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  1. I thought Connally would have won by more, but I don't think it would have been a blowout.
  2. District opens up next Friday: Kilgore at Palestine - If Kilgore can get their whatever they had against GWater straightened out, they win by 2 TDs Mabank at Lindale - Lindale should win this handily. Chapel Hill at Athens - Chapel Hill gets the edge mainly because they have played a tougher non-district schedule than Athens.
  3. Kilgore gives one away to GWater. Lindale gives one away to Gimmer. Hennason.............. Athens stomps a mud hole in Wills Point. Chappa Hill gets run roughshod by Center. Palestine getting edged by Connally.....biggest surprise of the week. Mabank dominates Van Alstyne. Based on the results tonight..... Lindale Kilgore/Henderson Henderson/Kilgore Athens/Palestine
  4. That's been my concern since the Carthage game.
  5. This team is a good one. Not sure if playing a couple of easier teams like Terrell and Alvarado went to their head or what. The offense played well for the most part. So did the defense. We have several guys who can catch a pass and a couple who can run away from you after they catch it. Epps is the main running back but we have a couple of other guys who can tote the rock. The defense is still good. Should be quite a bit of coaching up this next week.
  6. Special teams for Kilgore was terrible. Two kickoff returns for TDs. First punt snap scoots past the punter. Second punt snap sails over the punter's head. And the attempted return of a kickoff that bounced into the endzone is a head scratcher for sure. Good game, Gladewater.
  7. The way I understand it is that they are on a rotation where one grade is in the gym while the other grades are watching via video or social media or something like that.
  8. Currently Maxpreps has them ranked like this in 4A DI: 10 - Kilgore ?? - Lindale (Didn't show in 4A DI rankings, but just below Kilgore in Tyler area 18 - Henderson 19 - Athens 23 - Chapel Hill 27 - Palestine 31 - Mabank
  9. I saw that score and couldn’t decide which was more telling, scoring 51 or giving up 42.
  10. Should be 35. How penalties have been called tonight that normally don’t get called?
  11. Going with the Bulldogs. Alvarado gets blown out by two heavyweights and Decatur is ranked just above Kilgore in Maxpreps. The Kilgore Oline is still a work in progress. When #5 has time to pass, he has plenty of guys who can catch the ball.
  12. As a measuring stick, I'm very surprised at Kaufman's competitiveness with Lindale or Chapel Hill. Kilgore dominated them in the scrimmage. Considering Hendo's close game with Gimmer: 1. Kilgore 2. Lindale/Henderson 3. Henderson/Lindale 4. Chapel Hill or Palestine
  13. Make it a Saturday and maybe some of the non-Carthage East Texas folks would make the drive.
  14. The defense played well against Carthage, and the offense suffered from too many Dawgs in the offensive backfield. That's what I'm basing it on. It will get better.
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