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  1. The more I watched Chris Covington, the more I like him. I didn't know who he was; I didn't realize I was watching him when I watched Tegray Scales, who I thought would be a good choice late. The reason Scales gets to haul around making great plays unblocked is because Covington is right there in the middle, taking on the blocks and doing all the dirty work.
  2. I was going to rail about how much I didn't really like Mike White, and then realized I didn't watch Mike White, I watched Riley Ferguson. I like Mike White more than I like Riley Ferguson. He comes from an RPO offense and that's what Dallas wants to run.
  3. Dallas is going to use him as a NE-esque matchup player. RB/WR hybrid that makes base defense matchups possible. 1 year deal, only going to be about 3 million. The same role Dallas would have filled with Hines, or Dunbar.
  4. Schultz is OK. He does alot of the dirty work Dallas likes from their tight ends. He's alot like Swaim. He has an issue where he falls off alot of blocks. Probably a technique thing.
  5. For some reason I thought Armstrong got drafted in the 3rd. Good pick.
  6. Hines is gone. Looks like Ito Smith is gonna be the backup running back.
  7. Yeah, could be. Seems a waste to use a draft pick on him, I assume they'll take him as a UDFA.
  8. Those are just the guys I remember having official visits. Jewell got interviewed at Combine.
  9. Right now I think the targets are: Hines Elliott Kiser Smythe Flowers Watts Jewell Ito Smith With quarterbacks I don't know. I haven't looked at many of them, and I didn't see one that would fit the skill profile of, say, Cooper Rush. It's possible they are more inclined to look for a guy that matches Dak's skillset now. Logan Woodside was really the only guy I was interested in.
  10. I assume they'll grab guys who've had official visits, and that's what they've done so far. No trades, just going by their board. Just off the top of my head I would say their main targets are Deshon Elliott, Nyheim Hines, and Micah Kiser. I can't remember if they brought in a tight end - maybe one. If they wish to go all in on the Rico Gathers/ Blake Jarwin combo, then they need a sound blocking tight end late. Ozawale can also play the F tight end, so they maybe grab another FB instead, like Flowers. I think the tight end they brought in was Durham Smythe, so that may be the only tight end we see them drafting. I was high on Ragnow in the 2nd, and they still need a backup center to replace Joe Looney, who didn't play well last season. They may have looked at a guy like Quissenberry.
  11. Basically you're 3 for 3 considering you got the guard position right on the 2nd round. I guess we can expect to have Ito Smith and Deshon Elliott on the team soon.
  12. I think Taven Bryan is better. Better use of hands, better first step, gets off blocks, better motor. I'd honestly have Taven Bryan as the first round pick, especially if there's a trade down, if I thought Marinelli could convince the room.
  13. I don't have Austin Corbett in my top 100 - have you seen him going in the 2nd somewhere? If Dallas were taking a guard in the 2nd, I would pray to the heavens for it to be Frank Ragnow. All in all this wouldn't be a bad draft. I'm not sure any of these lower rated quarterbacks are worth drafting - all of them are Air Raid quarterbacks that don't offer much in improvement. If I were force to take one, I'd take Logan Woodside.
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