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  1. For some reason inner-city schools avoid doing the hard work, doing the right thing and anything else they deem is systemic racism
  2. Band blows! They provide the least and demand the most with a cry of how noble band camp is. Lol
  3. People spend a lot of money on their kids sports so I don’t think cost will be that big of a prohibition
  4. Noticed that myself. Shows how depraved their worldview is and they can not defend it
  5. A Chomsky writing pro Marxist history and is against freedoms that the US and free-markets is the Noam.
  6. I don’t wear a mask because my 30 year old neighbor who is self employed needs to work, and these mandates hurt his income and his family. Your 81 year old mother could die in a car wreck but you have not given up the freedom of driving your car. Your 81 year old mother could fall and hurt herself but we have no government mandates to make all people use a walker. I could really care less what socialist think is Christ like.
  7. Pepelapoo ,not wanting to wear a Marxist Burka is very much an American ideal
  8. Deadly in rare cases means give up individual freedoms. That ain’t right at all. If one wants to mask up, cool, but to mandate, force and to fine people who don’t is very much Bolshevik. I agree that thinking wearing a mask on your head, even over the mouth part of your head, provides nothing more than a placebo
  9. Why do some people want others to wear mask? Lots of reason. fear, self-righteousness, legalism, pandering for approval are all reasons why people submit to the yoke of mask wearing. But we are free men why would we submit to a slavery of mask wearing tyranny? So we must stand firm and not submit to the tyranny that we have been giving through the shedding of blood of Freedom lovers. Remember that those who want to make a good showing in the flesh ( self-Righteouse, cowards, legalist, those seeking affirmation) are the ones who compel others to mask up. I try to base my beliefs on truth, not feelings or wants, so I search the scripture for answers and have found ultimate freedom in Christ and base my post on Galatians 5:1 and Galatians 6:12. Christ has liberated us into freedom. Therefore stand firm and don’t submit to the yoke of slavery...those who want to make a good showing in the flesh are the ones who could compel you to be circumcised, so not to be persecuted for the cross of Christ. Sin restricts, holds us in bondage to the slavery of its tyranny and only through the shed blood of Christ can we have true freedom
  10. One day it may happen. In order to vote for the anti-Christ Check box 1 for the ac or check box 2 for the ac and to not vote will be treasonous
  11. Sad, still no reason to throw our freedoms out with the bath water
  12. Are is it more like Antofagasta backed down when others stood up to their bullying
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