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  1. Willis is getting into a pretty good situation with 2 good classes coming up. Some good talent. Those 2-3 years could get the program lifted up enough to gain middle school kids interest. A new school coming, and Mabey some kids will be encouraged to stay in S Tyler, instead of the private schools. A lot of positive things coming. I like the hire. Hope he stays a while.
  2. Yep. Nailed it. Defense determines what you can do on offense. Leeโ€™s best teams over a decade have been with a great O line and good running game, with some good backs. But again, you can play like that if you have D. If not your always playing catch-up. Or no chance to get out of a uh O game.
  3. Whatever Willis does, please put some fundamentals back into Defense. Lee generally has enough talent to hang around for or a little while, but just cant hang on for long once adjustments are made. Lee has been killed by being out of position or just didnt know how to pick up a scheme.
  4. Leeโ€™s Non District schedule Prosper, Lufkin, JT, Longview, Allen. Willis said he wants to play the best to prepare for district. I believe that should do it right there. OMG.
  5. Definitely a coach with good credentials. Traylor left things on the up and up. A couple good classes coming up to get out of the gate. Glad Lee found a proven HC. Interesting to see what staff he puts together.
  6. I told a group I had over for the game ; that there is a thing called destiny that is attaching itself to this team. There is no way the football Gods is going to let John King cap off his career without a State Championship. Somehow, someway they will win. The greatest part of all of it was his son was the trigger man to get it done. Itโ€™s like all theses years of knocking in the door, weโ€™re waiting on this moment in time.
  7. Iโ€™m just glad we won it when we got there cause our odds of ever getting back are nill. Pulling for Longview and East Texas The grind King has put in over 15 years and the deep runs LV has made. The community support, fans across the country all wanting to see this happen. How cool would it be to see HK hand his daddy that trophy Although hes been a big part of that , itโ€™s been all players, trainers, coaches coming to work every day since August that has them here. This is Longviews time Put that Trophy in the front dash of the bus and bring it back to Longview where it belongs
  8. Congrats Lobos. Go play your best game now , lay it all on the line for the seniors and community. You got this. Bos 35-31
  9. This type of offense requires everyone to stay at home and play their techniques.. Especially the LB and tackles. Longview has the speed and talent to man on man this option. It may take a minute but by the 3rd Qtr. they will have this figured out. Good Luck Bos
  10. You are who you are by the 3 rd round. Play Longview ball and it will be good enough in this one. Good luck Lobos.
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