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  1. Hawkins JV is looking for a group to play. Contact: Jeremy Whitten 903-283-0812 [email protected]
  2. The Hawkins JV team (small 2A) needs a game. We already have officials. Contact: Jeremy Whitten 903-283-0812 [email protected]
  3. Hawkins has a position open for a math, science, or english teacher. Applicant will be expected to perform coaching duties. Contact: Hawkins High School 903-769-0571 -or- Marty Moore Athletic Director Field House: 903-769-0590 Cell: 903-801-0019 [email protected]
  4. Looking for a meet to take some boys to on the weekend of the 4th or 18th of February. I know White Oak, Quitman, Rains, Overton, and Wolfe City are throwing some. Van as well.
  5. The jackets gonna roll in 2010. Especially with assistant coach Bill Johnson working in the background.
  6. Anyone need a jr high game this week?
  7. Do any of you need a jv/freshman game this week?
  8. Offseason has been going good at EF. I have a question for you other coaches out there. When I was in school and we maxed out, we warmed up and then began stacking weight on doing 1 rep of the weight to see what we could get to. The other program I have seen many coaches use is a rep system. They have a chart that shows what an athlete's max would be after so many reps of a lighter weight. I prefer the old system. The athlete actually HAS to get the weight before it is recorded, like a powerlifting meet. Also I have seen kids who couldn't benchpress a legitimate 225 lbs. rep out at 265 lb
  9. You guys should lay off Coach Hardy. He is a great coach (I played under him for 2 years). One thing he adds to the programs he coaches is a sense of discipline. I remember he used to make us walk single file around the bases before a game holding each other's shoulders just to help us get a feel for the dirt. He even took showers with us. How many coaches do you see anymore that will do that? You can't coach that people. That's something only a baseball player could understand. I don't even know who the coach at Quitman was before Hardy got there. Probably because Quitman didn't start wi
  10. Quitman has no shortage of runningbacks. Bringing down 21 is going to be tough. He is a hard runner and won't quit until he's in the dirt, usually after gaining 5-10 yards per carry. Lance Evans and the freshman Devonte Mcneal also add some speed to the package. If their line can open up even the smallest of holes, those three should carry the day. Quitman blows GS away 40 - 14. Good luck to the dogs in the playoffs.
  11. I heard Phelps over at GS is busting heads. They are playoff bound from what I hear.
  12. You guys gonna be bundled up together in a tent? Head to toe? :)
  13. There are some good clinics out there coaches can go to if they don't want to go to CS. I would shoot myself if I had to go on a camping trip with some people I know. If you want to go on a retreat and talk football there are nice resorts out there.
  14. What are some good songs for a friday night pregame cd? classics and modern
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