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  1. I can't blame him for getting away from the ball. He should've just laid down on the field before the play started. Most likely they would've blown the whistle and gotten him off of the field.
  2. I can't remember a time I've seen 5 starters given the night off because the coach didn't figure he would need them that night, even in a non-district game. I've seen them pulled after the half, but can't recall ever seeing them sat all night for anything other than discipline or injury. Sounds like a good excuse for a loss though. I saw Harmony get tired on defense after #24 pounded on them and the Harleton defense stand tall. Just what I saw though.
  3. Better not sleep on Harleton. They don't quit and aren't the doormat that people are used to them being. I'm going with the Wildcats in a close one.
  4. One of the biggest lines I've seen...any classification, and 6 playmakers in the skill positions on offense. Very impressive for a 2A team.
  5. Sounds exactly like what we saw all night also. Film won't lie, but it wouldn't have changed the game too much in my opinion. Losing Wallace was more of a factor than anything. He's the straw that stirs the drink on offense and defense for Harleton. I saw him Wednesday in a boot and he said he was good and would play Friday night. I was hoping for the best but figured it was mostly his heart talking. I hated to see his career end that way. He's been a work horse for the past few seasons. SA was the better team tonight. Good luck the rest of the way.
  6. Ankle sprain but there was no way he wouldn't play in this game, even if it was for just a few plays. Big loss for the Wildcats.
  7. Wallace is out for Harleton. He played the first series and limped off. I don't expect him back tonight and that hurts alot. Harleton has been in the redzone twice and no points to show for it. SA is as advertised. Harleton needs to get the 2nd half kickoff and turn it into points, get a stop...some how, and create some more turnovers or it will be over for them.
  8. It was a great game. Carlisle's QB is a handful. San Augustine hung 84 on Normamgee! Wow! They also gave up a ton of points too though. Going to be a tough game for the Wildcats, but they have nothing to lose, and those teams can break hearts.
  9. Only reason he touched it was because he heard a whistle. Ref that blew the whistle confirmed it.
  10. No rain so far today and the radar looks clear. Kickoff if 4hrs and 40mins...but whose counting!?!? Go cats!
  11. Not saying it can't happen, but it would be the first time anyone has wore down the Wildcats this season. It has been the other way around all season. Should be a good game that could come down to the kicking game.
  12. Harleton did what they have done to everyone since the LK loss. They stood tall on defense and kept pounding for 4 quarters on offense. Beckville finally broke in the 3rd quarter and it was over. Tenaha had their will broke in the 2nd half. Garrison took us to the wire but we still had plenty left in the tank and pulled out the win behind a great defensive effort for 4 quarters. Joaquin beat us on the outside and once up the middle but seemed like they started grasping for plays in the 4th quarter after the Wildcats defense stiffened in the 3rd. Harleton stayed true to who they are and played
  13. Joaquin gets the ball to start the half. Not sure how good Joaquin is at halftime adjustments but Harleton is usually pretty good with them. Harleton opened up the passing game a little at the end of the 2nd quarter. #11 has been giving Harleton's running attack trouble. They have to get him blocked or stay away from him.
  14. #65 & #3 are seniors that the rest of the team respect and feed off of. #65 is definitely the leader of that d-line. #3 is a senior that sparks both the offense and defense. Those two have as much heart as any I've ever seen and are fun to watch.
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