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  1. Priariland be wanting to air up them basketballs after this game.
  2. I am telling you that it’s they/ all the teams you mentioned that don’t want to play TH
  3. They don’t want to play TH if my reading skills are still at a 8th grade reading level
  4. When them Newton boys put a whooping on HP that money can’t stop, it would be funny.
  5. The anomaly was that Kemp got to the penthouse, the outhouse is what they know.
  6. They ain’t Quitman bad, we agree on, they still bad though. 4th place at the best and that ain’t what we call good in my kneck of the Woods.
  7. The only circus is Barnum and Bailey everything else is rumors and
  8. Gilmers glory days are behind them ! after that one coach ,who had a lot of kids move in to Upsher County for academic reasons ,left and became the Big XII recruiter of the year.
  9. I know what good is and Grand Saline ain’t it!!!!
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