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  1. Nac begins district play against the Whitehouse Wildcats. Nac is coming in 0-3 in non district play. Two of those games were winnable (Lufkin,Kilgore) the Tyler game we got shell shocked. District play means a fresh start We need to get this W to build some confidence.
  2. Well tbh some of the district has played tough competition. And would have came out with a bad non district record regardless. Ex. Marshall,Nac, etc. so we will see when district starts if it was worth it.
  3. We didn’t stand a chance against Tyler that’s actually the worst we played up to this point. So idk about Nac I now have them competing for the final playoff spot.
  4. I was going to say Marshall but after seeing pine tree beat Kilgore idk this game could go down to whoever has the ball last.
  5. It was on our YouTube channel NHS dragon media.
  6. Nope not because of covid at all sir.
  7. We streamed the Lufkin game but idk if we will this week.
  8. A angry waskom team will take this one comfortably.
  9. Well to tell the truth we didn’t have any turnovers against Lufkin.In fact Lufkin turned over the ball. It was the penalties and the depth that has hurt us. We have the skill players we need it’s just killing us that we have to play both ways.
  10. Might as well get a thread going Nac ends the Non district Portion of their Schedule with Tyler High coming to Dragon Stadium. Nac is coming in off a close loss against Lufkin while Tyler high is coming in with a while shootout loss against Legacy. Nac improved offensively but still had some critical mistakes that ultimately cost us the W against Lufkin. The Depth seems to be a problem as we had so many cramps tonight. Idk what Tyler is looking like to make a strong Guess, I do know this our record against Tyler is the worst then The one against lufkin.
  11. Ughhhhhhh!!!!!!! We should have won this game !!!!
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