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  1. Roberts Rules at a healthcare rally? "Point of order, Mr. Chairman!" "The chair recognizes the "gentleman" from SEIU"
  2. Sideliner, we're all reading Alinsky now. You don't get a target 'till just before the election.
  3. Maybe true. But figuring out when to shoot is a little tougher when the enemy flies out of Logan International.
  4. What are you actually saying here? Do you want machine gun toting soldiers doing police work in airports? There are lots of good reasons not to do this, not the least of which is that soldiering and police work is mutually exclusive. Just because both cops and soldiers have guns doesn't mean the job is the same. I'm at a little bit of a loss as to what else the military could do about the specific set of circumstances of the hijackings of 9/11, given that we still have civilian air liners carrying passengers and large quantities of fuel at 500 miles per hour over American cities. Ha
  5. I concur. Use of all of these would make us a third world country, complete with swollen bellied tots with dirt and flies on their faces. My least favorite is 8. I believe in the God given right identified in the Bill of Rights not to suffer cruel and unusual punishment. Kill killers, sure. But do it to get rid of a problem, not to get your jollies.
  6. Man! And I was thinking Colmes was just Hannity's creepy liberal buddy. Imagine my surprise. JK
  7. Stimulate me enough, and I'm likely to do anything.
  8. Like Aggie, I read the story and failed to see anything other than politeness on Cornyn's part. I'm pretty upset with him for backing RINO's in his role as Senate funding guy, I see no reason to make stuff up. Colmes, are you saying Sotomayor doesn't deserve a "fair and respectful hearing"?
  9. Did the fake ID place supply the babe too?
  10. Aggie, I think you care way too much what others think.
  11. Climb Conservatives must have the courage to defend their convictions. By Mark Steyn Is conservatism over? Well, of course it is. Everyone from James Carville to Colin Powell says so. “The Republican party is in deep trouble,” General Powell told some group willing to pay him serious money to deliver this kind of incisive insight. “Americans do want to pay taxes for services. Americans want more government in their lives, not less.” Whether or not they want it, they’re certainly going to get it. And if you like big government now, just think how big it’ll be once both pa
  12. I think that was an accidental "out of the closet" moment. I wonder if his wife knows? Hopefully she doesn't maintain a "don't ask, don't tell" marriage.
  13. They may or they may not. Right now, the law of the land on the 10th Amendment is Wickard v Filburn, where SCOTUS held that growing wheat on your own farm for consumption by your family affects interstate commerce for wheat in that you don't have to buy other people's product. A really scary decision from FDR's hayday. I don't think that applies to guns, but expect it to come up.
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