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  1. Pre game at 2:30 https://lonestargridiron.com/2019/12/live-coverage-from-att-stadium/
  2. Post Game starts NOW! https://lonestargridiron.com/2019/12/live-coverage-from-att-stadium/
  3. http://mixlr.com/lsgridiron/ Pre Game show Aledo vs Ft Bend on now!
  4. 5 mins after game ends the post game show! https://lonestargridiron.com/2019/12/live-coverage-from-att-stadium/
  5. We will be on about 10 mins after game ends for Post Game http://mixlr.com/lsgridiron/
  6. Pre game for PG about to start..streaming now show starts in 5min http://mixlr.com/lsgridiron/
  7. We will be back 10 minutes or so after game ends for post game and we answered your Q Eagleborn
  8. Live pre game from the Stadium starts at 10:30 AM http://mixlr.com/lsgridiron/
  9. Pre game for Carthage vs La Vega 10:30 http://mixlr.com/lsgridiron/
  10. We will be on 10 mins after the PP v Gunter game ends for the Post game thoughts http://mixlr.com/lsgridiron/
  11. We will be back on at 6:35 to Pre Game have one Q..want some more http://mixlr.com/lsgridiron/
  12. leave a Question and the guys will answer it during pre or post game shows http://mixlr.com/lsgridiron/
  13. Pre game for Grandview vs Potts starts at 2:35 tune in https://lonestargridiron.com/2019/12/live-coverage-from-att-stadium/ We will have pre and post game for every game!
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