correct email address? Trying to confirm them for a tournament and having no luck. Thx
  5. Mansfield HS is looking for an asst boys soccer/football (i believe 9th fb). The coach MUST be certified in Science. The position just opened up a week or so ago. With it being so late in the summer I imagine that we're most likely looking for a coach just out of college or one that is out of work and looking to get back in. If you know of a friend or former player looking for a spot send them our way. MUST BE SCIENCE - NO WIGGLE ROOM! Varsity boys were state semifinalists in 2012 Head Coach is John Fazekas [email protected] Boys AC is Jeff Hulme [email protected]
  6. I could be wrong about that and BUFF right but that's how PC presented it 2 years ago.
  7. The way it was presented 2 years ago was that 3A schools that dropped to 2A already in a district would be grandfathered in. I haven't read the new language of the rule but my guess is that the rule doesn't open soccer up to 2A schools across the board. Just those that had a program and dropped. The Eustace question is interesting because they were among a few schools that dropped before this took place that lost there program (district placement anyway). Under the new grandfather rule, I wonder if they were even allowed to come back since they weren't in UIL soccer the last 2 years. That would be terrible if that's why they aren't in. I hope it was a decision that came out of Eustace and not UIL.
  8. Deadline for All Region/All State nominations is Monday night. Go to the TASCO website to nominate
  9. With money as a huge hurdle, having a money saving plan for the district will be important. You could wipe out the ref cost by having your coaches and varsity players take a ref course and work their games. That and transportation are probably the big money items. The other would be equipment. Have a plan to pass anything needed down from the HS program or share. When I was at Kennedale I started the JH group about 2 weeks after my season was over so I had a break. I didn't ask for an extra stiped. I just saw it as an investment in the future. We worked out for a month. No games because we were not allowed to travel (shot down by admin). We made the best of it.
  10. 3A/4A are announced later in the spring. 5A follows the FB/BB alignment which was released on Thursday
  11. Who got to see both teams play on Thursday? Just wondering what the match up looks like. First time in a while I haven't been able to go...both times an ET team was represented (Palestine)
  12. Wildcats

    2012 tournament

    Vernon Newsom Classic (GIRLS) Mansfield Hosted By Mansfield Summit & Mansfield High January 26-28, 2012 VARSITY Will have a 4A division and a 5A division Looking for 8 teams per division All games played at RL Anderson and Newsom Stadium JV Will be open to all classifications Looking for 8-12 teams Games will be played at Summit HS and Mansfield HS Contact Info Summit HS (4A) Kirby Davis [email protected] Mansfield HS (5A) Jay Zeller [email protected]
  13. HAHA! Man that would have been a huge jump. I was wondering how that could happen so fast.
  14. I wouldn't say 3 Goliath's...If there were to ever be a 4A DI & DII the 3 would all be close to DII. That cutoff would be somewhere around 1450-1550 most likely. Start talking about 1000+ and 2000+ and then the #'s are a factor for sure. I would think there will be a lot of talk about #'s if KP were to win this year. I think the bigger question is how in the heck do we have a 4A school with a large 5A enrollment in the first year of an alignment? How do they grow that much since October of last year? That's around a growth of 700+ kids since October of 2009
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