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  1. Lindale vs Argyle https://lonestargridiron.com/2020/12/argyle-lindale-2020-4a-di-preview-and-game-simulation/
  2. Gilmer vs Carthage https://lonestargridiron.com/2020/12/carthage-gilmer-2020-4a-dii-preview-and-game-simulation/
  3. Sorry late with this one https://lonestargridiron.com/2020/12/hallettsville-jim-ned-2020-3a-di-preview-and-game-simulation/
  4. I will post each show as they go up on site here is first one Franklin vs Canadian https://lonestargridiron.com/2020/12/franklin-canadian-2020-3a-dii-preview-and-game-simulation/
  5. BTW You can hear Coach X and know he is a real dude with our 3A and 4A state Preview shows for each game. He will be on with me to break down the teams and the games
  6. Ole Last Place X will never shut up about it if Lindale wins
  7. That is not a new thing. The knock on many East Texas and Deep East Texas teams has always been hit them in the mouth and they tend to stop trying. I have heard that for as long as I have been watching the game and once I started broadcasting and talking with coaches outside East Texas that has been a common comment, man they are fast and athletic but hit them in the mouth and they will fold.
  8. That is how I look at it as well...I love all TXHSFB but 4A-2A is the heart of it for me.
  9. Miller is a different beast as far as what they do offensively. They scored over 50 ten times this season..Over 60 nine times, over 70 five times and over 80 once. They spread the field and Body the QB has multiple options or he could run. They forced D to be spread thin and any missed tackle meant big yards. They also had a run game outside of him. Point is they could cut you 8 different ways a play. LBJ is a damn good D. They will be able to use their two D1 corners and man up on Lindale and use the rest of their D to work on controlling the run game. Lindale cannot be sloppy and it will
  10. From Coach X Timpson vs ShinerThis is a tough pick. Is this the year region 3 finally beats region 4 in 2a? Been awhile and timpson is really talented and athletic this year but them Shiner boys are tough. Probably because they drink that dark fermented water from the Spoetzl natural springs that runs through Shiner. Everybody always says what's in the water down there. Well I am telling you malted hops and yeast and it's all mixed together by a man named Al. Alfred Cohall great man has inspired some of the smartest men to do really dumb things. Shiner I have always said you should also chang
  11. Been a no drink playoffs for us. No BS LOL. Grant does inhale about 44oz of coffee as we record...No joke, he has to brew the coffee at the racetrac and uses the 44oz soft drink cups
  12. We will for sure have it as a shirt but it will be summer before we can lol
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