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  1. Really need to win this series. A sweep would be phenominal, although at the this point, highly unlikely.
  2. Our beloved Texas Rangers are starting to look all to familiar. Is it to early to say that last season was just a fluke? I know that some players who were there last year are no longer with the team, and they are pretty injury plagued right now, but seriously...this doesn't look good. Theres alot of baseball left, so i'm not exactly pushing the panic button yet, but I want push the playoff bound button yet either. I really hope that once they get some of the guys off the DL that they will get it together and start winning again.
  3. Go Rangers, beat the snot out of those Angels and send em back to Cali winless in Texas!
  4. Listening to Rhadigan is about as entertaining as watching paint dry.
  5. Well I was over there fighting the good fight for a while, came back in Februrary. Went home on leave for 30 days and enjoyed life. Now im back at work in North Carolina! You may think your boss is a jerk, but mine doesn't want to pay me, and still expects me to come to work! psssh yeah right. I don't work for free buddy! This shutdown will screw up alot of things in the military community because all the government civilians will be no where to be found and we rely pretty heavy on them on a daily basis!
  6. Uh please don't shut it down. I like my pay check. Ok thanks.
  7. I haven't been on here in a long time, and this shocked me! I kind of like it because its more modern, but I agree...to much pink! But i'm guessing that if we want the red, the pink is gonna come with it. Oh well. It will take some gettin used to.
  8. RIP! I love Louisiana Saturday Night! Its so catchy,
  9. United States Navy Hospital Corpsman for the United States Marine Corps 2005-Present September 2006-April 2007 - Operation Iraqi Freedom, 3rd Battalion, 14th Marines. Task Force MP September 2008-April 2009- Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines. Infantry Currently deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan. 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines. Infantry (Should be home by Super Sunday!!) "Corpsmen - Long haired, loud mouthed, belligerent SOBs that would walk through the gates of Hell to save a wounded Marine."
  10. TAKS tests should be elimininated. Teachers are under so much pressure to cover all thats listed on the TAKS requirements that alot of stuff just gets breezed through. When I was in school, everything had to be taught straight from the TAKS book and it was on a timeline. If there were certain things that we stuggled with it was too bad, we had to keep going, too much other things to cover. If it wasn't on the TAKS, they didn't care about it.
  11. I would love to be a trainer for the Rangers or the Cowboys, but I really just want to get a job at my old high school. As much as I would love going to UT, I'll probably just end up at community college in Texarkana.
  12. Its ok. Aggies are people too. haha. I'm looking at being a trainer for high school athletics. I'm a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy, so I already know quite a bit about the medical field and I figured that its probably a good idea to stay in the field. Since I love sports, I thought it would be fun to be the medical guy for a sports team.
  13. I'm getting out of the Navy, after 6 years, this summer, and I'm considering applying to The University of Texas at Austin to further my education. I'm just not sure what all the application process intails and what I need to do. I'm thinking of pursuing a degree in Athletic Training, then again I'm still very undecided. I have always been a big fan of the Longhorns and I figure if the government is going to pay for my college, why not try to go to my dream school? Any advice, information, or insight about UT from someone who went there, or just knows a great deal about it would be very helpfu
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