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  1. 4A Div 2 Semifinal Pleasant Grove vs Graham

    I think Graham is about as good as Gilmer offensively, but with slightly less speed and a LOT more discipline, not to mention a lot better defense. This will be an interesting match up. I think this will be the best team PG has faced in the playoffs, so be forewarned. Pleasant Grove will do what they do, and they will hard to stop regardless of who they are playing. They also have the defense that can disrupt the Steer offense. Graham will have to be a couple of ticks faster getting the ball off than what they are used to because of PG's front seven. It will be tough getting any kind of a consistent running game going against PG, so the passing game will have to quick and crisp for the Steers. I think this is a game that could go either way, but I'm leaning toward PG if they get off to a good start. Graham has defeated some really good teams this year, and some handily. So has PG. This game will say a lot about the region they each come from. This is where you find out whether one region is stronger than another. If ever there were a time to make a statement this is it.
  2. Salado will likely score a few points, but I don't think it will be enough. Add another game to WO-S streak. I think it ends next week, though.
  3. I ain't gonna say what I thought that meant at first... Hint: Dawg...mark my seat... I'd say good luck to the Dawgs, but y'all ain't gonna need it.
  4. Anybody can lay blame on any of the factors you came up with, but the fact of the matter is one team goes home while the other advances. It doesn't get any simpler than that. If Melissa wins, I'm pretty sure most of the posters on here will be back with their congratulations. I know I will be back. Excuses will made most of the time by the loser, but in the end does it matter?
  5. Melissa did beat a mistake-prone Gilmer team that didn't have a very good defense, though. I don't think PG will make those mistakes, and they have a MUCH better defense. It's all speculative anyway.
  6. Okay. What will happen tonight? Give a synopsis and score, please.
  7. See my edit. I saw Melissa play, and I think there's several teams that could give Melissa all they want and then some, but to pick one team? Nada.
  8. I'm just guessing...... Tatum? You remember..., the first 9-7 state champion in history?
  9. Wow! My Daddy was a DI in the Marine Corps, and he used to tell me the same thing. If I didn't get it done, I could expect DOUBLE the pain when I got home. While it may fit one of your players behavior, I still wouldn't count on it being him. There's too many others that would come on here and put bulletin board material on here purposefully for motivation. OT1 comes to mind.
  10. For all the trash talk on this thread, I will say that I think PG "should" win, but I also think Melissa "could" win. It all depends on who plays better tonight, and that's all that matters. Good luck to our D7 foes. You've defeated better teams this year than this one, in my opinion, but you have to pull together and get it done.
  11. I'm pretty sure that was his last post regardless. I would bet money he ain't a player. It brings to mind someone like OT1. Maybe somebody should check his IP address.
  12. I've had those, too. I just don't get that feeling on this one, although I know PG better play UP for this game. If they play down at all, Melissa will make them pay.
  13. New Diana vs #1 Gunter

    Good luck, Eagles. Go slay the giant. You earned the right to be here. Just do it.
  14. Why? I'm just curious. I've seen both play, and I think PG is just better IF they play like they're capable.