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  1. What was Gilmer's JV record last year under Spears? I watched him in the playoffs and he seemed to do Ok, but that was against Mineola and Pittsburg. He also seems a littler shorter than typical Gilmer QB.
  2. He's referring to the Salado vs Lorena score. Carter threw for 615 yards and 8 tds but they still lost 75-67.
  3. Gladewater will probably be top 25, but they struggled or lost against quality teams last year. Preseason polls are more or less based on previous success. #10 Celina is a great example. They return some playmakers, but not as many as Gladewater, but are ranked 10. It's hard to crack the top 10 on most polls, especially if you haven't had much success lately.
  4. It will be interesting to see who gets the starting job. McLane seems to have the potential, his best game was against Lorena where he was 35 of 56 for 615 yards and 8 tds.
  5. I have a question for Gladewater supporters. How is Daylon Mack in the classroom? With his latest offer being from Stanford, will he have the grades needed to get into Texas A&M and remain there? I'm hoping this young man makes it because he certainly has the tools to be successful on the field, but most Stanford lineman are engineer majors with 4.0 GPA or higher. I've seen too many kids go to big time schools only to dro back down to smaller schools because of grades.
  6. This is the DCTF early rankings. They might change over the Summer. Gilmer should be the #1 Div 2 team with the playmakers they gave coming back. Offensively they will be a beast as always. Defense again will be the question IMO though. Have holes to fill on DL and secondary.
  7. Not sure about 9th grade, but Gilmer 's JV won 60-0.
  8. 5A 1. Allen (16) 8-0 2. Desoto (6) 8-0 3. Katy (1) 8-0 4. Galena Park 8-0 5. Houston Lamar 7-0 6. Smithson Valley 8-0 7. Cibolo Steele 7-1 8. Southlake Carroll 7-1 9. Pflugerville 9-0 10. Pearland 8-0 4A 1. Aledo (19) 8-0 2. SA Northside (2) 9-0 3. Whitehouse (1) 8-0 4. Texas City 8-0 5. Humble Summer Creek 8-0 6. Elgin 8-0 7. Denton Guyer (1) 6-2 8. Cedar Park 7-1 9. CC Calallen 7-0 10. Wolfforth Frenship 8-0 3A 1. Gilmer (18) 8-0 2. Argyle (3) 8-0 3. Kilgore (1) 7-0 4. Graham (1) 8-0 5. Stephenville 7-1 6. Fairfield 9-0 7. Carthage 8-1 8. Celina 9-0 9. Port Isabel 9-0 10. Navasota 7-1 2A 1. East Bernard (17) 7-0 2. Newton (5) 8-0 3. Wall (1) 8-0 4. Tatum 8-0 5. Cisco 8-0 6. Halletsville 8-0 7. Franklin 8-0 8. Cameron Yoe 7-1 9. Refugio 7-1 10. Hughes Springs 8-0 1A 1. Wellington (15) 7-0 2. Stratford (3) 8-0 3. Tenaha (3) 6-1 4. Falls City (2) 8-0 5. Mason 6-1 6. Anson 8-0 7. Pineland W Sabine 7-0 8. Stamford 8-1 9. Albany 8-0 10. Muenster 8-0
  9. Didn't Gilmer rush for 441 yards and 7 td's on Chapel Hill? I don't think 300+ yards for a primarily rushing team like Kilgore is out of the question.
  10. Buckeyebob, what I was referring to was your bullying comment. You say you said it because "of what is going on today". Well, that is precisely why you shouldn't have said it. If you want to classify yourself as a bully, by all means please do. However, you said WE, as in Buckeyes. I know for a fact, MOST buckeyes are not bullies, and I don't think that term should be used on a sports forum to describe a team or fan base, JMO. Now, I am a huge Buckeye fan, me and the misses both graduated from Gilmer and we go to as many games as we can, including playoffs. However, our girls go to Spring Hill and we will support them no matter what. We will be sitting on the Spring Hill home side. I usually have a blue shirt, but when we play Gilmer, I wear black as to support BOTH. This forum that we have been blessed with is for discussion and yes, a little slap talk for fans, so I'm not saying what you can or cannot say, just don't think bully is a good way to describe Gilmer. Now, I think we all know how tonight's game will turn out. I saw Jeff talking to the SH School Board President after last night's game, hopefully saying he will take it easy tonight, LOL. Hope everyone has safe travels, and tonight's game will be injury free.
  11. I think that was totally uncalled for. I'm a proud Buckeye and don't appreciate the term "WE" are bullies. Spring Hill will not roll over, they will play hard until the final horn sounds. There will be no running up the score. I believe Gilmer will win going away, but lot's of players get playing time in the fourth quarter Friday. Check yourself, you do not speak for EVERY Buckeye fan.
  12. I don't think anyone took that the wrong way, and I think every Buckeye fan would be shocked if Gilmer ran up the score to 91. Spring Hill doesn't have a bad team, just seems they are out matched. I've noticed not that many players on the side line as well, so it's hard to compete with these schools in 16AAA that have more players to sub in. Those boys are tired, but they won't quit, so got to give props to them for not giving up. Who knows, it may take Gilmer a quarter or so to get it going after not playing for 13 days. I will say this again though, SH secondary will have their hands full with the Gilmer receivers. They didn't defend Henderson very well and Gilmer is a whole other animal! There will be some quick scores. Panthers will have to put pressure on Barr, which I feel they can, but he can sling it on those slants pretty quick and once in the open field, they won't be caught. My keys to the game: For Gilmer to win: 1. Play Buckeye football 2. Limit turnovers 3. Control line of scrimmage For Spring Hill to win: 1. Control line of scrimmage 2. Pressure the QB 3. NO turnovers 4. Avoid the big play on defense 5. Score, Score and Score
  13. I've seen both play quite a few times, and this be ugly. Spring Hill will defiantly give it everything they have, especially since it is their last home game and is senior night, but they just will be overwhelmed. Gilmer will be the fastest team they have faced, and the best offensive team they faced so far. The Panthers secondary will defiantly have their hands full, as they had trouble with Henderson's receivers. With the pace Gilmer likes to run and SH not having that many players, fatigue will be a factor. This game (no offense to the Panthers) should be over pretty quick. Josh Walker said they will have 2 weeks off and then will be coming out to PLAY Friday, which is BAD news for the Panther offense. The Buckeye's are comin, and they are bringing Hell with them! Sorry Spring Hill..... Gilmer 67 Spring Hill 7
  14. Kilgore wins....by a LOT. Gilmer by 21, maybe more. Kilgore is good, don't get me wrong, hope they win a title, but Gilmer will be too much.
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