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  1. I'm pretty sure Coach Wendell at Midlothian runs it.
  2. What happened to Coach Taylor? Wasn't this his first year there after coming from Scurry.
  3. If Winny can hold on to the ball for long drives then I say MV by 2 Td's. If MV can get stops and make winny go 3 and out then I say MV by 4 TD's or more.. When you are snapping the ball every 10-12 seconds on offense the opposing defense is getting run of the field. That's what MV does..
  4. Grand Saline allowed around 240 total yards out of 39 offensive plays. 212 of those came on 4 plays and at least 100 of those came against the backups..
  5. Tuner will do a great job there. Enthusiastic and hard working young man that will do things the right way. Congrats Coach Turner.
  6. Saw the Harleton boys play basketball this year. Didn't look like there was a whole lot of athletic talent. Are there some boys that play football that don't play on the hardwood?
  7. The bottom line is Newton has scored an average of 69 points in their 4 playoff games while only giving up 7.8. They also played has tough has a preseason schedule that you could ask for. Heck Silsbee is in the 4A div 2 State Semi's. West Orange-Stark went 2 rounds, Gilmer - 2 rounds. ( All 4A div 2 teams). And and the second place team out of their district , Corrigan-Camden went 3 rounds deep. They put up 79 points on Dangerfield in the quarter final game. 79 points in basically 3 quarters, since they started kicking field goals on 1st down. That is unheard of. No disrespect to Ea
  8. Man I missed my prediction of 63-14. Can someone post the scores of Newton's playoff games. Who has played them the closest?
  9. Lol. That was a pic of my personal dog. And I wasn't trying to disrespect DF. Guy asked for an honest prediction. I coach here in East Texas and coached against Newton. I have only seen DF on film but I'll stick by my prediction. But KrookedWolfe, you are right on, It's just a game. I hope all the boys play to the best of their God given abilities and that all players are injury free after the game. Good Luck to all.
  10. Have seen Newton up close and personnel. Picked them to beat Troup. I'm going with 63- 14. People don't understand how good Newtons defense is.
  11. After seeing both play and looking at the stats from Max preps, I say that Newton keeps close to their average of scoring at about 57 a game and giving up 7.5. So I'll say 60-7 because Troup will throw the ball and stop the clock. http://www.maxpreps.com/division/tx/jFOBl6Rfck6GFrIfgXd3Zw/football-fall-18/standings-division-3a-2.htm
  12. Yes he was a good one. Hate to hear that. Didn't BS get a move in from Winona?
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