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  1. Rudder I believe is for real this year. They have a high powered offense
  2. So you’re saying we want a team to basically lay down for us to make the playoffs?? Nope I wouldn’t want that. What everyone seems to forget though during that run was that we upset Marshall at their place and we upset jax who were favored to beat the brakes off us. I believe we would have beaten WH that year regardless.
  3. 2006 is when it Happened. What message does that send to kids ? Taking the easy way out, even though we would have won the game regardless. It always rubbed me the wrong way. They have a reputation and it’s not a great one. Oh and the up by 40 part. That’s comparing apples to oranges. It’s one thing to pull your starters after the game is in hand it’s another when you do it to try and lose a ball game to avoid a tougher opponent in the playoffs.
  4. Wow this post smh. Whitehouse’s football history isn’t even close to Marshall’s
  5. I remember all too well cause I played on the team. WH deliberately pulling their starters to throw a game so they could avoid T high. That to me is the reason why I’ll never respect them.
  6. To this day that whole play still makes me mad. Stories differ on the timeout situation. We had a timeout to call. Some say he was trying to and never got it. Idk all I know is we had that game won. Like most of the other district games besides Marshall. We just couldn’t get out of our own way.
  7. We’ve have hired winning coaches before. That doesn’t impress me anymore what will though is if a coach can make this program consistent in winning. First place in this district will come down to three teams T high Marshall and pine tree. The rest I believe will be fighting for fourth.
  8. Could be better but still that’s on limited practice and not really knowing your opponent well.
  9. While we can pass the ball pretty well. We haven’t been able to run the ball. The mistakes in special teams and the flags hurt us last week. Idk who number 5 is for rudder but he needs a scholarship to a D1 school he did the most damage against our D. We need to win this one seeing that we’ve had Whitehouse and let em off the hook the past couple of years.
  10. This opening game already has district title implications. While Marshall has been dominant, this is not the same old PT team. I believe it can go either way. If I had to pick I’m going with Marshall in a close one.
  11. We hung around for a little while then rudder stepped on the gas. Our special teams is a glaring weakness that we need to get fixed. Our offense is still trying to click. Our defense is the strongest unit we lack depth though. Overall these boys are doing their best against some adversity. I hope Allman goes ahead and scheduled a game AT HOME before district play starts.
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