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  1. I thought Lindale would start passing knowing Argyle would load the box.
  2. One more Argyle TD before a Lindale score and I’m going back to watching recorded episodes of Hogans Heroes.
  3. Holding on Lindale. Where was that call in Nac a couple of weeks ago?
  4. That pass play for Lindale will help loosen up things for Jenkins.
  5. I just find interesting that both these state are officiated by the same chapter.
  6. Lindale’s #3 was targeted for one pass the entire first quarter. From the two times we played them, he was a good player to keep defenses honest regarding Jenkins.
  7. Did Lindale abandon their run game last week to come back?
  8. I’m surprised that Argyle ran three running plays.
  9. I think Fox Sports had the wrong picture for Lindales linebacker Jackson.
  10. The punt game has been the best part of Gilmer’s game in the last 12 game minutes.
  11. “Flip the script” - a phrase I would not think would be said during a football game.
  12. As I understand it the Graham Steers’ rival are the Bridgeport Bulls, who had a cheer, “What do bulls have that steers don’t? Spirit!”
  13. Congrats to Lindale. They made way fewer mistakes and it paid off with the win. In a game where I figured there would be a lot of score trading, I thought the early fake punt by Lindale would be the difficult, but Kilgore battled back. The deal breaker for the Bulldogs were the two penalties then the fumble on the 6. You can’t make mistakes like that and expect to win in December. Props to the Bulldogs for fighting the whole way. The balanced offense is a thing of beauty and should lead to more deep runs in the future.
  14. Even with the injuries Kilgore had, to me it seemed like they may have been a little flat after knocking off highly touted El Campo.
  15. Lindale definitely made fewer mistakes last time which I think was the difference in the game. This game should be a really good one. What do think the over/under should be on this game? 80?
  16. #7 (starting defensive end) and #9 (starting linebacker) did not play last night. There was probably one other regular contributor but off the top of my head I can't remember. Apparently #14 had hamstring issues.
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