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  1. Basketball is a huge priority at Joaquin . It actually is right behind the girl’s volleyball team and boys soccer.
  2. I was watching the game online and saw a lot of this stuff .
  3. Groveton’s special teams was a huge factor as well! Gosh their kicker could place the pooch kick well
  4. Truly, muffing punts, not catching kickoffs, penalties, etc would get you beat by anybody . But the Indians have capitalized on every mistake! They are great and well coached . I just hate their fans made such a #### showing
  5. Groveton has a great team . This one is going to be a tough one to swallow for Joe . Way too many mistakes to play with a team like this.
  6. Has anybody posted who the six starters are? Other than Nelson who is having surgery, nobody has posted who . I suspect a couple of them may dress but will be severely limited . It’s gut check time for some freshman
  7. Haha, it’s just a proud dad and that’s a screenshot from his Facebook post. There’s been lots of other good stuff posted as well on his page. They are hella confident coming into this game .
  8. Yep.. They come to this thread, talk about how how Joe won't beat SA and how their line is huge, and then blame Joe for overlooking you guys.. Doesn't make sense... but either way Joe is focused on this week. I just hope we can reform some sort of health this week.
  9. lol, that’s one of the reasons I posted it . The guy put it on Facebook calling out all other 2A lines.. idk why he bothered putting the bench and squat on there .
  10. Did you see my quote for Jacket44 from earlier this week? He hasn’t been heard from after . I think he might have choked. Do you want to send JacketGrad or Swarmin to go check on him?
  11. You just struggled with a 6-5 Normangee team and your defense showed gaping holes to a team Centerville allowed 7 points . Garrison hung with y’all the week before .. Y’all need to stop worrying about other teams and how your Gods gift to football and start worrying about the necessary improvements to get you out of the semis . Because if you are the region 3 winner and play like you did last night, Shiner/Refugio will skull drag ... and you know that is true
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