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  1. Dallas looking very undisciplined. Killer penalties.
  2. Time to take my yearly dose of medicine watching Aaron Rodgers spank my Cowboys.
  3. Any ideas? Go down or up or stay the same?
  4. If they win that would cure a lot of disappointments. Looking for a much improved season.
  5. Carthel has been killing it with recruiting. May take a year but program is on the rise. Nac will have a good year.
  6. The OP’s intentions were to congratulate the new football coach and not to trash all the athletic programs.
  7. State championships don’t come easy. It’s been years ago but it still counts.
  8. Finished third last year. 23-12. Won a playoff game. Beat some TABC ranked teams pre district. Won 20 games year before. They should be favored to win the district this coming year. Not saying Huntington is great but they are competitive. Surely not “horrible” as you have stated.
  9. Gotta call Fake News on the basketball. Huntington has been competitive in basketball in recent years.
  10. Yes it is! Saw on Twitter that Tylan Pope committed to Tulane. Guess qualifying wasn’t the reason he didn’t come to SFA.
  11. Nice group of recruits coming in. Hope Harris returns to solidify the team.
  12. True. The recruits look solid off the court. Seem to be people of good character. Hope it comes together.
  13. The verdict is still out. This next season should clear things up somewhat. Looking for a good year with the recruiting class that’s coming in. Pulling for Keller and coaches to piece it together.
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