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  1. blackflag79

    Pleasant Grove vs Gilmer

    Yes, talent level is down "some" compared to most years, but I've seen the Buckeyes play better with less talent than what they have now. Experience at the varsity level is more of a problem than lack of talent. The lack of discipline is on the coaches. I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet, but that lack of experience is not as valid an excuse this late in the season. In the past, the Buckeyes continued to get better as the season progressed. Not so this season....yet.
  2. blackflag79

    Pleasant Grove vs Gilmer

    It's not Tea, it's Tra.null Yes, the injury bug has hit us hard this season. That doesn't excuse the fact that we haven't executed consistently in any facet of the game. The talent level is not down that much. It's the execution. If we could clean up our game we can play with anybody, in my opinion. We haven't shown that ability yet. Hopefully, we can at least show up against a good PG team Friday.
  3. blackflag79

    Pleasant Grove vs Gilmer

    I'm seeing the same thing you're seeing. The effort doesn't seem to be there in some games. They came out flat, and the team isn't good enough to do that this season and expect to win. "If" Gilmer would've played like they did against Bullard, SH wouldn't have even had a snowball's chance in hades, but..., I digress. Win or lose, I want the BEST out of our kids. We just haven't been getting that consistently, in my opinion. That falls on the coaching staff. Both QBs threw several beautiful deep balls against Bullard, and for the life of me, I can't figure out why they couldn't do the same against other opponents. It's not like they weren't open most of the time.
  4. blackflag79

    Pleasant Grove vs Gilmer

    There some big "ifs" in this one. "If" the Buckeyes come out with fire in their bellies, this will be a good game and they have a puncher's chance. "If" not, PG will run away with it. I'm hoping for the former. I certainly think they're capable. Playing well defensively and on special teams are big "ifs", too. Our defensive coordinator needs to do his homework in this one and have our guys in position. We'll see.
  5. blackflag79

    Celina @ Paris

    Celina's run defense will certainly be tested in this one. The Bobcats have the right defensive scheme for a team like Paris, but if the Wildcats can get their athletes out in space it'll be see ya. Something tells me that both teams will have struggles on offense, but I have Paris in a close one, probably low-scoring. Paris 24 Celina 22
  6. blackflag79

    Favorite playoff venue

    Jerry's World because that means you made it to the finals. East Texas stadiums - TMF Rose Stadium (even better with the remodel); Lobo Stadium (don't really like the layout of the bathrooms and concessions on the visitor's side, but a great place to watch a game); Pine Tree Stadium - nice and modern, but sometimes not big enough; Bryce Stadium in Nac - just a long drive for us, but it's probably the best one in East Texas overall. Dallas area - Mesquite Memorial - although too big at times; E.H. Hanby; Vernon Newsome; Ford Center at the Star (never been there, but would like to)
  7. blackflag79

    Bullard vs. Gilmer

    Agreed, Casual! At least this week they'll be playing a team that is not expecting a state championship. There's just so many things about this team that has to be fixed. Maybe Friday will be a good start.
  8. Okay..., okay! Last year was last year, and not everybody will ever agree as to what "would've" happened. I think a game between these two teams last season would've been one for the ages. Oh, well. Both earned their trophy, and nobody can take that away. This season, Carthage will win..., and win handily, in my opinion. Maybe not a complete blowout, but a comfortable win nonetheless. Carthage seems to be playing on a different level than other 4A teams in East Texas right now.
  9. blackflag79

    Newton vs Gilmer

    Unfortunately, this appears to be correct, and it'll probably take some wholesale changes to get our mojo back. I hate to see politics getting in the way of our students' success on the football field. It's unfair to our student athletes, in my opinion.
  10. blackflag79

    Newton vs Gilmer

    I don't think it's the money. I think it's the backing from the school board and fan base.
  11. blackflag79

    Newton vs Gilmer

    Ouch! We will be back. When is up to our school board, coaches, and kids.
  12. blackflag79

    Newton vs Gilmer

    Yes, and Gilmer got inside their 20 briefly on the first drive of the second half of their game. The fumble inside the 10 came against Sweeny in the finals, if memory serves.
  13. blackflag79

    Newton vs Gilmer

    And you would be right. The safety was against the punting team in the opener against Kilgore. The TD given up was against Carthage in the 3rd game. A 14-0 victory over Gilmer was sandwiched in between those two games. Not another team even sniffed the endzone the rest of the season, except once when the Tigers fumbled inside their own 10 (?). Even then the defense gave up nothing. I think that team tried a field goal on 4th down, only to be blocked. It would've been a big deal just to have scored.
  14. blackflag79

    Newton vs Gilmer

    "Gilmer would normally win......" - Up until the last 3 years? Likely. "Carthage is the best and superior to all other programs...................." They are the best program in 4A, if not the best in all classifications, proven by 6 state championships in the last decade under Scott Surratt. "83 Daingerfield Is best team ever..." You'd have to have seen them to understand. 631 points scored (in that era) and giving up only 8 points through 16 games, 14 out of 16 games were shutouts including 13 in a row to finish the season, opponents averaging less than a foot per offensive play? Yes? I'm of the opinion that if that defense would've known that they would set records for shutouts, they would've shut out the other two opponents. They would've found a way. They were that good. None of this has anything to do with Newton, and the Eagles will likely put a whooping on a "down" Gilmer team. It is what it is, and unless we regain the fire in our belly, we're likely to see a couple more in district. I just hope we can give y'all a decent game. Nothing would make me happier than to see our team play much better after being embarrassed last week.
  15. blackflag79

    Newton vs Gilmer

    If we were clicking on all cylinders we would be one tough out. We haven't been even remotely similar to teams in the past thus far. It's not like we don't have the horses to play with Newton. We just don't have the fire right now. We will be back to our old form...., sooner or later....