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  1. There’s no politics in high school football kingwolf you know that lol.
  2. That’s a brutal non district schedule y’all will definitely be battle tested coming into district play. I’m giving the edge to Marshall since the game will be played in the friendly confines of Maverick stadium. Should be a good one !
  3. You would think playing at home should be good but, we’ve struggled at home. We are replacing basically the whole O-line and breaking in a new Starting QB with limited playing time on Varsity. We shall see it’s been a while since we opened up the season against someone else that’s not Kilgore.
  4. Greenville will make the 2 hour drive to Nacogdoches to play the Dragons for the first time ever. Allman looks to have a better season in year 2 at the helm. I believe that we will win this one. The kids know the system and should are hungry to earn a playoff spot.
  5. This hurts deep. I’m a dragon by birth but I Pastor in Marshall. Everyone knew him and loved him. He loved those kids. He will be missed tremendously.
  6. Y’all have done a excellent job in Marshall. Student Athletes want first class facilities. Y’all will have some of the best in the district when it’s all finished.
  7. Can someone give me some info on Greenville ? If I’m not mistaken this will be our first ever match up with them.
  8. Let’s be honest those 13 and 14 Teams were the best teams we had since 92. Anybody could have won with those groups. We still haven’t won a playoff game. That’s what I’m looking forward to. Idk if it will be this team or a future one. All I know is so far how we do in middle school or freshmen or JV doesn’t matter. We have to put it together on the varsity level.
  9. True since we installed the turf, we haven’t had much success. Then we haven’t had much success before the turf lol. We were originally supposed to play Tyler Lee but we lost the game and picked up JT.
  10. Maybe the 500 million dollar man from KC will give them more money.
  11. That WH game this past year was stolen from us. If we were home that would have been a win. They know they got away with one.
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