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  1. Hopefully SFA can get through this without a lot of damage. A good year this season will go a long ways. Hoping that all new recruits show up this summer. Posey is a PLAYER! Heckard is a good get also. He would have one year of eligibility for post season play. Gonna interesting to see what happens. This years team could be better that the 28-3 team.
  2. Just wondering if Hawkins will play this year? That was a very good get....I don’t see any way that Cam being a senior wouldn’t start this year. I personally can’t wait till the season starts. This team could possibly be better that this past season.
  3. Only next Carthage that I see is the Carthage JV. Lol
  4. That would be a good one but not the one I’m hearing.
  5. Hate that the season ended the way it did so we will never know how far this team could have went. Next year should be another stellar season. Looks to be loaded with talent and deep. There could be another guard coming in if the rumblings are true but too early to tell...Posey is the kind of player that can contribute early. Gonna be fun for sure.
  6. I hope Hart gets on board quickly. He has a tremendous upside. Seems to be good kid.
  7. ULM shot over 50% from three land and played a mean zone to give the Jacks a scare. SFA gets a challenge but at least gets the W
  8. Wasn’t that the year Lufkin’s left handed guard kissed one off the glass to win it? Almost remembered his name???
  9. I guess I’m just cautious. Playing an SEC team on their court will be very difficult. We can get the W but we better dig in.
  10. Jacks better bring that same intensity with Alabama. ESPN indicator gives us a 22.2 chance of winning.
  11. Hope Alabama has their Facebook feed working. Lol
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