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  1. You can always trust a communist to be a communist.
  2. It is as if God Himself gave us His word on what will happen. Because He did.
  3. Lot's of information about what China and Russia are doing. Did anybody else know that China is setting up bases in Central America? http://www.worldviewweekend.com/tv/video/chinas-war-plans-include-biological-weapons-psychological-impact?fbclid=IwAR2WFszBDYjXilZm_8LVCevMolqXvpDLTBTasxnLjjzolm5OkexNyQsdCio
  4. Have you gone outside and been a law breaker?
  5. my thoughts on the chinese flu numbers
  6. sports talk shows made my drive miserable way before this chinese flu
  7. Maybe ESPN will brankrupt itself
  8. Dracoes, turned Cumby from bad, bad, bad, to a solid program. Where is he headed?
  9. That coach, from that one place, who if the "R" word was ever used would have you banned from nothing at all, because who would not want a fine Upsher County Education? that coach who never recruited, in high-school, but by pure luck was named Big XII recruiter of the year, that guy is not at ,nor was he ever at Gilmer anyways.
  10. I am sure that will be a cluster!
  11. I like how you said thier family name does not hold up anywhere else
  12. Always exceptions to the rules i have worked with some stacks of wood that burn easy though
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