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  1. Smoaky: Thanks for the letter. Your opinion about rumors etc is right on. I am a school board member and there is a lot of information on here about decisions that boards and supt. have to make and people don't understand the awesome responsiblity we have as boards. They don't understand legal aspects of dismissal etc. Thanks for your time. CNN
  2. Panthers will lose big time as this is the year of MP. North Lamar is in turmoil.
  3. cnn


    Trenton played bad. They beat Roxton JV and were beaten by lowly Leoanrd.
  4. Bonham got the #### beat out of them by Durant,oklahoma and Whitewright (AA). They will be lucky to win a game. CNN
  5. cnn


    Dodd City is over rated but Trenton will be there and I will give you an update. I officiate volleyball.
  6. Whitey Ford, Sandy Koufax, Jim Bibby, Fergie Jenkins, Danny Darwin, Hoyt Whilhelm and his brother Phil.
  7. 8-12 usually you starting six and a backup setter and hitter and a couple of situation players, good server, digger, etc.
  8. cnn


    Roxton is having their tourney next weekend.
  9. The Bonham Purple Warriors had around 100.
  10. Showed it to all my American History classes after the TAKS in May. Got written up for showing it. Great movie and great response from students. If it helped one student, it is worth getting written up for.
  11. It just seems to me that the Horns are just like the Sooners. The only different between the two schools is that the Horns take money under the table for players and the Sooners get caught and do it above the table.
  12. Mack doesn't care if they drink or not. All he cares about is they don't get caught.
  13. I did my job and made some teachers mad at the high school and lost my board job after twelve years
  14. Dallas Cowboys greatest cowboy of all time is Roger the Dodger Staubach in my opinion. What do all of you think?
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