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  1. Hearing there might be some changes to Nac’s schedule but I don’t see Boswell coming to Nacogdoches never know though. We should keep the Lufkin game and the Tyler high game. Might put Kilgore back as that first game.
  2. We are tired of seeing our people being killed by police.
  3. I’m glad they took a knee.
  4. Ohhh I just saw lumberton post it Anyway I’m hoping he does well.
  5. Former Nac OC James Reyes lands the head job in Lumberton
  6. I remember the Carthage game there was a delay because we lost our lights. We pulled off the win though. Matter in fact I was ripped to shreds right here on smoaky cause I predicted we would beat Carthage and lose to diboll unfortunately both happened.
  7. We held Huntsville to only 181 yards offensively. If we had a better Offense then I believe the outcome would be different.
  8. Man Holding Huntsville to under 30 is a feat Within itself. They are the real deal and I won’t be surprised if they are the state champs in Jan.
  9. We need to change some things next year. Our offense is very vanilla and predictable we only run 4-5 plays out of the like two or three formations. The Coaches watch the film the players don’t. That’s terrible.
  10. We are clearly overmatched and overwhelmed and outcoached. Our season will end tonight and I’ll accept that. Good season dragons.
  11. Good luck Texas High and Pine Tree!!!! And may God have mercy on our souls tonight in madisonville!
  12. Very difficult, this will be the best front seven we have faced all year outside from T high.
  13. I’m calling it now Nac will upset Huntsville!!!! Lol
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