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  1. Arkansas just suspended school sports until March 30 and will evaluate at that point.
  2. Arkansas just suspended school sports until March 30 and will evaluate at that point.
  3. Whats your prediction on the UIL for Softball and Baseball? Are they next???
  4. How long will it be before the UIL follows the lead of the NBA and suspends the season?
  5. If PG plays like they did in the second half against Sunnyvale then I think Gilmer has a chance. If they play their usual brand of PG ball then I think they win by at least two scores. I'm seeing a 42-21 game in favor of PG.
  6. The helmets look sweet but I have a question. When did the UIL start allowing a tinted visor? I thought it had to be clear.
  7. Let them win one and they will tune up like a bunch of blue birds.
  8. I'm hearing that NB has changed QB's and went with a more dual threat kid. Anyone have any info on this?
  9. Darkstar11 it makes a huge difference in small school ball. Its ironman football where a good player plays just about every down..
  10. I never understood why PG built such a nice stadium only to have a small seating amount.
  11. Has the LK running back with the wrist injury came back yet?
  12. Great in the open field but I'm curious to see how he handles contact. Last year he didn't care for it much from what I saw. He won't see it in his district but come playoff time he will. There is something about that D1 contact that make a lot of studs shut it down.
  13. This will be an ongoing issue for MV if Coach Briles is successful. With the contacts he has at the next level families from all over the area with talented kids will be moving there. I can't say I would blame them either.
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