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  1. Top-notch pre-district schedule right there.
  2. From what I heard it’s Nac, Hallsville, PT, and Gladewater.
  3. I’m just glad to see some stability for y’all. Seem to be setting a good foundation.
  4. And I wonder how Palestine will follow up from last year.
  5. Two years ago it was “How is John Tyler in a district with Sherman?”
  6. My brother played on that Sherman team. The official score showed Sherman and Plano were tied on penetrations, but the official scorer missed one Sherman possession where they got inside Plano's 20 yard line then lost yardage to outside the 20 the very next play. Plano won on the next tiebreaker which was either first downs or total yardage. That Sherman team was stout, too. Off the top of my head, four of the seniors went to play at Houston, Arkansas, OU, and UCLA.
  7. GG to everyone! Had a blast started hot followed by a long cooling stretch but finished strong. Looking forward to next year!
  8. This will probably be the last chance I get to post before the games tomorrow night. We go from rivals to brothers until we meet again in the playoffs. Good luck to the Wildcats, Lions, and Dawgs! And go Bulldogs!
  9. I thought there was one. Oh well, the Kilgore posters were pretty quiet at the beginning of the season, too.
  10. You must have missed this post as well. Carthage won. No surprises. On to a first round sweep in the playoffs for the DoD.
  11. Agreed. I think if Kilgore can score a TD in the first quarter, they should be fine. Coming from behind has not been their strong suit late in the season.
  12. This is where I'll be Friday night since Kilgore plays Thursday. 10-4A all the way! Hendo by 14.
  13. My original thoughts on the game. Halftime analysis based on the above original thoughts. You must have missed my original thoughts on the game.
  14. The more interesting question is what is the over/under for total yards rushing for Palestine? 300?
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