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  1. That is boys 7-12 grade. I know the girls have also been working out as well.
  2. Hows everybodys workouts going? I know Winnsboro has been averaging 120-130 kids every day. Lots of excitement for the upcoming season (hopefully)
  3. Stay safe friends and always remember who the One in control is
  4. I think we can all agree that selfishly we want all these sports back and want them to happen, but I suppose if nothing else this whole thing has given more perspective to what is truly important. There are so much bigger things in life. God Bless you all
  5. Just the tip of the iceberg. Will be the majority of states before long.
  6. Looks like they will have a pretty easy road in Region 3 as well next year
  7. 3rd quarter has been a bugaboo most of the season and it struck once again. Woodville came out a different team and showed off their athleticism advantage in the second half. The lady raiders also shot 4-27 in the final 2 quarters that lead to their demise. We also got out rebounded by a pretty large margin as well so that didn't help. Nonetheless, the town is so proud of this team and what they accomplished this season. We all look forward to next year and the next several years as we have an abundance of youthful and talented players coming up. I personally believe we will be back next year.
  8. *4pm eastern Also of note, Coach Cochran won state with Liberty Eylau 10 years ago so him and his team will be recognized this weekend for that accomplishment. How cool is it that he is back now with us and has another opportunity to win it again.
  9. Losing 2 seniors. One of those is a starter. Both are outstanding players. Will be missed but there are a lot of younger girls ready to step in. 2 freshman logging substantial minutes this year. 1 freshman starting who is a stud. 1 sophomore starter. 2 sophomores logging big minutes. 2 junior starters who are key players. Undefeated 7th grade class this year and a solid 8th grade team. Future is bright.
  10. The Lady Raiders punched their ticket back to the state tournament for the first time in 9 years and will face Woodville on thursday at 3 pm. Exciting times in Raiderland. Looking forward to a great game.
  11. Super proud of the Lady Raiders. Showed alot of resolve this weekend by defeating two really good teams. Now on to state against Schulenburg
  12. I personally would just play and let her get her points relatively speaking but I know we will show more attention to her and see if any adjustments need to be made. Yes that is correct. She has been outstanding all year.
  13. They do shoot very well there is no question about that. Honestly, if they shoot that high percentage that they are capable of I just see them being very difficult to be beat
  14. Honestly I don't recall her having just a BIG scoring night in either game. She had good stats im sure in both but nothing compared to the 54 she had the other night which is just absurd. When we played at CH, we shadowed Garrett and there were several other girls that had big games from 3. To be frank, most everything they threw up that night went in. The game in Winny, I don't believe we shadowed anyone it was just more of a defensive struggle with the 3rd quarter being the difference in the game. Also our stud freshman didn't score a point until that 3rd quarter but the game was still tied at half. One thing CH does is play us very hard and they are extremely effective with their defense. Our pressure doesn't get to them as much as some other teams as well so that gives them a slight edge. One thing CH has is toughness and a championship mentality. Obviously we could love the ability to play them again but we will be in for a big challenge with the Jackets before we can even think about the Lady Devils
  15. Winnsboro vs. Mineola 6pm Friday night @ Prosper MP Chapel Hill vs. Howe 730pm Friday night @ Prosper
  16. I look at it a couple of different ways. Do you try to totally shut her down and put too much emphasis on her therefore leading someone else to have a big game? Or do you concede that she is going to get her points and you don't allow the other players to have a big night? Will be some interesting strategy on both sides. They will have to determine how they want to guard us as well.
  17. Dean had 33 of 49 points. She is incredible. We will have our hands full with her and obviously to say that Gibson is familiar with the Lady Raiders and Cochran would be a huge understatement. That will play a big role in this game. Should be very exciting.
  18. Sounds like they are just trying to get special treatment. Howe is in virtually the same position yet they haven't made any such appeal.
  19. Mineola 49-35 over Bells Winnsboro vs. Mineola Regional Semifinals 6pm Friday @ Prosper
  20. I agree about our district being one of the toughest for the last several years. I also agree that CH is the team to beat and will be until someone knocks them off. They have had our number the last 4 meetings and if we are fortunate enough to get a 5th meeting, then it will take a very well played game to beat them. As of now we are focused on Mineola/Bells for Friday night.
  21. I just see no way the UIL could justify moving Potts out and leaving Howe in based on their vicinity to each other.
  22. There are 4 good teams in the region. CH, Winny, Mineola, and Edgewood. That is my opinion. That could change depending on what Min and EW do tonight but I personally see both of them winning. You guys scored over 100 points in the first two games and very likely had a bad game last night to only have that margin against a 4th place team. Regardless if EW or Howe wins tonight, I say CH wins by 20-30. That is also my opinion. We can agree to disagree.
  23. https://www.uiltexas.org/files/policy/DAAC_Agenda_2020.pdf
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