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  1. Wow 9-1 and didn’t get in. Now you can go 3-7 1-9 or 2-8 and get in.
  2. The 2018 lobos I believe could have won the state title too.
  3. For us the 92 Nac team had the best opportunity to win state. I still hate to hear the name Phil dawson. Which team for your school had the best shot to win state and fell short ?.
  4. Yeah. I hate We couldn’t get the job done with Harper and Ford. The school board had a lot to do with Harper. They complained the practices were too intense. He got sick of it.
  5. Well if you look at the past three hires for Nac they were proven winners. Reyes Ford Harper Reyes had the most success out of the three and that was basically two winning seasons and two playoff appearances so that’s not saying much. I believe if Allman can win here consistently it would solidify his coaching career.
  6. Congrats Marshall top facilities are important. Nac is finally getting around to seeing that themselves. The football field looks great can’t wait to see the renovations to the gym and the covered facility. That could be used as a model for the rest of us in the district.
  7. It’s been said the lufkin Nac game is only played because of distance. It’s close for both teams. I’m pretty sure both teams can find another opponent. I remember back in the day when we used to play Bryant and Beaumont Westbrook. Not saying it has to be one of those but I’m sure we could find another game.
  8. I just told my daughter that the lufkin game means more to the kids from Nac then lufkin. The 13 and 14 class for Nac were the best teams Nac’s had since 92 and 06. If we had better coaches we would have one a couple of playoff games those years.
  9. We played center a few times I know my senior year in 2006 and two more times after that.
  10. I’m still not sold on Pine Tree. We gave them that ball game.
  11. A Longview Carthage matchup would be interesting but we will never see it. If I’m not mistaken Nac has had a win or two against some of those early state title teams.
  12. Lufkin vs Nac is just historic, it’s not really considered a rivalry. We are working on another 20 year losing streak haven’t beaten them since 14. Lufkin and Longview is the real rivalry and they will tell you that.
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