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  1. blackflag79

    Henderson 2018

    LOL! We try to "win" every outing just like everybody else. A scrimmage will always be just a scrimmage however. You don't "win" those. We don't really know what to expect this season. I do think we will be solid, though.
  2. blackflag79

    Henderson 2018

    Yeah, our schedule said it would be played in Henderson. It's just now been officially corrected.
  3. blackflag79

    Henderson 2018

    The Gilmer / Henderson scrimmage has been moved from Henderson to Gilmer because of the construction.
  4. blackflag79

    Instant Replay in TXHSFB

    Ask Argyle fans whether they would like to see instant replay, especially in the state games where the technology is available. If the technology is not available, no.
  5. blackflag79

    Hendo Stadium Renovation

    Haha..., definitely true for some. As long as it is legible I won't be the grammar and spelling police. You are definitely not the only one that struggles with the proper use of words and/or spelling. The English language is complicated, or so I am told. I just pointed out the words that were used wrong. I didn't even touch on the grammatical error. I didn't want to confuse anyone.
  6. blackflag79

    Hendo Stadium Renovation

    That would 7 mistakes, sir!
  7. blackflag79

    Best Rivalry Games

    Tell it, Sista!
  8. blackflag79

    Best Rivalry Games

    I remember a day when the Gilmer and Gladewater had a very heated rivalry. Those days have seemingly passed us by. It's still a natural rivalry with both schools being orange and black, being GHS, similar in size, and only about 13 miles apart. Daingerfield also used to be good rival to Gilmer. Those schools have gotten smaller while Gilmer has stayed about the same size. With that, and the fact that Gilmer has dominated both in recent years takes some of the heat away from the rivalries. A new rivalry that's starting is with Carthage. Both teams are contenders every year, similar in size, and always state ranked, so it's a natural rivalry. We just haven't been playing each other long enough, though.
  9. blackflag79

    2018 2A softball Thread...

    I think our girls at Union Hill will be very competitive this season. They are looking much improved offensively and defensively.
  10. blackflag79

    Pre District Football Schedule

    They've been reloading the last few years, but they will lose some big time players after this season. It'll be hard to replace that kind of D1 talent, so a little bit of a drop off would be in order. How big that drop off is nobody knows for sure. They can probably beat Gilmer, but I wouldn't bet on them beating WO-S.
  11. blackflag79

    Pre District Football Schedule

    Wow! So they finally got 'er done, huh? A lot of blaming going on between those two for the past several realignments as to why wouldn't schedule each other. That's a good test for both teams next year, in my opinion. The year after? Probably not so much.
  12. blackflag79

    15-4A Boys + Girls Hoop Standings/Results

    Chapel Hill and Spring Hill will likely flip a coin for 1st and 2nd. Gilmer is the third place team.
  13. blackflag79

    Winners and Losers of Realignment

    Yep! It doesn't take a genius to figure it out.
  14. blackflag79

    Pre District Football Schedule

    Ya think? What do the Rabbits bring back this year? Anything is possible until we figure out what good defense is.
  15. blackflag79

    Winners and Losers of Realignment

    It'll be different for sure, but I think he'll do just fine. He's very coachable from what I understand. He just needs a good O-line. It would take a lot of pressure off of him if we played good defense.