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  1. I did meant leaving on his own. Nac has never had the history of getting rid of coaches they leave on their own.
  2. i was there. injuries or not this team is different then last year's and it was to be expected we will still make the playoffs.
  3. We just aren’t as good as last year talented yes but still not as good.
  4. I would like to see Carthage put back on the schedule. We played them quite a bit in the 90’s and was brought back on the schedule by Harper and Reyes. We actually didn’t fare to bad against them. The lufkin game will unfortunately continue due to the convenience of Travel.
  5. No Matter what the outcome is what Carthage has been able to accomplish since surratt took over has been nothing short of amazing most schools have never won more then 1 state championship here they are going for #7 East Texas ought to be proud !!!
  6. Of course and Longview I mean what king has done not only this decade but since he took over has been nothing short of phenomenal.
  7. Yeah of course statewide it just isn’t restricted to East Texas.
  8. As we near the end of this decade who would you say has earned the right to be called the best football program of this decade ? I would have to say Carthage.
  9. I’m sorry I don’t know but what was so bad about Mathis ?? Didn’t Marshall have success on the field ? I’m sorry I don’t believe he was the worst coach y’all ever had.
  10. Fun fact: the head coach and defensive coordinator for Groveton are former Nacogdoches coaches. Coach Richard steubing and coach Wayne Williams.
  11. Congrats to Longview on a great run. Most teams would be happy winning more then 6 games (us in Nac) but Longview did something most teams can not pull off. I believe this is only the 2nd loss since Waco midway. I’m sure come next year Longview will win state in 5A.
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