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  1. Its strange cause the video ive seen it looks like the guy coming on the court was wearing an orange shirt?
  2. If we are fortunate enough to make the Semis, we should get Shallowater. They have a tough road to get there as well. Jim Ned, then likely the winner of Peaster and Brownfield
  3. Yalls girls played hard till the final buzzer. Our pressure and depth was just too much. The cupcakes are over for us though. Road gets tougher next game.
  4. Winnsboro Lady Raiders over Sabine 90-47
  5. Winnsboro Lady Raiders first 2 playoff games. 124-36 over Atlanta 79-44 over Waskom Play Sabine tonight in Longview at 6pm
  6. Did not age well. Atl up 57-39 after 3
  7. Little Winny tied with the almighty Atlanta at half
  8. Winny is going to get an up close and personal look at him for the 2nd time in 3 years. Will report back.
  9. Give me Fairfield and Woodville in the Regional Finals
  10. I think that was the right move. A young guy too. Good for him and family.
  11. No transfers for the jv. They had a couple of talented kids on that jv but nobody that just stood out. Some of their best players next year will be from the junior class.
  12. They have several talented guys returning so im not sure they will have a "talent drop" necessarily but the bigger issue will be replacing the qb if they want to continue running a spread/passing offense. I think that is the intriguing part of the potential hire is which direction offensively they want to go.
  13. Any news on this front? Been pretty quite in regards to both parties
  14. I think there will be alot of intriguing story lines. New coach in MV will definitely inherit some talent and it will be interesting to see which route he goes offensively based on there not just being a clear cut #1 qb returning. Winny will return a good number of talented players but will have to replace several key guys that have been contributors for the past 2-3 years. Coach Finneys son will become the qb and he brings a passing dynamic as well as the ability to run so it will be interesting to see how the offense looks next year. The defense should be a strength with the addition of youn
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