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  1. Talked to him this morning and he said he was not going to Clarksville.
  2. I have spoken to the Avery coach and he said it's definitely not him so that leaves dexter Patrick as the probable
  3. Coaching in your home town isn't all is cracked up to be.
  4. who got it? the oc, dc, special teams, running back or quarterback coach?
  5. so who are some names that are going to be frontrunners for the job??
  6. Ive seen Grapeland several times this year, I don't think they can beat Big Sandy. Big Sandy is disciplined against the press,(beat Kountze by 2 and killed SA), that shows a press really doesn't hurt them but they also have to shoot the ball well to win bc they really don't have an inside person.
  7. Since he has won back to back do you think he stays to make another run or moves up in classification?
  8. Big game tonight in Trinity... any predictions?
  9. Are they going to make different divisions for basketball? The spread is extremely large for some schools to compete if we just do 1-6A and no splits ...
  10. So would there be splits for basketball like there are for football with the new system?
  11. This shows how narrow minded some people are . Has nothing to do with the kids and all to do with UIL and allowing charter schools to compete with public schools where charter can hand pick kids they want to play and attend their schools and public schools are determined by geographical zones. For the record, "coach we have to get King well so we can get our kids playing well again because we have a busy spring playing ball and I've got to rest because I do a lot of coaching in the spring". AAA head coach said that to Mumford coach while talking after the game. It's sad when people want to cheat the system and especially when those in charge allow the systems integrity to be compromised with a situation like this. Again it has nothing to do with the kids because they want to just play so don't play the race card when you don't even understand the situation.
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