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  1. Like the QB who ran the team when he won state at Mini-yo-yo. That QB was a POS
  2. There is a huge difference and both are wrong
  3. Like hell it did! Lesbian sexual ecounters with a coach and player is new and brought on by the redefinition of sexuality
  4. http://lufkindailynews.com/news/community/article_a1ac76c0-4edb-11ea-b6d8-efe914ce8d0a.html former Hudson Lady Hornets and Angelina College Lady Roadrunners softball player who was working as head coach of the Grapeland High School softball team was arrested earlier this week on a charge of having an improper relationship with a student and another charge of sexual assault, according to an article in the Grapeland Messenger. Kaylee Parker, 24, was arrested on Wednesday by the Grapeland Police Department and booked into custody on two felony counts. It’s as perverted as it gets
  5. If the parents know what is best, then they have to make it happen. See now we are into the crux of it, what is best for the kid or moving. Stupid responsibilities always keeping folks from achieving their dreams.
  6. We do allow that, but you have to live wihin the district with your parents.
  7. Do you even economics? Do you even understand basketball?
  8. How does one put speed in the playbook? Do certian plays or systems make kids faster?
  9. Dangerfield more like soft grass to hide in field!
  10. Soft, slow, entitled, scared, participants trophies and parents think thier kids hung the moon
  11. This article is like a Jehovah Witness telling a Baptist they are the cult.
  12. Republicans a cult, but the democrats got want fuzzies and tingling down thier legs with Obama and we should all accept the teachings of CNN without question.
  13. Newton or Clarksville,,,, I would travel north also
  14. Ya'll aint even the best Big Sandy in the state.....Big Sandy (Dallardsville ) would scalp ya'll boys like Custard at his last stand.
  15. To be fair Atlanta started basketball season way before Pewitt did!
  16. We use words like worse becuase they keep score, you stinking hippie
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