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  1. The defensive line haul Davis is putting together looks promising but they need to get on the oline recruiting hard. Make some companies up give the hogs some million dollar nil deals or something. We need help!!!!
  2. I still believe that Thompson is Qb1. He plays with more emotion than card to me and I think he would've hit those deep routes. All week arkansas said this was their number one rivalry and they played like it sark had that laid back cali tude and his team played like it. So they need to lick their wounds and play with a chip on their shoulder the rest of the season they flat out got manhandled tonight the only way they can go is up from here.
  3. Yeah they are selling out to stop Bijan time for that creative play calling to start
  4. Missed the first snap of the game why is king not in
  5. Future is bright for both schools both QBs did what they needed to do. If king can keep turnovers down against bama they have enough weapons to make it a game. Same can be said for card against OU.
  6. Texas needs to show up today if they want any type of respect they need to come out and handle business. Watching some of these top teams, there are opportunities this year to make some noise.
  7. Figured he would get the nod with Thompson throwing ints in the scrimmages. I can still see Thompson winning the job back if that's the setup though.
  8. I could see that if there was some type of cap or this is his only opportunity to make that money. If let's say his family needs that then yes by all means go for it. However he's going to graduate early if im not mistaken so we are talking 5 more months to play with the kids you've played your whole life with and get that state title that eluded you last year. That would've rubbed me all kinds of wrong at that age. Certain circumstances of course make it happen man but just cause yeah thats no ok in my book.
  9. The biggest issue of them all is the schools are willing to accept these kids onto their teams after they quit. The money will be there for Ewers what won't be there are the other seniors on that Southlake team. He just bounced on them and that's ok. So we will go to Ohio State make a little change for his own image and likeness and be good with that. The other kid whom I read may have changed his mind is going to work out with his personal trainer instead of playing with those seniors and then roll into Texas. Both will be hailed as leaders and team players when these college football an
  10. Agreed should get a little easier to recruit with the Roy and coach K hanging it up.
  11. Based on the timing and all the recruits following Shaka, I don't think he had much of a choice this year.
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