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  1. I thought Lindale would start passing knowing Argyle would load the box.
  2. One more Argyle TD before a Lindale score and I’m going back to watching recorded episodes of Hogans Heroes.
  3. Holding on Lindale. Where was that call in Nac a couple of weeks ago?
  4. That pass play for Lindale will help loosen up things for Jenkins.
  5. I just find interesting that both these state are officiated by the same chapter.
  6. Lindale’s #3 was targeted for one pass the entire first quarter. From the two times we played them, he was a good player to keep defenses honest regarding Jenkins.
  7. Did Lindale abandon their run game last week to come back?
  8. I’m surprised that Argyle ran three running plays.
  9. I think Fox Sports had the wrong picture for Lindales linebacker Jackson.
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