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  1. Carthage 70 LaVega 69..........3 ot's
  2. Better check your source on that statement
  3. pretty sure they are playing thursday in carthage.
  4. how sure are you that lindale will be playing at home????
  5. Congrats on that.............had over 200 yards rushing. Surratt will take whatever you want to give. 2 safeties 20 yards away, only 3 down lineman, and the running game is gonna take over.
  6. Yes cover 2 as in the safeties were about 2 first downs away from the ball.
  7. trust me there is no way Henderson would play Linden. do you realize how many Surratts are in Cass County?????? the henderson coach is afraid to play against ONE Surratt......................he surely isn't going to take on a town full of them. haha
  8. A rule from 40 years ago still applies......when you cross the river you are down a touchdown. Officials at PG just proved this correct. Horrible call. PG announcers even admitted there was no penalty on the TD!!!
  9. hard for either to be elite when both refuse to play teams like carthage when they don't have to. the community of henderson should be embarrassed by their coach and his NOT wanting to keep an awesome rivalry going.
  10. there fans are probably embarrassed with the fact that they absolutely refused to play Carthage the next two years.
  11. Jeff Griffin from Carthage should be next in line for a Head Coaching position. Definitely paid his dues.
  12. kilgore maybe but NOT henderson. their coach is tired of getting kicked by the boys from panola county.
  13. the good thing about being visitors is that the National Anthem will not last 12 minutes this week.
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