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  1. Heard one etx coord might be instructed but let's right a wrong and bring Jamie back.
  2. they just need a coach with some discipline and experience the kids were really taking to the coach from la marque he was very strict but the kids liked that because the old coach was the same way.
  3. the team yall played was made up of freshmen sophmores and 1 junior.
  4. the real big guy is not even playing dont know the reason why guess it steamed from something in football who knows.
  5. crockett aint down they lost their coach then lost the coach that came from la marque before the season even started then lost a temp coach then hired a 23 year old coach as of now there are 7 players not playing due to grades and other things all of these players see the court and score some are double digit scores.
  6. Hank Carter, Austin Lake Travis: $158,512 dont think so
  7. you just repeating trumps words...yea we got our white man that will say racist stuff we are afraid to say.
  8. you support this lying piece of poop.
  9. trump needs to be in the old west.
  10. you support trump thats all we need to know.
  11. no..your wrong thats not sloppy thats cheating .
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