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  1. If the past Is every year we go 3 or 4 rounds deep in the playoffs, I will take it.
  2. There has been a few move ins to Gilmer Especially back when we were winning The State Championships for sure. When you win Like PG, Carthage, Longview etc. that is gonna happen. I know i couldn't stand when people say oh Gilmer recruited and that is why they won. I do not blame those kids parents or the kids for wanting to go play at PG. It is what it is and can not wait until tomorrow night. Go Bucks!
  3. Dylan has been on Varsity since his Sophmore year and his brother is a Sophmore this year.
  4. Lol Well there are a bunch here in Gilmer. Good people..
  5. I Think They are cousins, but not totally sure.
  6. Fluellen didn't play either. There is the other CB. Getting old lol
  7. Guess I don't know who the 2 corners and 2 safties are. I know Jimmerson, Davion, and Jay were out. Thats a DE, CB, and a safety. Couldn't tell if anyone else was out or not.
  8. Gilmer 17-8 at halftime. Another Great Game by the Defense
  9. Well Gilmer will play I believe Sunnyvale next week in The Playoffs
  10. Gilmer wont go away..they will fight till the end
  11. I have for the first time this year at times have said things about coaching etc. But I do know this Coach Turner and the old staff still here do teach our Young Men the rite way or do their best to be Great Men. I for one should never bash anyone working w our kids even if I have a different opinion. We as a society get caught up in it's all about winning every year in and out when most know it's easier to get there than it is to stay there. Do we have the athletes we have had in the past this year No. Those kids fought their tails off last night win or lose. I'm not saying anything about any
  12. Yes sir know him well he was our neighbor in Gilmer for 4 years and Played on Travel Baseball Team. Great kid
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