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  1. you just repeating trumps words...yea we got our white man that will say racist stuff we are afraid to say.
  2. you support this lying piece of poop.
  3. his racism appeals to you i see.
  4. trump needs to be in the old west.
  5. you support trump thats all we need to know.
  6. no..your wrong thats not sloppy thats cheating .
  7. lol really you actually think thats ok 200 to 45.
  8. Just thought I would leave this here..crockett was penalized 21 times for 200 yards and Westwood had 6 for 45 yards lol.sounds fair to me.
  9. you people saying this is fake or made up are just plain stupid bet yalls would still not wanna wear a mask if the yellowstone volcano erupted huh.
  10. shut up and wear the dam mask its only for a few hours.not like you got to keep it on.
  11. lol...diboll will put 70 on westwood ckt was hindered by the refs and still put up 46.
  12. Ok well mabey you can help me out with this call I saw..ok here goes ckt qb passes to wr good gain ok now ww player tackles ckt receiver but wait there is more another ww player comes in late so who gets ejected after they get up from injury timeout.
  13. Lost Westwood oh wait flag on ckt lol
  14. Lol long punt return wait flag from nowhere lol
  15. Lol. You score and get a delay on the The refs are keeping it close 32-23.
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