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  1. I know you guys will have a stable of good backs for sure. I think this will be a great first game for both teams to see where they stack up heading into the rest of the year.
  2. Winnsboro had around 95 opening day numbers. Good week of practice as well.
  3. @NATUREBOY98 how many of those stud skill players are back this year? Those guys are game changers and will have to be a focus of the Raiders defense
  4. Our press box is barely 6 feet long so thats going to be difficult for all 5-6 people who occupy it on a friday night LOL
  5. No doubt about that. I sure dont envy those that will be tasked with trying to enforce some of these regulations
  6. First game of the season will be upon us in just 3 weeks. Looking forward to this game. Raiders coming off a very successful campaign last year with lots of experience returning. Brahmas coming off a state championship appearance with some great players returning as well. Should be fun.
  7. Yes unfortunately but thats just how it goes. We will most definitely have to be better on the road this year than we were last year thats for sure
  8. Yea those ole yellow dogs are going to get worked out this year for sure. Howe is in a similar position themselves. Anxious to see how that 50% works out for that October 23rd game up in purple tiger land
  9. Its an intriguing circumstance for sure.
  10. Wonder if a Winny fan can make it in the building for this one?
  11. Not sure if its been put in here yet but here is Winnsboros schedule 8/20 Scrimmage vs. Community 8/28 Pewitt @ Mt Pleasant 9/4 Hooks @ Hooks 9/11 Hughes Springs @ Home 9/18 Bye 9/25 Mineola @ Home * 10/2 Howe @ Howe * 10/9 Bonham @ Bonham * 10/16 Rains @ Home * 10/23 Mt Vernon @ MV * 10/30 Commerce @ Home * 11/6 Pottsboro @ Pottsboro *
  12. @NATUREBOY98 just read that you guys will be playing all home games at Mt Pleasant? That will be a huge plus when we travel to play you guys that first game based on the "capacity" rules. Looking forward to it.
  13. Man that was ALOT to take in. Though i am glad it appears at this time there will be football, these guidelines are going to be quite the undertaking for schools. Also, who will actually be enforcing some of these rules? Im all for masks in certain situations but good luck convincing some folks to be wearing one on August 28th for that first game when its 9000 degrees out there.
  14. I agree, ive been trying to be as optimistic as possible but had grown skeptical in recent weeks so at least the idea that it COULD normal at least had me feeling a little better. So many variables still to play out though.
  15. Very interesting scenarios for sure. Im mostly interested to see how it works on out of town games as well. Friday nights are such an experience for so many people both for in town games and out of town games. Will definitely be lots of people wanting to attend all these games. Surrounding streets that have any vantage points at all of the field will be packed for sure.
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