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  1. I watched the Shelbyville/Garrison game and break out the ice baths, this is going to be a rough one. Joe has to focus on this week and not get caught looking again and hold on to the ball. The rivalry makes this one all the more interesting. Shelbyville has a some good size on their lines. With that said, it’s not very often a team beats Joaquin at what they do. So I have to say Joaquin by 6 points.
  2. Next week has all the makings of a trap game. Shelbyville has a dang good football team and we all know Joaquin is their super bowl
  3. On a serious note, Shelbyville’s size and defensive line is going to give Joaquin some trouble. Going to have to hold on to the ball and tackle well.
  4. Easy. That guy will be here in no time to give you his name . I think that counts as waving goodbye
  5. Yea, he’s going to be a very good one for Joaquin. His brother is one of the best players on Joaquin’s varsity as a freshman. Going to be a monster backfield running the slot T in a few years . yalls 8th grade must be tough!
  6. Oooooooffffff . Well atleast he’s been consistent with being an idiot for all of 2020 and it didn’t just start .
  7. Big win for Joaquin after a tough week . Losing a day of practice and the majority of your coaches had to be a distraction .
  8. Nevermind . Garrison shows life . It’s now 20-17 Joaquin . Big drive coming up for Joaquin
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