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  1. Dragons in playoff mode? RW doesn't know what playoff mode is! 4 playoff games in the schools history and only winning one of them. Daingerfield on the other hand has been there, done that, and got the ring (6 to be exact) haha! Daingerfield knows what playoff mode is and they are definitely in it. The new coach has been implementing his system all year, building a team to make a run at a 4th straight title. The kids are buying into the system and are peaking at the right time. Only Daingerfield can beat Daingerfield in this year's playoffs!
  2. 10 after 5 is the only run rule for High School baseball.
  3. You can watch Randy's signing day interview on KLTV.com, go to the sports section and the video is on the right side of the screen.
  4. After 2 days, my chest is sore, my back is sore, my abs are sore, and my legs are sore! After today, I am pretty sure my arms will be sore. Ab Ripper X is crazy! I really liked the Plyo X workout last night. I am doing the diet with the program so I'm hoping the fat really starts to melt off in the next few weeks.
  5. Is anybody else doing P90X? I started last night and felt like I got a great workout in.
  7. Lonesome Dove Rudy Old Yeller The Blind Side 8 Seconds
  8. Dave, how can you say the ump was biased in the game? Were you there? Did you see the pitches of the first 8 strikeouts? Maybe the starting pitcher of the other team was hitting his spots with every pitch which gets an umpire in the habit of calling strikes which in turn gets more strikes called that would be balls if a pitcher is not hitting his spots.
  9. I know HS lost the series but not sure on scores
  10. If NB wins game 2, NB goes as 2nd and loser of game 2 goes as 3rd. If NB loses game 2, NB plays loser of game 1 for 3rd on Saturday. This is how it was stated in the Texarkana Gazette.
  11. How important is the coach/player relationship? Do you still remember/talk to any of your former coaches? Did those coaches help you get on the right path if you started drifting? Was there a coach that you absolutely couldn't stand or thought hated you? and did your performance suffer? You all get the point...I would like to know about your relationships with your coaches, what you were like before you met them, and how you turned out. I am writing an essay for my college english course and would like to use this forum as a source.
  12. I would really like to know more about you and your program before I give you any names of players to contact
  13. Who was the varsity catcher last year? Is he a senior this year? I saw him play this weekend in Deep East Texas League play and thought he was very good.
  14. I was referring to your post stating that Spring Hill's only loss came at the hands of Lindale. I was not questioning Spring Hill at #10. I believe they deserve to be there.
  15. If you play at the JUCO level, you are draft eligible after your freshman year. If you were drafted out of high school and do not sign but play JUCO ball, you can still sign with that team before the next year's draft. You can also be drafted after your 2nd year at a JUCO
  16. can we not talk about the 2002 mineola-daingerfield game...I still have trouble swallowing that one:sick:
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