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  1. Im curious to know how much development he has given to the potential up and coming quarterbacks? I mean I might be wrong but I can’t recall the backup ever getting in that much this year? I mean it was nice for him to have Nellor fall into his lap but i would’ve assumed there would’ve been ample grooming for his successor and i just haven’t seen it much so maybe that factors into his decision?
  2. Ive got 4 extra tickets if anyone needs them
  3. Wouldnt be shocked at all to see him go. Also wouldnt be shocked at all to see him stay even though i figure the former is much more likely. Also wouldnt be surprised if he goes that he will be gone at Christmas.
  4. I could be way off but i just have this feeling that MV will have to score 28-35 to even be in the game.
  5. I agree. But in fairness that kid was mouthing at the whole sideline and taunting them a bit. I don’t have an issue with the passion. I would assume Gibson was just telling him to be a little more classy? Who knows. It was just a bad look for the kid and Gibson to be sure
  6. I don’t think ive said anything about disliking anybody. We’ve got our guy so im not really into hypotheticals. He can coach yes but the idea that just cause he IS the coach gives them an overwhelming advantage is just false.
  7. Helps to have a prototype spread qb show up last year too. Not beating a dead horse just stating the obvious
  8. I think thats where the difference is going to lie. Mally will really test MV secondary and Peace will play a big role too. The discrepancy will be that Mally defense will be much better than GWs so MV will not be able to out score them
  9. It has helped tremendously to have the qb he has. Would be a mediocre team imo without him.
  10. Is that statement still holding true? I mean when i see that being typed on message boards i sort of just scratch my head. He is one if the best record wise no doubt but if that statement was REALLY true, he wouldn’t be winning 24-21 against West and 12-7 against Minny. I mean this is Mt Vernon not SVille or Baylor. Also the idea that MV has been conservative and holding plays back the last 2 weeks just to unleash them this week is just laughable. They will have to play their absolute best game of the season against Koff and even then it still may not be enough
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