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  1. Proverbs 1:22 “How long will you gullible people love being so gullible? How long will you mockers find joy in your mocking? How long will you fools hate knowledge?” Barry believes everything the God haters tell him to believe, he mocks what is true and good and hates it when people instruct him in knowledge.
  2. no watchy kneelers Dr Pepper or Dr Peppper with pure sugar
  3. https://www.oann.com/colo-churches-win-lawsuit-against-covid-19-restrictions/ Protecting ourselves from our own Government is now a full time job ' Our Government officials are ruining all of our lives ! They are now a mentally ill cult. They want to kill all of us if we don't obey them to keep us safe.
  4. So is commerce having people die? Are the undertakers going door to door to carry out the dead? They have canceled more games then played this year, it seems. Mask Nazi's and the Quarantine KGB are ruining our lives.
  5. New Biden Videos LEAKED Triggering Democrat And Media PANIC, Fake News DESPERATELY Defends Joe Biden. The media cover up may be the bigger scandal and will go down in history for its brazen and overt actions. Democrats are clearly freaking out over the Hunter Biden Joe Biden laptop scandal. More videos are emerging confirming the authenticity of the information. Yet media outlets are doing everything in their power to hide the story or claim its a lie. Trump and Republicans now face an unprecedented challenge of defeating not just Democrats and joe Biden but every major media outlet that is no
  6. LIKE HOW THE SUN CAME UP AFTER ALL THE OTHER COMMUNIST REVOLUTIONS? You are right the sun will come up, but liberty will be in the dark
  7. Biden equals communism and corruption on a global scale. Trump Wins, a civil war
  8. to be intellectually honest how Hillary lied about Benganzi, to hide that she let US citizens die, is a policy issue.
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