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  1. I drove through New boston several minutes ago. Where the heck is yalls school pride. I saw maybe two flags downtown.
  2. I agree..several of my friends say refs are screwing both teams....lone oak a lil more
  3. WOW...Redwater ####, but Winnsboro is straight up el sucko the champ...lol
  4. wow...Lone oak is rollin on NB...so much for that 42-12 prediction huh
  5. lol, this clown gets 200 posts and his team has a cupcake district.....and still loses a game.....and tries to call out Dfield.....lol
  6. Hughes Springs lil ponies after this weekend
  7. see another difference between NB and dfield besides the obvious....When people talk about Dfield, they say,"if they lose." when we talk about NB its "when they lose"
  8. you know that was almost funny and it might be funny if that wasn't your only comeback
  9. playing the guessing game like that is what gets teams beat. I still go with Lone oak with the win
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