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  1. I have to agree. Defense has played good most of the year however each game is different. Garrison has struggled with injuries on the O line which was young to begin with which has resulted with the defense being on the field a lot. The offense has played with multiple sets trying to find an identity and I look for them to focus on the sets that worked and get their play makers the ball. This is playoff off football in the great state of Texas so you never know what will happen. SA is very impressive and I don’t think anyone would say other wise but there is a reason you play the game. give me the dawgs by 3 on a late game field goal! #JYD
  2. Appreciate it.. congrats on the W
  3. What quarter and time? sorry, at the house under the weather and it’s killing me not being there
  4. Not really.. Easy to coach from the stands or on “Smoaky” ....... which brings me to my favorite quote “when we win we have great players, when we lose we have bad coaches”
  5. Agreed. Good post only thing I’ll add is I hope it’s an injury free game, this time of the year, everyone is dealing with bumps and bruises.
  6. You are the only one talking about Garrisons other sports. No one has responded to you... garrison might not have had as much success in other sports but they compete in the other sports. Another issue is basketball loses so much time because most of the basketball players play football and when you start basketball a week or two before Christmas, it’s tough. Not an excuse, just a fact. Also if we garrison fans are babies for pulling for our team (for all the reasons already stated) and all the SA fans think we are stupid, please tell me how you plan to stop garrisons offense and how you plan to score on garrisons defense. Because I ain’t seen it yet on this thread ... and please don’t give me “we are more athletic” please let me know so I can watch for it tomorrow
  7. This is a classic smoaky thread lol Dawgs roll 48-28...
  8. I know we live in Texas and it can change a lot between now and Friday but it looks like the weather could be an issue Friday? Calling for thunderstorms late Friday.
  9. Clear Thinker Everytime? I like it thanks for the suggestion!
  10. And they still won by 30 with JV playing in the 4th.
  11. This is going to be a long week with SAWolfman and Easttxmaniac posting. A lot of good knowledge between those two
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