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  1. I felt like the offense regressed and play calling was terrible this year so I was all for beck being let go that's if he was actually calling plays. The defense was young to begin with but injuries killed any chance Orlando had to build a decent unit the depth at linebacker and the secondary was exposed big time. So making him the scapegoat is unfair in my opinion. However what's done is done I need to see these splash hires hes trying to make like now otherwise what was the point. This whole process is taking wayyyyy too long for me. Especially when I see how quickly other schools get their guy.
  2. Not much time to post man most fridays I'm patrolling lol... wish I couldve made this one good folks over at joe I've met a few over the years and their kids play hard so your gonna have to play 4 quarters to beat them. However I'm proud of my jackets have several young relatives on that team and they are finally starting to get what it means to carry that tradition.
  3. Figured it would be a good hard nosed game. What I'm happy to see is Alto playing hard nosed defense. In tha past few years we got away from that and joe exploited that along with other run oriented teams. They got down tonight and rather than let the flood gates open like the past few years they are playing like a yellowjacket defense. We will see if they can keep it going in the second half but so far so good but they better keep their foot on the gas it's far from over.
  4. Wanted to make this game as I figured it would be Altos first real challenge and sounds like they responded well. Good win excellent game by the defense.
  5. I'm flipping between this game and the Clemson game could be a shootout next week A&M will definitely be able to move the football just depends on how their defense holds up against Clemson.
  6. If he attacks the football like LJH with his size and speed yeah he will be a beast.
  7. Broughton was a definite need as we need elite defensive lineman. Regardless of how he got there it's a win. I'm a fan of both jimbo and herman. I honestly didnt understand why texas swung and missed with saban only jimbo was my 1b, but they went with strong. I hope the top two schools in texas close the borders its wayyyy to many elite players leaving the state. This should always be the norm when it comes to in state talent.
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